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ABERYSTWYTH I FOR REAL WELSFL FLANKELS, i WOOLLEN TRESSES, THE ABERYSTWYTH WELSH FLANNEL DEPOT, 50, Terrace-road, JOHN EDWARDS & CO., PROPRIETORS. CLOTHS, SHAWLS, YARNS, AND STOCKINGS, -iE& GO TO • F. BENNISON, 1 FISHMONGER AND FRUITERER, LISBUKNE ilOLSE, TERITACE ROAD. FRESH FISH DAILY FRESH FISH DAILY 11 Ciught by our own BOAT in the BAY. FRESH SALMOS FROM THE TEIFY, SEVERN, AND OTHER RIVERS. ICE always on hand. HORNER-s CLOTTED CREAM AND CREAM CHEESE. Fruit and Vegetables Fresh Daily. BENNISON'S POSTING STABLES, The best-appointed LIVERY AND POSTING STABLES in Aberystwyth. HORSES AND CARRIAGES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION FOR HIRE. Landaus, Victorias, Waggonettes, Phsetons, Dog.carts, Governess Car?, See., by the day or hour. All Orders, which may be left at Lisburne House or the Stables, promptly attended te. THE QUEEN'S HOTEL, ABERYSTWYTH. This Hotel is replete with every modern appliance and contains Coffee and Dining Rooms, Ladies' Dra-Nvina Room, Recreation Room, Library, Billiard, and Smoking Rooms, and about one hundred Bed- rooms/ Havino- a frontage of 150 feet, most of its Public and Private Sitting Rooms face the sea and are lighted by electricity. TABLE D'HOTE, 7-30. Boarding terms from 3i guineas per week, or 12s. 6d. per day. W. H. PALMER, Proprietor. BELLE VUE HOTEL, AHERYSTWYTH. ONE CF THE MOST COMFORTABLE FAMILY AND COMMERCIAL HOTELS IN WALES. FACING THE SEA. TABLE D'HOTE, 6-30. Boarding Terms from :2 guineas per week, or 9s. per day. 'Bus meets all trains. 2 Tariff on application to the Manageress. W. H. PALMER, Proprietor. GYDES STUDIO FOR PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAITURE IN EVERY STYLE FROM THE POPULAR "MIDGET" TO LIFE SIZE. GYDE'S VIEWS OF ABERYSTWYTH ALL NEW THIS SEASON, IN ALL SIZES. 22 & 24, PIER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. CHEMIST. FOR PURE DRUGS, ACCURATE DISPENSING. RELIABLE TOILET ARTICLES, MODERATE CHARGES GO TO ROBERT ELLIS, PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMIST, TERRACE ROAD poe £ NTS?eeet, ABERYSTWYTH. PORTLAND STREET) A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF SOUVENIR PERFUMES, FROM la. TO 10a. 6d. SEE OUR WINDOWS. All business conducted under direct superintendence of Proprietor or Qualified Assistant. RICHARD SAYCELL & SONS, FISHMONGERS AND POULTERERS, LICENSED DEALERS IN GAME, TEIFI SALMON AND ICE WAREHOUSE, WARWICK HOUSE, GREAT DARKGATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. Fresh Salmon from the Severn, Teifi, Wye, and other Rivers DAILY. Dealer in Wenharn Lake Ice. Sole Agents for 0 PALETHORPES ROYAL CAMBRIDGE SAUSAGES. Horner's Clotted Cream and Cream Cheese Daily. Member of the National Sea Fisheries Protection Association. Telegrams — Sayeell, Aberystwyth." ^EVIL'S BRIDGE, PLYNLIMON, LLYFNANT VALLEY, ABERAYRON, STRATA FLORIDA, HAFOD. D. PHILLIPS, HORSE & CARRIAGE PROPRIETOR, 2, TERRACE ROAD (Corner of North Parade), and the TERRACE ROAD STABLES. HORSES A.ND CARRIAGES For Hire by the Day or Hour. REASONABLE TERMS. Observe the Address- 2, TERRACE ROAD, and the TERRACE ROAD STABLES. MONK'S CAVE, CARADOG FALLS, AND ALL PLACES OF INTEREST IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD. A Full and Correct List of Visitors to CRICCIETH, BARMOUTH, ABERDOVEY, BORTH, and TOWYN Is Published Every TUESDAY in the CARDIGAN BAY VISITOR," PRICE ONE PENNY. ABERYSTWYTH HOTEL "WESTMINSTER FIRST CLASS PRIVATE HOTEL, BRIDGE-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. C.T.C. Headquarters. Tariff