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BALA. ORGAN RECITAL.—On Sunday last Prof. Durman gave an organ recital at Christ Church when the following programme was gone through :-Hymn 308, a. & m.; March in B flat; Allegretto Pas- torale anthem, "Out of the Deep," by the Choir; Intermezzo iu F solo, O Rest in the Lord;" "March Joyeuse;" "Serenade;" anthem, "Seek ye the Lord Fantasia Pastorale anthem, "Send out Thy Light;" "Triumphal March;" hymn 477. a. & m. The rendering of the different pieces were excellently rendered by Professor Dur- man in his u-ual good style. After the service a collection was made towards the organist fund. COUNTY SCHOOL (Boys). -The results of the examinations held in connection with this school last July have now been made known and the result obtained reflects great credit upon Mr J. C. Evans, M.A., the headmaster, and his staff. Appended is the pass li-t :—Three boys were entered for the matriculation examination of the University of Wales and all passed in the first division, viz.: R. T. Jeukins, H. E. Ruddy, and J. E. Hughes. In the junior Oxford local examination ten boys were entered and all passed, viz.: H. E. Ruddy (2nd class honours and distinction in Latin), R. R. Lewis (3rd class honours), E. Roberts, R. W. Ward, E. R. Evans, J. D. Jones, W. B. Owen, I. J. Roberts, E. Ll. Edwards, and E. LI, Hughes. In the preliminary Oxford local examination thirteen boys were entered and twelve passed, viz.: L. G. Owen (2nd class honours), R D. Evans, J. H. DP vie?, T. Bodden, R. G. D'Oyly-Watkin, W. R. Ellis, J. D. Gu^st, Hugh Hughes, D. Jones, J. M. Jones, W. G. Jones, and J. Roberts. BALA SHOW. The horticultural and dog shows, athletic sports, and horse-leaping trials under the auspices of the Bala Amateur Cycling Club were held last Thursday. The horticultural and dog shows were held at the National School, while the athletic sports and horse leaping took place in the field adjoining the school. The weather was beautiful and the attendance was very large. About eight a.m. the town was astir. The celebrated Royal Oakeley Silver Band arrived at that time and played selections during the day. The show this year was very successful and the Committee deserve great praise for the excellent manner in which the arrangements were carried out. The Secretary T. R..Dakin) worked most assiduously and is deserving of great credit for the able way he dis- charged his onerous duties. The following is a list of the prize winners :— Class A. Plants in flower or foliage, 1, W. T. Jones, Bronafon, Bala. Four plants in flower or foli- age, 1, W. T. Jones, Bronafon, Bala. Plant in flower or foliage, 1, W. T. Jones, Bronafon, Bala 2, Bessie Jones, Bala. Collection of cut flowers, 1, Mrs Williams, Tawelfan, Bala. Collection of vegetables, not more than ten varieties, ], Mrs Williams, Tawel- fan 2, William Owen, Lion Hotel. Collection of fruit, not more than eight varieties, no entries. Eight cut roses, not less than four varieties, 1, Mrs Williams, Tawelfan, Bala; 2, W. T. Jones, Bronafon, Bala. Twelve dahlias, not less than four colours, 1, Mrs Williams, Tawelfan 2, W. Lloyd, College Lodge, Bala. Twelve asters, not less than six colours, 1, O. H. Hughes, Bala. Six apples, 1, E. Jones Evans, Bala. Six plums, no entries. Dish of currants, 1, Isaac Williams, Bala 2, W. T. Jones, Bronafon. Twenty-four gooseberries, 1, W. T. Jones, Bronafon 2, James Jennings. Bull's Head Hotel, Bala. Two cucumbers. 