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BARMOUTH SOUTH PARADE Osi,oriie House, Mrs Brazier— Mr and Mrs Peat and family, Miss Downe, Syderiliaii) Mr and Mrs Smetham and family, London Misses Throdine, Welsh- pool Belmont House, Mrs Thomas— Mr W R Bousfield, Q C, M P, Mra Bousfield family and nur-e. London M ss Cunningham, Hendon, do Mrs Rosve and the Misses (3) Rowe, Manchester Mrs, Miss, and Master A Startin and maid, Coventry Comber Housp, Mrs Roberts— Mr and Mrs Con and family, Birmingham Gwendolen, Miss Owen- Mr James Hope, ICS, Mrs Hope, family and maid, Bedford Mrand Mrs WaddeIJ, family and maids. Sale Beach House, Mrs John Jones- Mrs, Misses (2), and Masters (2) Ashby and nurse, Leicester Mr and Mrs Goddard and family. Herts; Mrs Bradstock and family, Bexhill, Sussex Bank House, Mrs D Edwards- Major and Mrs Branson, family and maids, Sheffield; Mr and Mrs Blackburn, Reading; Miss Hickman, Messrs Jacks, Wolverhampton MARINE TERRACE 2, Mrs Evan Jones— Mr and Mrs Ingledew and family, Miss Clements, Cardiff; Mr, Mrs, and :Miss Clarke and maid, Huyton Mr and Mrs and Misses Boston and maid, do Clive-place, Miss Morris- Air, Mrs, and Master A Hawley, Mr G Griffiths, Hinckley Mrs Hoffman and family, Shipley Mra Webb, Buxton; Misses Underwood, Hali- fax 4, Mrs E M Jones- Miss Clarkson, Miss A M Brill, London; Mr E T Humphreys, do; Canon and Miss Quamington, The Vicarage, Horncastle Mrs and Misses Spink, Mr Hughes, Wolverhampton; Mrs and Master Hyde, Oldham 5, Mrs John Parry- Mrs MacKenzie, children and nurses, Edgbas- ton, Birmingham Miss Simcox, Leamington Mr and Mrs Wicks, family and nurse, Oxford 6, Mrs Robert Griffith- Mr, Mrs, Miss, and Master Looker, London; Mr and Mrs Pitt, Stockport; Mrs and Misses Cameron, London; Mr and Mrs Bunson and family, Manchester 7, Mrs E Jones— Miss Lennard, Miss G and Mr L Lennard, Masters A and E Lennard and maid, Black- heath; Mr and Misses Wright, Walsall; Mr, Mrs and Master Jenks, Heath Town; Mrs Brawn; Mrs J H Browne and family, Chester 8, Mrs W Owen- Mr and Mrs Metford, family and maid, Minchin- hampton, Glos; Mr, Mrs, Miss, & Master Pieira, M iss Sellars, Fairtield, Manchesti v; Mr, Mrs, and Misses Roberts (2), Yorkshire 9, Lynton House, Mrs Capt Williams- Mr J, Mrs, Miss, and Masters Stallard (3), baby and nurse, Worcester Rev Mr, Mrs A, Miss G A, and Master H A Davies and nurse, do Mrs, Mr, and Master Finton, Sandbach, Cheshire 10, Mrs Williams- Mrs Nanney Williams and family, Dolgelley Misses (.'?) Hancock, Rev Letcher, Shrewsbury Mrs and Misses (2) and Masters Mans- bridge (%, Staines 11, Mrs Davies and Miss Griffith- Mr, Mrs, Mi-s, and Master Floyd, Sutton Cold- field; Hon Mary and Hon R Lawless and two maids, Hazelhatch, county Kildare, Ire- land; Mr and Mrs Last and family, Birming- ham Llys Meirion, Mrs Adams— Mr and Mrs Millis, Mrs Marlborough, Mr Webb, Mr Wigzell, Miss Pollie Jones, Mr and Mrs Singournay, London Fronderw, Mrs Griffith Mr and Mrs Stephens, Cardiff; Mr Bolton, Man- chester fr, Mrs, and Miss