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GOLF. The annual summer meeting of the Borth Golf Club commenced on Tuesday, August 9th, and was continued up to Friday. The weather was all that could be wished, except on IVednesul ay, th lOtb, when the Borth Challenge Cup was played for under climatic conditions of the wildest description. The links were in very creditable order and were much praised by the visitors. The two wins of Prof. E. Edwards of the University, Aberystwyth, in the Cambrian Railway Challenge Cup and the Borth Challenge Cup competitions were very popular. Mrs H. G, Wright, playing from scratch, won in the ladies com- petition with the verj creditable score of ninety-eight and Mr W. Potter, also from scratch, took the Captain's Cup with a tir.e score of eighty-four, this figure being the present record of the links. CAMBRIAN RAILWAY COMPANY'S CHALLENGE CUP, TCESDAV, AUGUST 9TH, 1"!1", Gross. Hep. Nett. "Prof. E,Jwards loo 13 7 tT. Pegram HI 3 P. Morton loO 12 SS ft!ed R. T. Smith 101 12 :9 W Potter >41 0 >41 J. H. Davies 103 13 90 H. G. Wright 99 9 90 R. B. Lattimer 100 11) 90 S.Hemingway 107 17 90 W. G. Everett 1114 13 91 E. H. Carr 91 3 91 H. G. Strinzer 104 13 91 Rev E J. IcClelJan 109 11; 93 L. P. Hughes 103 9 94 A. B. Seholtield t!S 3 95 W. S. Borrow 113 IS 95 Rev E. O. Junes 117 21 Wi C. T. Davis 115 ltf !)!) W. Lattimer 125 25 100 F. S. Weston > F. C. T,)nathan -No return. J. E. Murphy J Winner of cup and memento. t T. Pegram won second prize on playing off tie. LADIES COMPETITION, TUESDAY, AUGUST 9TII, 1"!J,, Gross. Hep. Nett "Mrs Wright Scratch 9S fMrs Pegram 110 10 11111 tMrs Potter 105 <) 1051 Miss H. Fletcher 135 3o 105 J Miss Davies 114 s 10H Miss E. H. Carr 117 10 107 Miss J. H. Carr 123 15 10S Miss K. Murphy liti 7 109 Miss E. F. Davies llfj ii lit) Miss E. Fletcher 144 30 114 Mrs Murphy 135 is 117 Miss Lattimer 171 30 741 Mrs Rubert Smith! Miss Richardson j" return. Scratch prize. + First score prize. f Mrs Potter won second score prize on playing off tie. BORTH CHALLENGE CUP, WED-I ESDAY, AUGUST 10TH, 1S9S. Gross. Hep. Nett. Prof. Edwards 101 13 91 .„ C (3 penalty) tR. Smith 105 12 93\ ;s. Hemingway 110 17 93/uea :i A. B. Seholtield 98 3 95 E. H. Carr 102 3 99 F. S. Weston 107 « 101 P. Iforton H4 12 102 R. B. Lattimer 115 10 105 S. Haggarty 105 0 105 J. E. Burgam 121 It) 105 •T. H. Davies 121 13 10X W. S. Borrow 12H IS 1118 Rev E. S. Richardson 121 10 III Winner of cup. f Second. Third. i' Winner of scratch prize. Many others took part in the competition, but did not return cards. BOGEY COMPETITION, THURSDAY, AUGUST 11TH, 1898. Hep. W. G. Everitt 9 3down R. B. Lattimer 7 5 H. G. Wright ti Ii" P. Haggarty. 1 Ô" J. H. Davies 9 7 W. S. Borrow 12 7 C. T. Davies 11 7 S. Hemingway 9 7 J. W. Osborne 9 7 R. Smith fi 7 A. B. Scholfield 0 9 F. Weston 5 9 P.Morton 8 11 Rev E. O. Jones 14 14 Dr C. Coles 9 14 CAPTAIN'S CUP, FRIDAY, AUGUST 12TH. 1898 Gross. Hep. Nett. -\V. Potter Scratch 84 tL. P. Hughes 9 87 J. W. Osborne 103 It 89 Rev E..T. McClellan 111., It) Si) W. S. Borrow 109 IS 91 E. H. Carr 95 4 91 I). Morton 10H 12 94 Prof. E. Edwards 102 7 95 C. T. Davies Ill It) 95 R. B. Lattimer lOti 9 97 First prize. t Second prize (presented by Mrs Davies). The Harlech Rcya! St. David's Club summer meeting commenced on August 16th and concluded on August 