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MERIONETH COUNTY GOVERNING BODY. A special meeting of the Body was held at the Police Station on Friday afternoon to take further steps in connection with the appointment of a headmaster for Towyn Intermediate School. Dr Edward Jones (Dolgelley) preside 1 and there were also p.esent: Messrs T. E. Ellis. M. P., H. Haydn Jone3, E. P. Jones, Morrs Thomas, Dr Roger Hughes, D G. William, (Festiniog), Andreas Roberts, Mrs Burton (Bala), Mrs Rowlands (Towyn), Mr John Davies (Uyiiryn), and Mr R. Jones Griffith (clerk). PERSONAL. The Chairman, amid applause, said he was very glad to see Mr Ellis amongst them restored to health. He had given them all the assistance in his power in the past and he trusted he would long be spared to render them assistance in the future. (Applause.)—Mr Ellis briefly acknowledged the Board's good wishes. HEADMASTERSHIP OF TOWYN SCHOOL. The Clerk announced that eighteen application* had been received for the post of headmaster at Towyn School. The applications had been con- sidered by a committee consisting of five members of the County Body and three of the Towyn Local Body. The Committee reduced the number to two, Mr Thomas Jones, A.R.C.S.. the present science master at the sciiool, aud Mr T. C. Roberts, B. A. (Lond.), recently of Towyn School and now of Bangor College.The Committee's report was brought up by the Chairman, who state:! that they unanonou-ly recommended the appointment of Mr Thcnun Jones who, although not a graduate, possessed, qualifications superior to a graduate. In the event of the Charity Commis- sioners not sanctioning the appointment of Mr Jones, the Body recommended til- appointment of Mr Roberts. Mr T. E. Ellis said that although Mr Jones had not a degree he had a diploma which, as far as science was concerned, was quite equal in value to a degree. Ther > were hundreds and thousands of person-, who, though in possession of degrees, were not half as compel* nt to teach as Mr Thomas Jones. He was strongly opinion that the recommendation of the Committee should be adopted, having regard to the fact that the Towyn Local Governing Body were unanimous on the point and taking into consideration the excellent work Mr Jones had done at the school. He had no doubt that Mr Jones would make a thoroughly competent headmaster.—The Rev T. M. Green, Messrs E. P. Jones, Morris Thomas, D. G. Williams, Haydn Jones, Dr Hughes, Mrs Burton, and Mrs Rowlands spoke in favour of the appoint- ment of Mr Joues.-On the proposition of Mr Williams, seconded by Mrs Burion, it was agreed to appoint Mr Jones subject to the approval of the Charity uienv-ers voted for the xccpt v Roberts, who remained nt;utial.On the proposition of Mr Roberts, seconded by Mr Davies. it was further resolved that in the event of Mr Jones not receiving the approval o* theCbari'.y Commissioners, Mr Robert-i should be appointed. INABILITY TO ATTEND. Lett> rs r igrefcting tj attend were read from Mr Robert: R cliii' « (. ,-i role from Llan- drindod), Mr J. Ll. Owen, and Mr W. Rhya Roberts, Bangor.