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MACHYNLLETH. DRUNK AND DISoRDERLy.-On Saturday, before Edward Rees and N. Bennet Owen, Esqrs., a tramp, named Charles Bowler, was, on the evidence of P.C. Tudor, sent to prison for fourteen days for having been drunk and disorderly in Maengwyn- street. -On Thursday, before N. Bennet Owen, Esq., P.C. Tudor charged Edward Hopkins, a tramp, hailing from Manchester, with begging in Maengwyn-street.—Defendant, who was stated to be extremely impertinent and abusive in his con- duct. was sentenced to fourteen days' imprison- ment. CHAIR EISTEDDFOD.—On Friday next a grand chair eisteddfod will be held at the Town Hall. A gorsedd will be held in connection with the festival. The presidents at the afternoon and evening meetings will be Mr Edward Williams, Corris, and Mr Meyrick Roberts, Towyn. The conductor will be Cadvan. There is a large number of entries in the different competitions and a successful gathering is anticipated. BUILDING.—Plans and specifications of the new houses proposed to be erected on the Garshon Field confronting the Intermediate Schools have been prepared and tenders are now being invited for the erection of six dwellings. The ten new houses proposed to be built by Mr Edward Morgan, four in Maengwyn-street and six in Tanrallt-street, will alo be in the hands of the builder shortlv. ENTERTAINMENT.—At the Town Hall on Tuesday evening Lieutenant Walter Cole, the well-known ventriloquist, assisted by his talented company, gave a performance. There was a crowded at- tendance and the programme catered was much enjoyed. The animated pictures and the ventrilo- quist recitals by Lieut. Cole with his merry folks were the special features in the programme. The juggling and the solos by Miss Littaur were also appreciated. CYCLING ACCIDF.NT.-List week a cyclist, named Watkinson of Birkenhead, on a tour through Wales, met with an accident near Derwenlas through the fork of the bicycle breaking. He was thrown vio'ently to the ground and sustained severe in- juries to the hands, head, and face. Two cyclists rode up shortly after the accident and went to the Lion Hotel for a conveyance. Watkinson was con- veyed to tfte surgery of Dr Williams who attended to his injuries. He subsequently returned home. It will be several weeks before he will recover from the effects of the accident. Fox HUNT. -On Wednesday week there was a fox hunt with the foxhounds of Lord Henry Vane Tempest. There was a large attendance at the hunt, amongst those on horseback being Lord Henry. Major Bonsall, N. Bennet Owen, Richard Gillart, Dr Davies, and Mr D. E. R. Griffith. The meet was at Forge. The hounds drove the Pandy- bach and Pantglas covers blank. They next made for Ceniarth covers and immediately found a fox which made for Tygwyn, "afterwards Rhiwlwyfen, Glanwern, and on to Llynllordd Wood. The hounds were close on the heels of the quarry which went to ground. The hounds then went to Gellilydan covers and discovered two foxes which, after a chase of nearly two hours, ran to ground. On Wednesday the hounds hunted Garthgwynian covers. ROBBERY.-On Friday, before Edward Rees, Esq., a tramp named Georgp. Jones of Ruahon was charged by P.C. Tudor with having stolen a bell and an umbrella from the Penegoes Inn, near Machynlieth. Accused, who was arrested on the previous day attempting to sell the articles, was, on the application of the police, remanded to Tuesday.—At the adjourned hearing on Tuesday accused was further charged by P.S. Bamer with having stolen two pots of jam from Thos. William0, grocer, Snowdon House, Garshon.—Evidence as to the theft of the umbrella and bell was given by Mrs Lloyd, Penegoes Inn, and Mrs Caffrey, Barrack, and regarding the jam by Mrs William?, Snowdon House, and Mrs Jones, Plas Lodge.— Accused, who practically admitted the offence, and said he was a miner out of work, was com- mitted to take his trial at the Quarter Sessions for the county to be held on October 20th. COUNTY POLICE COMMITTEE.—At a meeting of the Montgomery Standing Joint Police Committee held at Welshpool on Friday, it was reported that the value of property stolen in the county during the quarter was £ 32 14a 9d, of'.which only £ 5 Is Sd had been recovered.—Mr Richard Rees, Machyn- lleth, called the attention of the Committee to the fact that a large portion of the property stolen was appropriated from persons travelling or intending to travel on the Cambrian Railways. He thought the Railway Company should employ special men to protect property on the line, as was done by other railway companies. He did not see that iL would be fair to call upon the county to engage special men.—Mr Richard Lloyd, Newtown, pointed out that the Railway Company were large ratepayers, and thought the county if special men were to be engaged should engage them.—The matter was referred to the consideration of the Chief Con- stable.—The question of the payment of the police constables was under consideration by the Com- mittee. --MrRichard Rees, whoadvocated an increase in their pay, pointed out that every other county in Wales paid their police better than Montgomery. Denbigh and Carnarvon paid threepence a day more, Merioneth twopence, and Cardigan one penny.—It was resolved to refer the matter to a sub-committee to go into the whole question and submit a report. INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL MANAGERS, FRI- DAY, AVGCST 26TH.