Handing, London; Mr and Mrs Joslin; Mr F Foulshain, Mr E Bull, London York House, Mrs Cotton- Mr and Mrs Hawley, baby and nurse, Mr and Mrs T Hawley, Coventry Miss and Miss E Flint, do Mrs and Masters (2) Haywood, do Mr and Mrs Waugh, London Tremydon, Mrs R Roberts- Mr and Mrs Moser. family and maid, Surrey Windsor House, Mrs Griffith- Rev VV H and Mrs Shaw and family, Stapleton Rectt ry. Bristol Mr and Mrs Kennard, children and mÛds; Mrs and Miss E James, Knowle, nr Birmingham Crystal House, Mrs Williams- Mr and Mrs Smith, Walsall Mr and Mrs Wheeler and family, Wednesbury; Mr and 1 Misses (2) Rowlands, Machynlleth j 20, Oak House, Mrs Jackson— Miss and Miss Gardner, Birmingham Misses Campbell. Mr Shipley, Mr Barker, Mrs and Master Davies, Leominster; Mr, Mrs, and Miss Gristwood, Birmingham Miss and Miss E Green, Mr and Mrs Hughes, Mr H Hughes, London "Belgrave House, Mrs Williams — Rev and Mrs Edwards, family and maid, Ches- ter Mr, Mrs, and Miss Husband, Birming- ham; Mr and Mrs Loveday, London Westminster, Mrs Lett— Mr and Mrs Lugden, Manchester; Mr and Mrs Butcher, Birmingham MARINE MANSIONS. 2, Mrs Winchester— Mr and Mrs Trentham, family and nurse, Bir- mingham; Miss Warden, West Malvern Mrs H T Flint and family. Erdington Miss Hodges, do; Misses M and H Burrows, Lon- don Mr and Mrs Clayton, family and maids, Chester Mr and Mrs E E Baker, family and nurse, Weston-super-mare MORFIN TERRACE 2, David Williams— Mr and Mrs Clement and family, Koswiel, Chirk 3, Mrs Tank— Mr Parsons, York Mr and Mrs Gordon, Not- tingham; Mr and Mrs Clavton, Manchester GLANYWERYDD TERRACE 1. Mrs J Lloyd— Mr A Gill, Leicester M ssrs Harper, Levers- hulme 3, Mrs W H Davies— Mr E Hamer and family, Llanidloes Mr Williams, N and S W Bmk Mr and Master Slipper, Birmingham CAMBRIAN STREET. Tan-y-Graig, Mrs Owen— Messrs W S Redmond and A Duckitt, Liver- pool Mrs Jones— Mr and Miss Saunders, Camberwell, London SEA VIEW TERRACE 3, Miss Phillips- Mr and Mrs H Palmer, Kingswood, Bristol 4, Sea View, Mrs Manfield— Mr and Mrs Coltart, children and maid, Catford, London; Mr and Mrs Marston, HaLdsworth; Mr and Mrs Smith, Birmingham KOHINOOR BUILDINGS 1, Mrs Edwards— Mrs Edwards and daughter, Miss Owen, Llwyn- ) gwril 2, Mrs Dudley— Mr and Mrs Stanley, Leicester Mr Dudley, London; Lieut Cole, do Glanowen, Mrs Griffiths- Mrs and Miss Powell Birmingham Tanyrallt, Mrs Owens— Mr A Hartill and family, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Goodman, Miss S E Scholes, Mr and Mrs Barnett, son and daughter, Oldham « GLANYLLYN TERRACE 1, Mrs Richards— Mr and Mrs Wrhittaker, Hollinwood, Oldham ■ 2, Mrs E Davies— Mr C Phillips and son, Lewisham AELFOR TERRACE. 