on Application. Proprietor—L. G. PARRY. LION HOTEL AND GOGERDDAN ARMS, GREAT DARKGATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. THIS IMPROVED AND NEWLY-FURNISHED HOTEL, centrally situated, affords every accommodation to Visitors. Contains upwards of fifty Bedrooms, spacious Coffee, Commercial, and Dining Rooms, Smoke Room, Billiard Room (two tables), and Large Ball and Banqueting Hall. POSTING I ALL DEPARTMENTS. THE HOTEL OMNIBUS. MEETS ALL TRAINS. Estimates given for all kinJs of Catering. Table d'hote, 6-30. RCJFCJS WILLIAMS, PROPRIETOR (Late Talbot Hotel). ESTABLISHED 1S15 ] 0 EN, [ ESTABLISHED 1815 BAKERS AND CONFECTIONERS, 19 & 2], NORTH PARADE. ( ANEW CONVRINIKNT > TEA ROOM > COMMODIOUS ( RECENTLY ADDED ) BEST WHITE AND BROWN BREAD FRESH DAILY. A large variety of English and French Pastry, Ice?, Tr fles, Jellies. Excellent Currant Cake for School Teas at 4d. Seed, Currant, Sultana, and Cherry at different prices. TEAS AND OTHER REFRESHMENTS. n \J jt p It' ABERYSTWYTH** RECENTLY REFURNISHED. ALL LATEST SANITARY IMPROVEMENTS. HOME COMFORTS. LIBERAL TABLE. MODERATE TARIFF. TABLE D'HOTE, 6-30 P.M. A. E. & A. MORRIS. Store Chemist. GET YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS MADE UP AT STORE PRICES. QUALITY GUARANTEED. From John P. Thomas, M.P.S., PHARMACEUTICAL & DISPENSING CHEMIST, 20, Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth, AND 60, TERRACE ROAD. MUSICIANS AND OTHERS SHOULD CALL AND HEAR THE PHONEON AT WHEATLE Y'S, PIANOFORTE AND MUSIC WAREHOUSE, TERRACE ROAD. A LARGE STOCK OF NEW MUSIC & MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, STRINGS AND FITTINGS. PIANOFORTES FOR HIRE. T. GRIFFITHS, LION TEA WAREHOUSE. NOTED FOR BEST PROVISIONS. OPPOSITE THE LION ROYAL HOTEL. W. R. JONES, WATCHMAKER, JEWELLER, Ac., 32, GREAT DARKGATE STREET, (Opposite Market-street), ABERYSTWYTH. Articles suitable for presents in Gold, Silver, and Stones. I ABERYSTWYTH PADARN RESTAURANT, 14, GREAT DARKGATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. Visitors, Excursionists, and Cyclists visiting this town will find every accommodation at this Hotel. Privale Refreshment Rooms. Well-aired Beds. Chprges strictly moderate. Miss Ev7ANS, Proprietress. TO VISITORS. KATE WHITE, OLD CURIOSITY SHOP, 39, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH, Has on Sale a large assortment of old Oak, Dresden, and other old China, large Indian Vases, together with an extensive selection of Jewellery, Pebbles, and Valuable Curiosities. A visit of inspection to the Show Room is re- spectfully invited. S. CLAPPERTON, 40, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. SOLE AGENT FOR GOSS'S IVORY PORCELAIN. Ornaments and useful articles in great variety suitable for presents from Wales embellished with WELSH ANTIQUITIES, Arms of Wales, Aberystwyth, and Views. Glass, China, and Earthenware. All the Newest Toys. Dolls dressed in Welsh and other Costumes. SOLE AGENT FOR BAILEY'S PATENT DRAINER TEAPOT, No more tea leaves in the cup. A perfect Teapot. E. P. WYNNE, DISPENSING CHEMIST, 7, PIER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. Large Assortment of Choicest Cigars and Tobacco. Go TO HOWELL'S GENERAL DRAPERY ESTABLISHMENT, GREAT DARKGATE STREET, Where you will find a WELSH LOOM weaving, AND THE FINEST SELECTION OF WELSH SHAWLS, FLANNELS, &c., ON THE WELSH COAST. ALL REQUISITES FOR CYCLING, TENNIS, GOLF, CROQUET, AND FISHING. AT HUGHES AND OWEN, SADDLERS, GREAT DARKGATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. All kinds of Portmanteaus, Gladstone