-Present: Mr W. M. Jones, presiding; Messrs N Bennet Owen, Edward Rees, John Thomas, Mrs Davies, Dr A. O. Davies Messrs John Rowlands, clerk and D. Phillip Jones, assistant clerk. SCHOLARSHIPS. The Clerk announced that the candidates to whom scholarships had been granted had all in- timated that they would accept them and returned their thanks to the Governer4 for their kindness. BURSARIES. 6 There were nine applications for bursaries and Mr Meyler, the headmaster, recommended that bursaries should also be granted to Humphrey Owen, Corris, and R. O. Morris Machynlleth. Bursaries were granted to the following, the case of Morris being deferred for the present :—H. Llew- elyn Roberts, David W. Wood, W. Lewis, and John J. Jones, Corris; R. Hughes, Borth M. Eo Anwyl-Williams, Pantglas J. Davies, Dinas Mawddwy Jane Breeze, Llanbrynmair and David Thomas Edwards, Eglwysfach. ELECTION OF GOVERNORS. The Clerk announced that Mrs Davies, Messrs W. M. Jones, and John Thomas had been re-elected as the representatives of the parents on the Board, a contest having been avoided. STATEMENTS OF ACCOUNTS. Forms as to drawing out statements of accounts were received from the Central Welsh Board. The Clerk said the Board already made the accounts in the manner drawn out in the forms. TRAVELLING TEACHERSHIP. A letter was read stating that the Montgomery County Council had appointed a travelling lady teacher to give lectures at the County School on laundry, cookery, housewifery, etc., and would visit Machynlleth on September 20th. The arrangements for her reception were left in the hands of the lady governors, Mrs Davies and Mrs Jones. THE CLERK'S SALARY. Dr Davies said he wished to bring forward a matter which had been hanging fire for three or four months, that was the, salary of the Clerk who received the miserable pittance of £10 a year. The Board held thirty meetiugs last year, which had been attended almost without exception by the Clerk and his clerks. The appointment involved a great amount of work and the salary was ridiculously small. On enquiries he found that the clerks to the other county schools in the county and else- where got more than double what Mr Rowlands did, and he proposed that the Clerk's salary should be increased from Elo to £25, the increase to com- mence as from the year beginning last March. Mr Rowlands thoroughly deserved the increase as a better clerk was seldom found.—Mrs Davie3 con- curred, remarking that the Clerk had worked like a Trojan especially when the bazaar was on.—Mr John Thomas seconded the proposition, which was supportedby the Chairman and carried unanimously, —The Clerk, in acknowledging, thanked the Governors for their kind expressions and said he had always endeavoured to do the work to the best of his ability. At all times he had found the Governors most obliging and kind, which was a great help to him. THE NEW BUILDINGS. The Clerk, referring to the new buildings, said the time was fast approaching when the new buildings would be opened. Although nearing completion there were several small things still to be attended to by the Contractor, and as the school was to be opened in three weeks' time, he suggested that the Architect (Mr Hipkiss) should be written to asking him to urge the Contractor to complete the buildings without delay.—Mr Edward Rees proposed the adoption of the suggestion and this was agreed to. —A list of requisites for the new school was sub- mitted by the Clerk. It was agreed to hold a special meeting to consider the list and that in the meantime estimates should be obtained.—Amongst the requi ites was mentioned an ordnance map of the school district. It being stated that this would cost-, from £ 25 to £O, it was agreed to defer the purchase of the map for the present.—The Clerk, in reply to the Chairman, said the formal opening of the school would take place in the latt-ar end of October.—A letter was read from Mr Davies, Dolcaradog, enclosing £ 3 6J S I, bi-ing the second instalment of his dona'ion towards the school fund. —The Clerk intimated that a sprcial meeting of the Subscription Committee would shortly be to make arrangements for the collection of the sub- scriptions still o"in-, -The Manager of the Gas Company intimated by letter that the Company would lay the gas connections between the mains and the new school buildings for A:3 19s 9d The Clerk said this would he the total costs, the pipes inside the school being placed free of charge.-The estimate was unanimously accepted. MINERAL EXHIBITS. Mr Edward Rees announced that Mr Lester Smith gave him a case of minerals from the Halkin mountain, Flintshire, for the use of the school. The minerals included sulphur, lead, copp r, etc. -On the proposition of Mr John Thomas, a vote of thanks was accorded Mr Smith for his generosity. DRAINAGE. The question of the drainage of the new school buildings was referred to the consideration of a committee consisting of Messrs Edward Rees, John Thomas. Dr A. O. Davies, the Chairman and vice-Chairman. ADVERTISING. It was resolved to advertise the school for the ensuing year in the Cambrian News and other papers. It was stated that the cost of advertising the school last .year was £ 19.—This concluded the business.




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