3, Mrs Davies— Mr and Mrs Williams and baby Dorothy, 'Misses Pearlie nnd Marjorie, Miss Wiggins..Oxford Messrs F and A Johnson, Mrs and Miss Johnson, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Griffith, Llangollen 6. Mrs Edwards— Mr and Mrs Partridge, Birmingham; Rev and Mrs Lloyd Evans, baby and nurse, Mr Jones, Cwmavon 7, Mrs Peters— Mrs Lewis and children, London GLASFOR TERRACE 3, Mrs Davies— Mr and Mrs Hopley, family and maid, Birming- ham Mr Gulline and friend, Brighton Messrs Gardner and Barter, Oxford 5, Mrs Davies— Mrs Harkin and family, Liverpool Mr T Bradbury, Mrs Bradbury Mr and Mrs Jallies, Miss E A Ardern, Master A Thwaite, Mr & Mrs Mitchell, Chadderton; Mr E C Tetlow, Misses A Mortimer and E A Taylor, Mr F C Rogers, Mr G H Tonllinson, MissJ Hibheit, HANLITH TERRACE 1 and 2. M-s M Thomas- Mrs Barker, family and nnrs", Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Jones; Mrs Limireck; Mrs Gibbs Mrs and Miss E Townsend, Cheltenham; Mr and Mrs H Marston Bes-cott, Walsall 4, Miss Lloyd— Mr and-Mrs Ho per, family and maid, Edg- baston, Birmingham Dr C R Marshall, Mrs Marshall, Cambridge Mr Mrs Hancock and family, Whalley Range. Manchester Miss Birdsall, Mr and Mis Percy C Elston, Manchester 5, Miss Hooper— Rev C H and Mrs Lowe and family, Rylstone, Yorks; Mr and Mrs Ling, London VICTORIA PLACE 2, Mrs J E Rogers— Mr, Mrs, and Mis Randall. Birmingham Mr and Mrs Enocent, Birmingham Miss Pool, do; Miss Phipps, London; Mr, Mrs, and Miss Lowley, Rock Ferry, Liverpool: Mr. Mrs. and Master Marshall, Manchester; Mr and Mrs W Taverner, Burton-on-Trent HENDRE VILLAS 1, Mrs Jones— Mr and Mrs Jones, Mrs Kay, Mr, Mrs, and Miss Kay, Bolton Mrs T Jones, Mr and Mrs Adams, Leeds; Mr Woolfenden and party, Rochdale 3, Mrs J George— Mrs and Miss Oliver, Cheltenham Mrs S S Oliver and infant, Canada Miss L Oliver, Burmah Miss Ergmann Mr and Mrs C S Millard, children and maids EPWORTH TERRACE. 1, Mrs Williams— Mr and Mrs Bliss and family, Enfield, nr Lon- don Mr and Mrs Smith and family, Reading 2— Dr Stroud, family and maids (2), Misses Leach and Miss Ramsden, Leeds 3, Mr R Owen— Mr, Mrs, and Miss M Hughes, Miss G and Master R Hughes, Mrs and Miss Hughes, Miss Smith, London 5, Miss Griffith- Mrs and Miss Hall, Leicester; Mr, Mrs, Misses (2), and Master Bubier, Worsley PARK ROAD Glanywern, Miss'Pugh— Misses Shipman and Laycock, Sheffield; Miss Marshall, do Tal Aig, Mrs Griffiths- Mr and Mrs Lewis, Birmingham Morfa Cottage, Mrs Jones— Mr J H Dowell, Reading Mr, Mrs, and Misses Talbot (2), Wolverhampton; Miss Smith, Shrewsbury Cerniw Lodge, Mrs Davies— Mrs Dawson and child, Birmingham Mr Grosvenor, Wolverhampton Mrs Woodford and family, Ruabon Pantllan, Mr Jones- Messrs and Miss Hinchley, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Wilcock, Ashton-under-Lyne LLANABER ROAD Penzance Villa, Mrs G Edwards— Mra Lambourne, Miss Marchant, Mr L Lam- bourre, Tedciington Mr and Mrs Parry, Liar pollen Melbourne House, Mrs Williams— Mr and Mrs Bedford, London; Mr, Mrs, and Misses (2) Burton, Oldham Bron-Eifion, Miss Williams— Messrs Roger (2), London; Miss Dear, Derby 1, Moss Bank, Mrs Williams— Mr and Mrs Abbot and friends, Manchester Ripon House, Mrs Roberts- Mr and Mrs Cross, Mr Y Yamashita (of Japan), London Mr and Mrs Gallimore and party; Mr and Mrs Penn, London Mr and Mrs Clewes, Wolverhampton Mr and Mrs