Bags, etc. REPAIRS DONE. GARNER SONS, 44,49, & 51, TERRACE ROAD, BAKERS, CONFECTIONERS, BUTCHERS, AND RESTAURATEURS. ALL KINDS OF BREAD, ROLLS, BUNS, CAKES, & PASTRY FRESH EVERY DAY. DINNERS, TEAS, AND LUNCHEONS ON THE SHORTEST NOTICE. PRIME BEEF, VEAL, WELSH MUTTON, AND LAMB daily at most reasonable prices. Goods delivered to all parts of the town and neighbourhood. CONNAH AND ROWLAND FOR CYCLES AND MAIL-CARTS FOR SALE AND HIRE. ALL KINDS OF ACCESSORIES. ADDRESS :— PIER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. HOLLIER, PRACTICAL CYCLE REPAIRER, MILL STREET WORKS AND COMMERCE HOUSE. Cycles for Hire. Bought, Sold, or Exchanged. Agent for all Leading Makers. Finest Stock of Accessories in Wales. Visitors will find it to their advantage to give HOLLIER a call. VISITORS' CYCLES STORED AND CLEANED. Official Repairer to C.T.C. Please Note the Address D. EVANS, WATCHMAKER, JEWELLER, ETC., 39, GREAT DARKGATE ST. (Opposite the Lion Royal Hotel). GOOD selection of Jewellery in Gold, Silver, Pebbles, and Jet. Also English and Foreign Watches in Gold and Silver. Telescopes, Field, and Marine Glasses. Spectacles and Eye Glasses to suit all sights. Watches and Jewellery cleaned and repaired. JTPUKTON: WHOLESALE AND RETAIL JEWELLER AND SILVERSMITH, Manufacturer of all kinds of Mounted Pebble and other Goods in Necklets, Bracelets, Brooches, Ear- rings, Pins, &c., also Dealer in all kinds of Fancy Goods. JUSTICE HOUSE, 42, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. All kinds of repairs (to which special attention is given) promptly and neatly executed on the premises. Old Gold or Silver bought or taken in exchange. NEXT SEASON. Spacious New Premises—No. I, NORTH PARADE. T. EVANS & CO., TERRACE ROAD. FRESH BUTTER NEW LAID EGGS DAILY. HAMS, BACON. CHEDDAR CHESHIRE CHEESE. —Jlp.u'tmcnts. Marine-terrace. P MARINE TERRACE.—Miss A. E. Uj Cole. Splendid sea view. Terms moderate. Winter apartments at reduced rates. CLAREMONT HOUSE, 30, Marine- terrace, is centrally situated and commands full view of sea. First-class apartments. Moder- ate terms. Reduced charges for winter months hot and cold water baths sanitary arrangements perfect.—Mrs Ankers. Victoria-terrace. TRAFALGAR HOUSE, 6, Victoria- JL terrace. Proprietor, R. Felix. Splendid sea view. Terms moderate. LIFF VIEW BOARDING ESTAB- LISHMENT. Beet end of Victoria-terrace. Splendid sea view. Sheltered from the north and east winds. Lighted by Electricity. Every modern convenience. Terms from 31/6 per week each person.—Apply for Tariff to Mrs EDGAR ATWOOD. APARTMENTS OR BOARD RESIDENCE AT ABERYSTWYTH. PLYNLYMON HOUSE, VICTORIA (MARINE) TERRACE. MRS E. A. HALL. -APARTMENTS— OR BOARD RESIDENCE. Plynlymon House is modern-built on the finest and healthiest portion of the Marine-parade, is provided with baths and all necessary appliances, and is comfortably furnished. Each Sitting room has AN UNINTERRUPTED SEA YIEW. and the Bedrooms are large and airy. THE SANITARY ARRANGEMENTS are certified by the Medical Officer of Health for the Borough to be perfect and complete. Special Terms for Winter and Spring Months. Excellent References as to Cuisine and Management. Brynymor-road. ROCK FIELD VILLA, Brynymor-road. Furnished Apartments extensive view of sea. Terms moderate. Proprietress, Mrs Hepry. South Marine-terrace. GLANY DON, 5. Splendid sea view; good sanitation. Ttrms moderate. Miss Knight. BRYNARFOR, 12, Mrs Morgans. Com- fortable accommodation for visitors. Facing the sea and close to Castle Grounds. Pier-street. THE GWALIA TEMPERANCE HOTEL, Pier-street (two doors below