22nd, when the seventh and final round of the Town Bowl Competition, match played under handicap, resulted in a win for Mr S. W. Blathwayt (handicap 2), who beat Mr E. M. Owen (handicap 10) by 4 up and 2 to play in the seventh and tinal round. The entries for this event numbered 70, the various rounds being keenly contested, some being carried to the 20th and 21st holes before the I winner was arrived at. In the medal round competitions so close was the scoring and so good the handicapping that there was only a difference of 10 strokes in the first 20 odd who returned cards not exceeding 90 nett. Con- siderations of space prevent detail lists and of the V2 entrants the following turned out to be the winners :— Mr Shirley Baldwin's Prize (match played against bogey)—The Hon. Harold Finch Hatton, plus 1, 1 down, the runner up being Mr F. M. G. Abell, scratch, 2 down. Cambrian Challenge Cup and Gold Medal Memento- Mr T. W. Piggott, :3-:3-s0, tied with Captain Sydney Brown, 85—5—80, the former winning on playinz off the tie. The runner up was Mr C. A. E. Rodgers, 88—7—si. Lowsome Challenge Bowl and Gold Medal Memento— The holder, Mr G. Ashmore, by winning the bowl this year, being two in succession, secures absolute possession. His score was S4 less 6, 7S the next best being Mr W. L. Manseigh, 82 less 3, 79 Mr J. E. H. Orr, 91 less 12, 79, and Mr Finch Hatton, 79 plus 1, 80. With this return the latter secured the Kerr scratch prize and also won Mrs Ashmore's prize for scratch aggregate with 161, Mr W. L. Mansergh being second with 169. The foursomes competition was won by Messrs D. L. and J. M. Howell, handican 9, 1 up on bogey, followed by Messrs Seymour Price Williams and E. L. Mansergh, handicap S, all square. The ladies prizes were won by Mrs MacGower and Mrs More and the mixed foursomes by Miss N. I'ountney and Mrs H. Sturge. The meeting, which passed off without a hitch, was favoured with excellent weather, save thundershowers 1 and a brief but violent gale on Thursday. On the pre- vious Monday a team from Aberdovey visited Harlech for an inter club match, resulting in a somewhat hollow victory for the St. David's Club, who had the advantage of playing on their own links and a better choice of con- stituents of the team, though neither clubs played full strength. Aberdovey, at the last moment, was dis- appointed of two of its leading players and distinctly over-matcned played a plucky game. Scores as follows :— HARLECH. ABERDOVEY. Hon. H. Finch Hatton 6 Major Green 0 F, -NI. G. Abell 4 P. Haggarty. 0 Shirley Baldwin 6 Rev A. E. Allcock 0 Xv Y- Pigsott 1 W. Paterson 0 W. L. -Ifansergh 0 D. L. Howell I Osmond Williams 0 S. Jebb Scott 0 Sydney Brown 10 J. M. Dyer 0 G. Ashmore 8 Trench 0 Alan Bragg 7 j. Ketley 0 o A "n ^rsoa 7 H. W. Vardon 0 PPV V wmp 8 -Gotto 0 Rev F. W. Pearse 8 Colonel Pilgrim 0 T°tal 65 TT 1 1. TT FOURSOMES. Harlech—Hon H. Finch Hatton and F. M. G. Abell, WilUam W Ylr\rand Pi^ott- 5 0smonii L-^anseigh, 1 C. A. Palmer and Alan Bragg, 5; Sydney Brown and G. Ashmore, 4; F. W. fl j W- Pearse, 8 total, 26. Aberdovey—Major Green and P. Haggarty, 0 Rev A HotelTo aT° k' Pate^son-0 S. Jebb Scott and D. L. Trenrh ft P ,ketl,e £ .lrLd Gotto, 0 J. M. Dyer and irench, 0 Colonel Pilgrim and H. W. Vardon, 0 total,







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