Andrew, Ashton-under-Lyne 1, Beulah Hill, Mrs Pugh— Mr, Mrs, and Master L Whitaker, Liverpool Miss L Huddleston, Bury 2, Beulah Hill, Mrs Roberts— Mr and Mrs Willetr, Melton Mowbray Victoria Cottage, Mrs Jones— Mr, Mrs, and Miss Harman, Wimbledon Bryn Teg, Mrs Jones- Mr and Mrs Isaacs, family and nurss, London Rev Canon and Miss Quarrington, Horn- castle; Mrs King, baby and nurse, Tullington Vicarage, Burton-on-Trent; Rev W, Mrs, and' MissesMaltby, Grimsby; Mr andMrsJ G Jones, a.nd friends, The MouLt, Welshpool Bronyvoel, Mrs Ed Williams- Mr and Mrs A H Poultney and son, Edgbaston, Birmingham; Mr A and Mr3 Baines, Mr and Misses Baines, maid and coachman, Hauley BRYNDERVVEN ROAD Clwyd House, Mrs Pugh- Mr and Mrs Akers, family and nurse, Ealing Mr and Mrs Thomson, baby and nurse, Miss Thompson, Durham Mr Down, Brighton Maindee House, Mrs Rocke— Miss F Lewis, Builth Road Messrs Hughes and Profit, Pwllheli Mr Bush, Newtown Misses Dixon and Thompson. Durham MARINE GARDENS Garn House. Mrs Morgan- Mr and Mra Fiske, London 2, Mrs W illiarns- Mr Currie and daughter, Worcester Roseneath, Mrs Williams— Mr Hughes, London Daisy Bank, Misses Roberts— Mr Davies, Carmarthenshire Mr Rees, Nar- berth, Pembrokeshire Mr, Mrs, and Miss Garlick, Miss Wild, Newton Heath, Man- chester Falcon House, Misses Turner and Perrins— Rev 0 B Mr and Mrs Jones and i family, Stonevcroft, Liverpool Mordon House, Mrs Owen- Whitchurch Mr and Mrs Hughes and daughter, Ashwood, Whitchurch L/ U lYi DrjliLiAIN jJ Mrs Astley— Mr G H Sidebotham. Newport, Shropshire; Miss M Meadows, Gnosall, Staff 2, Miss Pugh— Misses Saul, Southpor Mr and Mrs Whitworth, Rochdale; Misses Brierley, Kenworthy, and L.cr., Oldham 2, Cumberland House, Mrs Astley— Mr W H Watson, West Hampstead, London; Mr H W Watson, Leeda Minydon. Mis- Evans— Mr and MrsGriffi'hs and son HARBOUR VIEW 1, Miss R"be>ts Mr and Mrs F West-rman and family, Moss Sid-, Manch i<ter Mr and Mrs Talboy, Bir- mingham Mr a',c1 Mrs \Vest, Leicester 2, Mrs Jones- Mr, Mrs, and Mr Sailor, Hud Mr and Mrs Ci .ss, Mr alld Mrs St irmont, Birmingham WATERLOO PLACE 1, Mrs C,P1, R u en- Mr an.) Mrs So^erby and family, London 2, Mn Will.-»ms — Mr and Mrs Holland, South Korwood; Miss Holland. do Mr an i Mis isrewer and friends, B.i'tiiinglidiii G L A N Y W ERY D D HOUSE 1. Mrs J .Joins— Miss Worthingtou, Farn vo th Mijs Birlow, Bolto i Miss Greene, Farnworth;Mr and Mi-s Pamplin Mrs Profit- Mrs Stone and family, London; Misses (2) Stone, do Miss-s (2) Lo esjrove, Coleshill BELLE VUE MANSIONS. 1, Miss Roy>- — Mrs and Miss McRennell, London Miss Doody Birmingham; Miss Richmond, do: Mrs Davies. London Dr and Mrs Pearson, do Mrs Burrell, do Miss Claikson, do; Csnon and Mis Stonesburo. Ireland Miss Yoxall and friend, London Mr and Mrs Allen, Tunbridge Wells Mr and Mrs Baidwin, London Misses Lewis and friend, do; Miss Jarvis, do 2, Mrs J Jones Griffith- Mr, Mrs, and Miss Rycroft, Miss Cotton, York- shire; Miss Jacques, Stockton-on-Tees; Mrs and Miss Hefferman, Ireland; Coland Mrs Gamier, London Mr and Mrs Merchant and family, Southport Mr and Mrs G Merchant and family, London Orielton Hall- Rev H and Mrs Crow Mrs and Mr R Gordon; Mr Prior FRONFELEN TERRACE. 