the Town Clock), Aberystwyth. Every accommodation for Commercials, Tourists, Visitors, and Excursionists, combined with strictly moderate charges and every home comfort. PARTIES BOARDED BY THE DAY OR WEEK. C. HARCOURT, Proprietor. PIER HOTEL, Family and Boarding -L Hotel, adjoining the Marine-parade, the Pier and Pavilion, College and Castle Grounds,, and seven minutes' walk from Station. Under new management. Excellent accommodation for visitors at moderate charges. Superior Wines and Spirits. Coffee Room and Private Sitting Rooms.—Mies A. E. Lawrence, Proprietress. OA BELGRAVE HOUSE. Proprietor, hJ\Jj Mr W. G. Cotton. Comfortable apart- ments within halt a-minute's walk uf the Pier and Parade. Terms on application. Great Darkgate-street. CENTRAL HOTEL, Great Darkgate- street, Aberystwyth. Close to sea 6s 6d per day or f2 2s 0(1 per week, inclusive; Ladies' Drawing Room; Billiards, two tables Electric Light; Private Turkish, Vapour, Hot, Cold, and Ladies' Perfumed Baths, &c.; accommodation for Cyclists large Dining and Tea Rooms. Proprietress-Mrs E. S. PEMBERTON. BRYNAWEL BOARDING HOUSE. PLEASANTLY SITUATED AND OVER- LOOKING CASTLE GROUNDS. GOOD SEA VIEWS. WITHIN TWO MINUTES WALK OF THE PIER AND PARADE. TERMS MODERATE. New-street. BURLINGTON HOUSE, New-street. -D Proprietress, Mrs Edward Jones. Excellent accommodation for visitors. Terms moderate. Con- veniently situated. 9 Proprietress, Mrs Evans. Excellent accommodation for visitors at moderate terms. Close to Pier, Promenade, and Castle Grounds. n Proprietress, Mrs Rowlands. Com j fortable apartments for visitors. Situated near the Sea, College, and Castle Grounds. Terms reasonable. 1 Q Two minutes' walk from Castle XOj Grounds, College, and Sea. Comfortable apartments. Healthily situated.—Miss Williams. WANDSWORTH HOUSE. (W j forta le accommodation for visitors. Close to Castle Grounds and Sea. Terms moderate. Miss Richards, Proprietress. 16 Proprietress, Mrs Davies. Excellent accommodation for visitors at moderate charges. Healthily situated. Close to Sea, College, and Castle Grounds. BANK VAULTS (late of Manchester). Comfortable apartments. Close to the Sea and Castle. Moderate terms. Breakfasts, chops, steaks, and ham at any time, and teas at shortest notice.—Proprietor, Samuel Glithero. Little Darkgate-street. "I TEMPERANCE HOUSE. Proprietress, _Lj Miss Theophilus. Excellent accommodation for visitors. Terms moderate. EMPERANCE HOUSE, 27, Little Darkgate-street. Proprietress, Mrs Evans. Comfortable apartments near Castle Grounds, College, and Parade. Healthily situated. BURLEY HOUSE, 29, Little Darkgate- JD street. Proprietress. Mrs Finch. Boarding and private accommodation for visitors. Close to Sea, College, and Castle Grounds central. Good accommodation for cyclists. Terms moderate. BRYN HOUSE, 31, Little Darkgate- JL) street. Excellent accommodation for visitors. Situated close to Sea, College Buildings, and Castle Grounds.—Mrs Edwards. RINCE ALBERT HOTEL, Little t- Darkgate-street. Situated close to the PIER, PROMENADE, and CASTLE GROUNDS. Com- fortable apartments for visitors. CYCLISTS and TOURISTS accommodated. Good stabling. Terms moderate. Proprietor, Mr J. Parrish. Terrace-road. £ TERRACE-ROAD. Proprietress, Mrs Jones. Comfortable apartments close to the Station within four minutes' walk of the Beach. 7 Proprietress, Mrs JWarrington. House < 3 rebuilt and enlarged; comfortable apart- ments upon moderate terms h. & c. water baths near Railway Station and Sea. Chalybeate-street. 