1, W. Owen, White Lion Hotel 2, Mrs Williams, Tawelfan. Six tomatoes, 1, W. T. Jones, Bronafon. Two vegetable marrows, 1. Mrs Williams, Tawelfan 2, W. Owen, Lion Hotel. Four sticks of celery, 1, Mrs Williams, Tawelfan 2, John Jones, Arenig-street. Two cauliflowers, 1, Mrs Williams, Tawelfan 2, W. Owen, Lion Hotel. Two cabbages, 1, Isaac Williams, High-street 2, Mrs Williams, Tawelfan. Twelve pods of peas, 1, E. Jones Evans, High-street; 2, Isaac Williams, High-street. Twelve pods of broad beans, 1, Isaac Williams, High-street 2, E. Jones Evans, High-street. Twelve pods of runner or French beans, 1, Mrs Williams, Tawelfan 2, E. Jones Evans, High-street. Six leeks, 1, Mrs Williams, Tawelfan 2, John Jones, Arenig-street. Six autumn sown onions, 1, John Jones, Arenig- street 2, Isaac Williams, High-street. Six spring sown onions, 1, Mrs Williams, Tawelfan 2, E. Jones Evans, High-street. Collection of early potatoes, 1, Hugh Williams, Castle-street. Collection of main crop potatoes, no entries. Class B.Three window plants, 1, R. Daniels, 'stationmaster, Llanuwchllyn 2, Jane Williams, Tegid-street. Collection of vegetables, 1, Isaac Williams, High-street 2, Robert Jones. Liangower. Collection of British ferns, 1, Emily C. Ellis, Red Lion 2, Mrs Hughes, Plasey-street. Geranium plantinbloom, 1, Jane Williams, Tegid-street. Fuchsia plant in bloom, 1, Mary C. Jones, Rhiwlas Lodge 2. Jane Williams, Tegid-street. Six apples, 1, Mrs Hughes, Plasey-street 2, G. Parry, Mount-street. Six plums, no entries. Plate of black currants, no competition. Plate of red currants, no entries. Twenty-four gooseberries, 1, David Jones, Ginshop Bach 2, Isaac Williams, High-street. Two cucum- bers, 1, John Evans, Arenig-street. Two vegetable marrows, 1, Hugh Davies, Arenig-street. Two sticks of celery, 1, Rubert Jones, Liangower 2, John Griffiths, Liangower. Two cauliflowers, 1, John Evans, Arenig-street 2, John Jones, Arenig-street. Two white cabbages, 1, Isaac Willimis, High-street 2, James Roberts, Plasey-street. Two red cabbages, 1, Hugh Williams, Castle-street 2, John .Jones, Arenig-street. Six carrots, 1, Robert Roberts. Station- road, Llanuwchllyn 2, Wm. Lloyd, l'laev. Six beetroot, 1, Isaac Williams,; High-street 2, William Jones, Flag Station. Six turnips, 1, John Griffiths', Llangowpr 2, William Jones, Flag Station. Six parsnip-, 1, n. R ihtrts, Station-road, Llanuwchllyn 2, John Griffiths, Liangower. Three lettuce. 1, John Griffiths, Liangower 2, R. Roberts. Station-ro-id. Llanuwchllyn. Six leeks, 1, John Griffiths, Llan- gower; 2. R. Daniels, Llanuwchllyn. Twelve pods of peas, 1, Robert Roberts, Llanuwchllyn 2, Thomas Owe: Lon, Llanuwchllyn. Twelve pods of broad beans. 1, John Griffiths, Liangower; 2, Thomas Owen, Lon, Llafmwchllyn. Twelve pids of runner or French beans, 1, John Evans, Llanycil 2, Robert Roberts, Station-road, Llanuwchllyn. Six autumn sown onions, 1, William Lloyd, Plasey-street 2, Hugh Williams, Castle-street. Six spring sown onions, 1, Thomas Owen, Lon, Llaiiuwchliyn 2. Robert Roberts, Station-road, Llanuwchllyn. Twelve shallots, 1, John Jones, Arenig-street 2, Hugh Williams, Castle-street. Twelve white kidney potatoes, 1, John Evans, Llanycil 2, R.Daniels. Llanuwchllyn. Twelve coloured potatoes, 1, John Evans, Llanycil 2, Thomas Owen, Lon, Llanuwchllyn. Twelve white round potatoes, 1, Thomas Owen, Lon; 2, William Lloyd, Plasey-street- Twelve coloured potatoes, 1, Hugh Williams, Castle-street; 2, Robert Jones, Llan- gower. Collection of herbs, 1, Isaac Williams, High- streeet 2, John Griffiths, Liangower. Bouquet of wild flowers, 1, R. Roberts, Blaenddolhir. Liangower; 2. F. Williams, Ty'nybwlch, Llanuwchllyn. Bouquet of garden flowers. 