1, Mrs W H WiIIiams- Mr and Mrs Adams, London Mr and Mrs Riley, Birmingham Mrs and Misses Bayliss, Manchester; Mr H Lee, Moss Side, do Mr Holloway, do 3, Mrs Morris— Miss Johnson, Weston-super-Mare Misses Bate- man and Berkley, Ledbury 4, Mrs Capt Griffith- Mr W T Tucker and family, Loughborough Mr and Mrs Codd, London Mr and Mrs Shinwell, Birmingham Mr Buckley, do 5, Mrs R Griffith- Mrs and Misses Travis, Manchester Mr E M Danbeney, Wokingham FRONFELEN CASTLE 3, Miss Thomas- Mr R T and Mrs James, children and nurse, Warwick Mr and Mrs Bowden, London MARINE ROAD Leamington House, Mrs Williams- Mrs Leavy, Mrs Lear, Mrs Hirons, Norwich Mrs Roe, Handsworth Mrs Dominick Daly, jun, do Artro House, Mrs Williams— Miss Lewis, Leamington Colwyn House, Mrs Hyam— Major and Mrs Morgan and family, Weston- super-Mare Tryweryn, Miss Edwards— Mr F Coburn, Birmingham; Miss S A Coburn, Stratford-on-Avon Mrs Hodges, Birmingham 6, Bryn View, Mrs Davies— Misses and Mr Rudge, Wolverhampton 1, Hugo-villas, Mrs Jones- Mrs, Miss, and Mr B L Trew, Watford Mr, Mrs and Miss Tetley, Clapham Park, London; Mr, Mrs, and Miss Bucklt-y, Monton Green, nr Manchester 2, Hugo-vil as, Mr- R GritIhh- Mr-E Buant Botley, C elteuham Mr Hether. inyton and family, L ndon Bronwen M's Fdwards- Mr and Mrd Davies, Durse "nd family, West Brom«ich: Mr, Mrs, and Misses Dobson, Leeds; M'S Richard, London; Miss Weas- Dublin 7- Mr, Mrs. Misses, Mr A and Master Tim Cow- burn, Mr Britten, Mr Gorton, Bowdon, Man- chester Mrs and Mr H Berry, Misses Dodushon, London; Mr and Mrs Harrison, Mo-eley, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Grundy and family, Ashtjn-under Lyne Gwynfryn Housp— Mr and Mrs Webb and family, Handsworth Glandovey House Mrs Edwards— Mr and Mr» Billingsby and family. Kidder- minster Mr and Mrs Hill, Mrs and Miss Griffiths, Mr, Mrs, and Mr R Palmer, Birming- ham Aston House, Misses Jones- Mr, Mrs, and Misses (3) Floyd, Acocka Green Mr and M rs Taylor, Dudley London House, Mrs Williams— Mr, Mrs R P, Misses E and C, and Master C Ward, Crewe; Mr, Mrs, and Misses Clement (3), and son, Chirk; Mr and Mrs Cartmel, Knigton; Miss C and Master L Bragg, do PORKINGTON TERRACE 2, Mrs Hugh Evans— Mr and Mrs Home and family, Moreton-in- Mash; Miss Wykes, Leicester Ml THorne, Edinburgh; Mr H Horne, Birmingham Judge and Mrs Austin and family, Clifton, Bristol 3, Mrs Jane Jones- Mr J E Newton and family, Oldham Mrs and Miss Gladys Brunuer, Mr Godfrey Brunner, Huyton, Liverpool; Miss M [McClellan, Liver- pool Mr Geoffrey R Pocklington, Chelswortb, Suffolk 4, Mrs Williams— Mr and Mrs Stradwick and family, Bickley, Kent; Miss Wacher, Herne Bay; Mr and Mrs Court, family aud maid, Miss Cole, Shrews- bury 5, Mrs Rothwell— Mr and Mrs H V Pears, family and maid, Surrey Mr and Mrs Youge, family and maid, London Dr and Mrs Latham and family, Miss