1 O CHALYBEATE STREET, Proprie- _L £ >FJ tres, MrsRees. Comfortable apa rtments on reasonable terms. Conveniently situated. COMMERCIAL AND BOARDING HOUSE, 21, Chalybeate- street one minute's walk from Railway Station and three minutes from Sea. Superior accommoda- tion for CYCLISTS, VISITORS, and COMMER- CIAL GENTLEMEN. C.T.C. Quarters.—Mrs Northey, Proprietress. Mill-street, WAVERLEY TEMPERANCE AND COMMERCIAL HOTEL, near the Station. Proprietress, Mrs Evans. Good accommodation for visitors at moderate charges. PLOUGH INN, Mrs E. M. Jones. L Entirely new management good accom- modation for visitors one minute's walk from Railway Station. Ales and Stout and Wines and Spirits of the best quality. CROSS FOXES, Mill-street. Proprietress, Mrs Bluck, Wine and Spirit Merchant. First-class accommodation for visitors at reason- able terms. Two minutes' walk from the Station and situated close to the sea. O A MILL STREET, Mrs Jones. Com- I'vtfcj fortable apartments at moderate terms. OO MILL STREET. Proprietress, Mrs 'vOj D. Jones. Comfortable apartments. One minute's walk from the Station. Splendid scenery. Terms moderate. MRS JAMES, Glanllyn House, Mill- street. Comfortable accommodation close to Railway Station, b CtllstbJ uth- Jpanntcnfs. Cambrian-place. pf VICTOR HOUSE, Mrs Jenkins. Com- FJJ fortable apartments moderate terms. Close to Station and Sea. LERRY HOUSE. Proprietress, Mrs .LJ Oliver. Comfortable accommodation for visitors. About 3 minutes walk to the sea. Terms moderate. George-street. "1 A MRS W. H. DAVIES (late of Stafford- _L V/J shire). Comfortable apartments close to Station. 8 Proprietress, Mrs Jones. Comfortable J apartments at reasonable terms. Con- veniently situated. Bridge-street. OLD BLACK LION HOTEL, ABER- STWYTH. One of the OLDEST established hotels in the town. Wines and Spirits of the best quality. Good accommodation for tourists, visitors, and travellers. Good stabling. Terms moderate. Mrs J. LEWIS, proprietress. "VTAG'S HEAD HOTEL. Proprietor, Mr -I.^1 D. Evans, wine and spirit merchant. Com- fortable apartments. Railway-terrace. LONGTON HOUSE. Proprietress, Mrs JLj Walter's. Conveniently situated. Comfort- able apartments at moderate charges. 7 Proprietress, Mrs Clayton. Comfortable < 2 apartments on moderate terms. Pleasantly and conveniently situated. AM FIELD HOUSE, 13, Railway-ter- race. Proprietress, Mrs Bell. Apartments healthily and pleasantly situated. Convenient to Sea and Station. Moderate terms. COMMERCIAL FAMILY HOTEL (opposite the Station). Proprietress, Mrs J. Rees, wine and spirit merchant. Comfortable accommodation for visitors. About four minutes' walk to the sea. Terms moderate. DURHAM HOUSE, 17, Rail way-terrace. Proprietress, Mrs J. Jones. Terms moderate. OA Proprietress, Mrs Evans. Comfortable /J\/Y accommodation close to Station. Healthily situated. Moderate charges. DEWSBURY HOUSE. Proprietress, Mrs Jones. Comfortable apartments near the Station. Terms moderate. Queen's-road HILTON HOUSE. Proprietress, Mri -jL-i- James. Comfortable apartments for visitors situated near Station, and three minutes walk Parade and Pier. SCJOJLAN HOUSE. Proprietress, tjn • Y Misses Collins. EXCELLENT accommodation for visitors. Perfect sanitary ARR^VMHN*- Pleasantly situated. Within three minutes w to Beach, Post Office, and Station. CARLISLE HOUSE. Proprietress, Mrs /CL/C/F Thompson. Comfortable accommodation for visitors. Terms moderate. Penglaise-terrace. 6 Proprietress, Miss Edwards. Comfort- able apartments. Situated close to the Elysian Grove and commanding fine scenery. Terms reasonable. 