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.ii-uncnts—jlbcnjsUuiith. Custom House-street. SHIPWRIGHT ARMS, Proprietor, Mr J. Morgan, wine and spirit merchant. Com- fortable apartments. Union-street. EASTWOOD HOUSE. Proprietress, Mrs t'J D. Edwards. Comfortable apartments for visitors. Healthily situaied. T> rms moderate. South-road. SAILORS' ARMS. Proprietress, Mrs Daniel, wine and spirit merchant. Good ac- commodation for Visitors. Clos^ to ht- sea. lerms moderate. HEIDO LV IE W, :31, South.road, Pr. I prietress, Mrs H'pkins. Close t-'» Sr. ami Castle Grounds. Comfortable accommo Terms reasonable. REMY DciS; Propriét.res,-Sf;-G Jones j JL Comfortahlp apartments at m-derat- t>'ims. Conveniently situated, witiiiu half a mi^ut- « v, aik of the Sea and Castle Groin.ds. A" LLTWEN" VIEW,M rs Jones. 0<>m- fortabie apartments nu niiiderat- ter^s. Close to Castle (!rounds. Northgate-terrace. O0 Proprietress, Mts Parry. Coii t'ort- /vOj able apartments. M.iciei -te terms. Si u- ated close to St iti< n and E'ysiati Grov*? ,1<1 five minutes walk to the B-aeh. Pound-place. 4 Proprietress, M iss Ei wards. Ooui- j fortab'e apartments at reasonable terms. Healthily and plvasantly situated. Close to the Station and Elysian Grove. North-parade. ST. ANTONY'S, private boarding estab- lishment, or apartments. Proprietress, Misses Cock bill. Near Sea, Stc ion, and Elysian Grove. H. and Baths. Terms moderate. ARLINGTON" HOUSE. Proprietress Y'\ Mies Davies. Excellent accommodation for visitors. Conveniently situated. Terms moderate. Thespian-street. M MANSFIELD HOUSE. Pro- prietress, Mrs Griffiths. Excellent aoeom- modation tor visitors.. Situated close to the Station and Elysian Grove, and within iive minutes' walk to the Parade. IRCHGROVE, nr. ABERYSTWYTH. —County Mansion (furnished) TO LET for the winter months 9 miles from Aberystwyth and about three minutes' walk from Trawscoed Station. With good coach houses and stabling; well sheltered and grand situation.—Apply, Mrs D. Morgan, 16 and 18, Pier-street, Aberystwyth. Jrmouth vartntentg. /r- Marine-parade. YORK ROUSE, facing the sea, excellent JL apartments. Moderate terms. Hot and cold bath. Reduced charges for winter months. High-street. TALYDON Private Hofel and Boarding JL Hou-e, close to the Marine-parade, Beach, and Railway Station. Terms on application.- Apply, Mrs Owen, Proprietress. Church-street. 2 CRAIGYDON, within two minutes' walk ot j the Railway Station, Beach, and Poet Office. Large, airy rooms. Excellent sani'ary arrange- ments. Comfortable apartments at reasonable terms.—Apply, Mrs W. Jones. 2 CUMBERLAND IiOTTSE, two minutes' walk j of Railway Station, Bench, and Post Office. Comfortable Apartments, moderate terms. — Apply, Proprietress. AberraaW-Jterrace. WYNNSTAY HOUSE. House con- TV tains two sitting-roims and five hpdronrm. Excellent view of the Estuary a d CVICT Irlrif1 Proprietress, Mrs Eva- s. BODLYN HOUSE. C.'ta'-le auarr- jD ments at most re-isonable c-r » s. Grand view of the river Mawddach ami rue V-a :uct Proprietress, Mrs Pngl. TONISHElT HOUSE nr Apartment^ JL' at moderate terms. Hous« c.ntiins three sitting-rooms and eight bedrooms. Commands an extensive view of Cardigan Bay, the E-tu iry of the Mawddach, and the Viaduct.—4, Aherrnaw-terrac. ORTHWEN HOUSE.—Magnificent Sea J) Bathing and Sands, Yachting, Boating, Sea and River Fishing, Shootiug, Golf; unrivalled Scenery. The above house is under entirely new management. Moderate terms.—Proprietress, Mrs Captain Evans. Glanaber-vil las. GLANABER HOUSE.— Comfortable Apartments. Good sanitary arr mgemente. Hot and cold bath. Splendid Sea and Mountain view. This house is under entirely new manage- ment; terms moderate.—Apply. Mr* Williams, Proprietress. The Quay. TUDOR HOUSE.—Apartments with or -L without Board. Excellent v'ew of the Maw- ddach, Cader Idris, and the Viaduct. Good refer- ences on application.—Proprietress, Mrs Edwards. Fu aNISHED HOUSE to be let for -t' apartments. Sea and mountain view five minutes walk from the Station and the beach.— Apply. Mrs Thomas, 1, Haolith-terrace ^rthcg—Apartments. APARTMENTS in one of the most beautiful spots on the Mawddach. Splendid sea and mountain scenery. Convenient to Railway Station; two miles from Barmouth. Teas in Garden.—Apply, Mrs Lewis, Glanywern, Arthog. ^otopn—Apartments. TOWYN. VISITORS AND EXCURSIONISTS are catered for at moderate prices at the California Hotel, High-street. A PERFECT WINTER RESIDENCE, climate equal to Torquay, furnished detached house to let, from September. Two sitting, four bedrooms; well arranged offices; facing south; near sea and golf. fl per week for six months. —Francis Lewis, Aberdovey. A" BERDOVEY.