France, Ashton-in-Makerfield 6, Mrs Richards— Mrs and Miss Cooper, Cheltenham Mrs B G Forman, Edinburgh Mr and Mrs Wenham and sons, Richmond, Surrey; Messrs Robert- son and Macdonald, Manchester 7, Brynffynon, Mrs Captain Lewis— Mr and Mrs S B Paull aud family, Ealing Mr and Mrs Frost and family, London Mr, Mrs A, and Miss 0 Woodward, Small Heath, Birmingham 8, Talygarreg, Miss Griffith— Mr, Mrs, Miss J, and Master P Kirkman, Lon- don; Mr and Mrs Keast and family, Aberdare 11, Mrs Evans— Dr, Mrs, and Master Vevers, Miss Grace Keay, Hereford Mrs Rodgers and party, Yorkshire; Mr and Mrs Mansbridge, family and maids, London 12, Mrs Evans- Mr and Mrs Gray, Walsall Mrs Leggatt and family, London 13. Mrs Davies- Misses Price and Bennett, Derby Misses Young and C Young, Burnastow, Derby Miss Frisby and maid, London Mr and Mrs Berger, Liver- pool Miss Frisby. Kensington Mr and Mrs Greylands, Birmingham Mrs Needham and family, Manchester Misses (2) Roberts, Bol- ton BORTHWEN TERRACE Borthwen Hcuse, Mrs Capt Evans— Mr and Mrs Neale, London Mrs Harrison and MissJAshwortli, Hereford 2, Mrs Richards— Mr and Mrs Hall and family, Norbury, nr Orielton Hall— Stockport Rev T, Mrs, and Master Haworth and maid, St Leonards Mr and Mrs Greene, London Mr and Mrs Y Lewis, nurse and child, do Mr, Mrs, and Masters Manvell (2), do Mrs and Miss Gibson, do Messrs Weightman (2), do Mr Grundy, do Misses Legg and Izard, do Mr an.l Mrs Kent, St Albans Mr and Mrs Thomson, Saffron Walden;Mr Arthur Soames, Blackheath Mrs Skinner, Montgomery Miss Fraser, Llandudno Mr and Mrs Bates, Grimsby Mr, Mis, and Miss Delves, Tun- bridge Wells Mrs Taylor and Miss Pearless, Tenby Mrs Puckle, Southport Brynhyfryd, Miss Dedwith— Mr Underbill and family, West Bromwich Mr and Misses Jones, Germany ABERAMFFRA. Idris View, Miss Williams— Mrs Williams, Miss Evans, London Mrs Pugh— Mr and Mrs Gould, Stockport Mr L A Long, Mr H Gwynne, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Rooker and two children, Sale, Manchester Mr E Pughe, Llanrwst GLANABER TERRACE. 1, Mrs G Jones— Rev and Mrs Jones, Bristol; Mr and Mrs Blower, Ramsgate 4, Mrs Jones- Mr and Mrs T Yates, Mr W Yates, Harlesden, London Glanaber House. Mrs Williams — Mrs Whitcombe and family, Birmingham; Misses Moore, do GLANABER VILLAS. 1, Mrs Knock— Mr and Mrs Morris, Gorton, Manchester 2, Mrs Roberts- Mr and Mrs Coleman and family, Finsbury P<rk. London Ir, Mrs, and Miss Harding, Forest Gate, do 3, Mrs Garnett- Mr R H Nowe'll, Miss Rose Tilt, Bromsgrove; MissJ Heague. Stafford; Mrs, Master J, and Mie8 A, F, and J M Heague, Halesworth; Mrs Woods and family, Wimberton GRAIG FACH 1, Mrs Lewis Jones— Mr and M rs W H Mav and daughter, Alton, Hants; Mr and Mrs W T Mundy, Leicester QUAY Tudor House, Mrs Edwards- Mr H T TA-eeddale, London Miss E D Smith, London ABERMAW TERRACE Wyirstay House, Mrs Evans— Mr and Mrs Raverscroft, baby and nurse. Lon- don Mr and Mrs fiasterbiook Bodlyn House, Mrs Pugh— Miss Tnaker. Walsall Miss Wood, do; lr and Mrs Green and family, Noithwich 2 and 