8 Proprietress, Mrs H. Jones, Comfort- J able apartments, two double-bedded rooms, one single bedroom, and two sitting rooms. Terms moderate. 9 Proprietress, Mrs C. Pickering. Cona- } fortable apartments. Double-bedded room and front sitting room. Reasonable terms. Penglaise-road. 1 GOGERDDAN COTTAGES. Pro- _Lj prietress, Mrs Thomas. Comfortable apart- ments at reasonable terms. Pleasantly and con- veniently situated. J GOGERDDAN COTTAGES. Pro- I, prietress, Mrs Fitzgibbons. Comfortable apartments; conveniently" situated. Reasonable terms. 7 GOGERDDAN COTTAGES. Pro- I Y prietress, Mrs Griffiths. Comfortable apart- ments reasonable terms. Healthily situated. Near Elysian Grove three minutes from Station five minutes from Parade. HAVELOCK VILLA. Proprietress, Mrs JH Jenkins. Containing three reception rooms and six bedrooms. Good cooking. Terms moderate. Healthily situated. Llanbadarn-road. NORTHGATE VILLA, Llanbadarn- road. Proprietress, Miss Knowles. Com- fortable apartments on reasonable terms. Caergog-terrace. Q CAERGOG TERRACE. Comfortable T/Y and pleasantly-situated apartments. Bath, hot and cold. Terms moderate. Seven minutes to Sea and Station. Reduced terms for winter months. Loveden-road. 2 Proprietress, Mrs Blackwell. Conve- J niently situated good accommodation h. and c. water baths. 3 Proprietress, Mrs Williams. Comfort- able apartments at reasonable terms. Healthily situated. Trevor-road. 3 Proprietress, Mrs Morgan. Comfort- able apartments. Healthily situated and commanding fine scenery. Terms moderate. Stanley-terrace. "IITELBOURNE HOUSE. Proprietress, MR.9 Captain Evans. Excellent accommoda- tion for visitors. Terms reasonable. Situated near the Station. Trinity-place. TRINITY-PLACE. Propriftress, Mrs Edwards. Excellent accommodation for visitors at moderate terms. Conveniently situated. Trinity-road. 2ROSSNALEE. Proprietress, Mrs J Edwards. Situated close to Station and Elysian Grove. Comfortable apartments on reason- able terms. O HARCOURT HOUSE. Proprietress, Mrs Lloyd. Conveniently situated. Terms moderate. rpREVEILIA COTTAGE. PRIETRESS, X Mrs Lewis. Excellent apartments at moderate terms. Epworth-terrace. 0 MRS MORGANS. Stands in a healthy /JY situation, and sanitary arrangements excel- lent. Conveniently situated, being about three minutes walk from Sea and Railway Station. Suitable apartments at reasonable charges. A MISS EVANS, Proprietress. Comfo^t- TJ able apartments near the Elysian Grove moderate terms. Alfred Place., UNICORN INN. Proprietor, Mr W. LJ Phillips, Wine and Spirit Merchant. Com- fortable apartments for visitors. Corporation-street. BRYNG WALIA. Proprietress, Mrs Williams. Conveniently situated within half a minute's walk of the Parade and Pier. Comfortable apartments for visitors. Portland-street. 17 Proprietress, Miss Hughes. Com- J. < J fortable apartments on reasonable terms. Near the Parade and Pier. a A and 26, ELLAN YANNIN. Proprie- /VTFC tress, Miss Morris. Comfortable apart- meats near Sea, Post Office, Castle Grounds, and Railway Station. Good accommodation for Cyclists and store room for bicycles. k>9 RHEIDOL HOUSE, Mrs Edwa^ TJ&Y Near the Sea, Railway Station, Castle Grounds, and Post Office. Good accommodation at reasonable terms. OA Proprietress, Mrs Edwards. Com- OTJ fortable accommodation for visitors at reasonable terms. Bath Street. 5 Proprietress, Mrs Patten. Within half a minute's walk of the Beach and Pier and three minutes' from Station. Close to Public Baths. Comfortable apartments. Terms moderate. AUDLEY HOUSE. Proprietress, Mrs James. Apartments close to Marine-parade and Public Baths, Terms moderate.