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TOWYN IORE BUILDII;G.-It is understood. that some more villa residences «are to be built on the land between the Cambrian Railway Station and the seashore. This will be a great acquisition, as villa residences of moderate size, at reasonable rents, appear to be in demand. MERIONETHSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SHOW.—The out, ook of this show, which is to be held at Towvu on September 14th, is simply brilliant, especial!y in draught horses and black cattle. The show has always done well at Towyn and there is every probability that it will do better this year than ever. Mr Roberts, the general secretary, and the local Committee are working with a will and the Towyn people will certainly rise to the occasion and do their part. Given fine weather, the Towyn how will be worth seeing. DYSYNNI V ALLIY DRAINAGE COMMISSIONERS. A meeting of the Commissioners was held on Fri- day, September 2nd, present Messrs John Roberts (in the chair), R. Gillart, Pryse Hughes, Eran Jones, Hugh Richards, Huirphrey Williams, David Evans (derk), Jones (acting clerk), and. Owen Jones (surveyor). This is the meeting at which the Commissioners are annually elected and the following were elected for the ensuing year Misers W. R. M. Wynne, Penia, th JohnCorbett, Ynysmaengwyn H. H. Shuker, Tvmawr; Richard Gillart Pryse Hughes John Roberts, Pertedd- naat; Hugh Evans, Penowern Evan Evans, Gesail; J. Tudor, Glanmachlas.—Mr DanielDauiel, Pautyueuadd, wrote expressing his regret at his inability through ill-health to attend the meeting of the Commissioners and suggested that Mr Haydn Jones should be nominated in his stead. -The nom- ination was unanimously agreed to.—Mr W. R. M. Wynne was elected chairman of the Board.— The ordinary business of the Board was then pro- ceeded with and the accounts were examined and ordered to be paid. DRIVING FEAT.—One of the mosi; romantic and picturesque, but almost impassable roads in the district, istheone leading from Pantyron, near Cwrt, Pennftl, to Rhydyronen. Visitors well acquainted with the neighbourhood sometimes cross that way and enjoy, in fine weather, a very rare treat indeed, but up to a few weeks ago the feat of driving over this road was never known to have been accom- plished, but Mr Joseph Carter, the enterprtsing proprietor of the St. Cadvan's livery stables, under- took and performed the difficult task. For a couple of miles from Pantyron the road is very steep and is crossed ac frequent intervals by mountain torrents rushing at great velocity down ravines. The;e had to be crossed amidst the deafeniog sound of the rushing wa'ters. Some parts of the road have a very boggy appearance, but the bottom is souLd s nevertheless. Other parts are simply ledges of rock, slippery and untven. Mr Carter neverthe- less drove.his sure-footed team through and over all, difficulties th< ugh the passengers had to walk 1 more than half the way. Going up the hill was 1 one difficulty, descending the other side was an .equally difficalt task, but all was successfully ac. comp'ished au'l the passengers were very much pleaied aud delighted. This road would un doub'°dly be a sonl ce of try great attraction tw the district generdly if put in a little better re- pair. Ic is now principally used for: driving stock to the fai-s at M-ic ynl eth and sheep to the mountains and is goid enough for the purpose, so t'i--t expeu icare incurred would be for the benefit of, visitors to the w hole d'srrict. It would, there- for, app-tar fair that in the event of the road being lvp .ired all the district should contribute towards the cost.







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