3- Mr and M sHir.t r, F«rnworth, Widnes 4, Pembryn Hcu-e. Mrs Ffoulkes— Mrs ar,d Mr A V Blana. Sa'tley, Birmingham Mr and Mrs a r. d Mr W M K, rb y, do; Mrs and Mi-s Price, Handsworth, Birmingham CHURCH STREET 4, Aelydon, Mrs Jones— Mr and Mrs Mitcn«-.d and family, York Cardigan Stores, Mrs Hnghes- Mr and Mrs Bowen Masters Burnt-v and Gran- vide Bo\v:n, Misses Lilian and Margery Bowen, Shrewsbury 1, Craiyydon, Mrs J Jones- Mr E Bedford. Misses (3) Chawners, Mr G Robinson. H lllcldey Churchgate, Miss Williams— Mr Cropper, Mr Ainger, Misses (2) Kimberlee, Kidderminster Mrs Burrows and family, Mrs Charlesworth, London Miss Midwinter, Manchester Ty Newydd, Miss Edwards- Mrs, Miss and Miss G Stanley, Wednesbury Miss Wood, do Misses Osborne, Cheltenham, Miss Tortle, London Mr, Mrs and Master R Denham, do Mr C Wright, Intermediate School 1, Glyndwr-terrace, Mrs 0 Jones- Messrs Butler (2), London Anchor House, Mrs Griffith- Mr and Mrs Taylor, Birmingham Penlan House, Mrs Richards- Mr W Maydwell, Lambeth, London Miss Watson, do ST ANNE'S SQUARE Mrs Evans- Mrs Morgan, Festiniog Mr Llew and Miss D James, Aberystwyth; Mr Jones, Llanberis Mrs Edwards— Mr and Mrs Wates, Mr and Mrs Pye, Wolver- hampton 6, Mrs D E Davies- Mr and Mrs Pleeson and family, Gloucester Mrs and Miss Tasker. London HIGH STREET Tal-y Don Hotel, Mrs Owen- Mr Clough, Mr Heyes, Liverpool Mr Berry, Mr Oldham, Hyde: Mr and Mrs Meyrick, Mr Gibbs, Miss Marks, London Mr Cooper, Bir- mingham Glan-y-don, Mrs Owen- Mr Johnson, Mr B Boomhead, Manchester Mr and Mrs Philip Marshall, Hyde Glanvmor, Mrs J Evans- Mr H S, Miss, and MasterjRichards, Handsworth; Miss Reminciman, Mr Holdsworth, do Mr, Miss and Master Sinclair Tanyiron, Mrs Pritchard- Nurse Reeves, Misa Robinson Mr F A and Mrs Harrison. Mr FHeresford Harrison Manchester London House, Mrs Jones- Mr Joseph Burley, Aston, Birmingham Miss L Coggan, Birmingham 2, Wesley-place, Mrs Evans- Miss Williams, Carnarvon; Miss Jones, Llan- llyfoi Mr Trott. Mr Parry, London Glanglasfor. Mr W J Morris— Capt H W A and Mrs Christie; Mr C 0 Roberts; Mrs Ilott, Miss Badde'ey, London; Dr and Mrs Pritchard, child and nurse, Retford, Notts; Mr a,d Mrs Clark-and family, Wigan Glaitryn House, Mrs Edward J'rice— Mr, Mr., and Masses (2) Petre, London Mrs and Miss Wilder, Birmingham Mr and Mra Oscar Allen, Madame Miriam Daniel, Birming- ham Glanmeon House, Mrs Edwards— Mr and Mrs Organ, Gloucester; Mrand Mrs Mon- crief and family, Miss Salisbury, London 2, Brynymor, Mrs Jones— Mr and Mrs and Misses (1) Wilson, Rochdale Mr and Mrs, Miss and Mr Greenfield (jun), Mr and Mrs Clough, family and governess, Chester Misses Smyle and Clough, do Springfield House, Mrs H Jones- Mrs Davies, family and maid, Cardiff; Miss Morgans, do Vron House, Mrs Jones- Mr and Mrs Davies, Oswestry Bwlch House, Mrs Capt E Richards— Mr, Mrs W C, and Misses Johnston, London; Mr, Mrs, Miss, and Miss Elsie Yardley, Mr Frank and Master Eric, Yardley, Bescott, nr Walsall; Miss Hartill, Mrs and Miss Thomas, Mrs Webbe, Willenhall