1, Jennie Daniels, Llanuwchllyn 2, W. Jones, Flag Station. EXTRA PRIZES. Four pound loaf, oven bottom, 1, David Jones, Tegid-street; 2, Margaret Jones, Arenig-street 3, Sarah E. Jones, Filldirgerrig. 41b loaf, baked in tin, 1, Sarah Roberts, Aran-lane 2, Margaret Jones, Arenig-street; 3, Mrs J. Roberts, Berwyn-street. SPECIAL PRIZE. Kept and cultivated cottage garden, 1, 1. Williams, Bala; 2, John Griffiths, Llangower;3, William Jones, Flag Station R. Jones, Liangower. DOGS. Spaniel, smooth or rough coated, 1, W. F. Ll. James, Pantsaison 2, Miss Eluned Evans, Goleufan, Bala. Pointer or setter, 1, W. Owen, White Lion Hotel, Bala 2, Samuel R. Owen, London Hotel, Tanygrisiau. Retriever (dog or bitch), 1. W. Marsden, Glan'rafon, Llanuwchllyn 2, W. F. Ll. James, Pantsaison. Welsh terrier dog, 1 and 2, Dr John Jones, Caerffvnon, Dolgelley. Welsh terrier bitch, 1, J. R. Roberts, Glandon, Blaenau Festiniog 2, Dr John Jones, Dolgelley. English fox terrier, smooth, 1, J. C. McLean, Portmadoc 2, Miss Roberts, Dol- gelley. Collie dog, 1, R. P. Williams, Manod Hotel, Blaenau Festiniog 2, J. P. Parry, Penybont Shop, Blaenau Festiniog. Collie bitch, 1, Edward Jones, Bala 2, J. J. Farrell, Denbigh, pollie puppy, 1, John Davies, Penlan, Festiniog: 2..J..J. Farrell, Denbigh. Dog or bitch of any other breed, 1, W. Jones, Dolgaregddu, Blaenau Festiniog 2, James Wvse, Llangollen. Dog or bitch of any other breed. Prize given by Messrs Lever Brothers. Port Sunlight 1, W: T. Ellis, Red Lion Farm, Bala 2, R. H. Roberts, watchmaker. Bala. SPECIAL PRIZES. By Messrs Spratt's Limited, Bermondsey, London. English fox terrier, smooth, 1, J. McLean, Port- madoc. Welsh terrier, 1, Dr John Jones, Caerffynon, Dolgelley. By Messrs Lever Bros., Port Sunlight. Collie, dog, bitch, or puppy, 1, R. Pryce Williams, Manod Hotel, Festiniog. ATHLETIC SPORTS. 120 yards (handicap), 1, Richard Evans, Frydan- road 2, Tom Hughes, Plasvnddol, Bala 3, W. J. Norris, Bala. One mile bicycle race (handicap), 1, G. LI. Williams Barmouth 2, R. H. Roberts, Bala 3, T. H. Owen, Dorvil-street. Festiniog. 220 yards hurdle race (handicap), 1, R. Evans, Frydan-road, Bala 2, W. J. Norris, Bala. Tug-of-war, 1, R. Roberts' team. One mile bicycle race for visitors, 1, S. Bruener, High-street, Bala: 2.A. E. Thomas Tegid-street. One mile, 1, W. Humphreys, Bala 2, T. Hughes, Plasynddjl, Bala 3, R. W. Rouse, Rhiwlas. Two miles bicycle race, 1, G. LI. Williams, Bar- mouth 2, R. H. Roberts, Bala 3, John Williams, Llaufacbreth. 100 yards (under 16), 1, Tom Hughes, Bala 2, C. Hewitt, Bala. HORSE LEAPING AND TROTTING. Performance over hurdles, in-and-out jump bar and water 1, Mrs W. Blockley, Moor Hall, Madeley 2, r. Roberts, Ranelagh street, Liverpool; Dr Davies, Machynlleth. Trotting race, one mile, for cobs fourteen and under fifteen hands, 1, Dr'Williams, Tawelfan, Bala; 2, Fred Smithies, Bala 3, E'. Watkins, Ty'nypren, Bala. Trotting race, one mile, for ponies under fourteen hands, 1. D. R. Jones, Prongoch, Bala 2, Evan Lewis, High-street, Bala.

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