—To be let (Furnished) for winter months, or longer, house standing in own large grounds. Good stabling, cohch house, outhouses, matured kitchen garden; some grass land if wished; four sitting, eight. bedrooms, oathroom (hot and cold); perfect sanitation; near rail, sea, and golf; lovely views; well sheltered, mild climate; three guineas per week.—Francis Lewis, Aherdovey. WARD & CO. (OF THE ABERYSTWYTH BAZAAR) Beg to announce that their Four extensive Show Rooms are now re-opened and are re- plete with a splendid collection of the LATEST NOVELTIES aN TOYS AND LEATHER GOODS. CABINET GOODS OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS. BASKETS, PLAIN & FANCY, &c. I M Thousand pretty, useful, and artistic Novelties to select from. TOBACCO. CIGARS. & CIGARETTES OF ALL MANUFACTURERS. PIPES, POUCHES, STICKS. Largest. Stock in Wales to select from." Sole Agents frr LOEWE S celebrated BRIAR. PIPES. Agents for the B.B.B. Agents for FAUDEL'S BICYCLES & SEWING MACHINES. DON'T FORGET THE ADDRESS- THE ABERYSTWYTH BAZAAR, 8, GRjAT DARKGATE ST., ABERYSTWYTH. JpHOTOGRAHIC GOODS J^EPARTMENT, "CAMBRIAN OFFICES j OUR SPECIALITY FOR THE SEASON IS COLOURED PHOTOGRAPHS. ABERYSTWYTH PARADE (two views). ABERYSTWYTH CASTLE. DEVIL'S BRIDGE ESTABLISHED 1854. i '> • THOMAS, WATCH MAKER AND JKWELLRK. IH. GttKAT UARKUATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. THE OL!>EST, CHE \PKST, AND BE T ESTABLISHMENT I THE TOWN s IL w,4. 7 0 A'IA s TP h4 A LOOK IN THOMAS'S WINDOW FOR SOUVENIRS OF ABERYSTWYTH. PEgBLE GOODS A SPECIALITY. A B E IT'ITO V E Y THE DOVEY HOTEL, Facing the Harbour and Estuary, coti,ni.tncis megn'tieent vi-w of surr unding unrivalled Scenery. JL Every home comfort at moderate eh*rg«s. Luncheon aud T, a;i, Splendidly-fi ted Billiard Room recently added. N"ar the famous Golt Links. The only hotel for Golfers. Commodious new Stables, Posting in all its Branches. LEWIS and DAVIES, Proprietors. FOR COLOURED PHOTOGRAPHS, ABERYSTWYTH PARADE, CASTLE, DEVIL'S BRIDGE, VIEW GOODS IN ENDLESS VARIETY, LEATHER GOODS OF THE NEWEST PATTERNS, FANCY GOODS AND STATIONERY .OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS. CAMBRIAN NEWS" OFFICES, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. J. & J. GIBSON, PRINTERS Cambrian Netvx and Cnr^iujan Bay VI ■sit or Offi ces. j ABKRYsTWYTH. BINDING DEPARTMENT. Books of every description bound vvell, cheaply, and quickly. BOOKBINDING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION DONE ON THE PREMISES, At PRICES which will compare favourably with those of London and the Large Provincial Towns and houses QUICKLY, NEATLY, AND CHEAPLY THE WORLD'S GREATEST SHOW, CIRQUE, HIPPODROME AND MENAGERIE. DIRECTEURs- M.M. GEORGES AND DJVID. THIS Colossal Establishment landed at JL Dover on July ISth la3t, having completed a Tour of France, Germany, H Hand, Belgium, Russia, and Switzerland, and lias been re: eived everywhere with greatest success. BARMOUTH, MONDAY, SEPT. 12th. DOLGELLEY, TUESDAY, 13th. MACHYNLLETH, WEDNESDAY, SEPT 14th. ABERYSTW YTH, THURSDAY, SEPT. 15th, ABERAYRON, FRIDAY. SEPT. 16th. LAMPETER, SATURDAY, SEPT. 17h. I ONE DAY ONLY. The Largest, Grandest, and Handsomest Amal- gamated Amusement Enterprise ever .s>eu in this Country. Upwards of FIFTY THOUSAND POUNDS invested in this huge combination in flo/aes, Animals, and Plant, convey 1 from Town to Town in SIXTY SPECIALLY CONSTRUCTED ROAD WAGGONS. 100 MALE & FEMALE PERFORMERS FROM EVERY LAND UNDER THE SUN. 300 HORSES AND PONIES, 15 DENS OF WILD ANIMALS, A HERD OF PERFORMING ELEPHANTS AND CAMELS. More distinct novelties presented at one per- formance than at any other Establishment in this count y. TWO CIRCUS RINGS AND A CENTRAL STAGE Presenting as many as Five Performances at one and the same time. AT ONE O'CLOCK THE GRAND MID-DAY PRO- CESSION illleavethe Encampment Grounds representing "THE QUEEN OF SHEBA'S RETURN TO OPHIR." The Grandest display cf opu- lence and barbaric magnificence ever witnessed, worth a journey of twenty miles tosse. and more- over a tree display. THREE 1\1 I LIT A J Y N DS. Two Performances at 2-30 and 7-30. PRICES OF ADMISSION r, !.s.,a d (id. Seats can be reserved by applies 11 ol -the En- campment Ground. Accommodation for 10,000 Prrsons. DON'T FORGET THE DATE. u 891