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BORTH. CAMBRIAN TERRACE Cambrian Hotel, Mr J Hohenburg- Colonel and Mrs Peel and Miss Peel, Shrews- bury; Misses Fletcher, Manchester; Mr and Mrs Pegran, family and maid, Liverpool; Rev Poole Hughes, Mold Rev W W Hughes, do; Mr and Mrs Smith, Mr and Mrs R Smith, Birmingham Mr, Mrs, and Master Sowden, Bradford; Rev Muriatti, Rev Mullins, Mr Warner, Shrewsbury; Mr and Misses Hornby, Mrs Madden, Liverpool; Mr Battersby Mr, Mrs and Miss Neville, Miss Dalroyd, Mr and Miss Hamilton, Messrs Issard and Nicholson, Miss Humphrey and maid, London Mr C T Davies; Mr and Mrs Daniel; Mr F W Spencer, Tynford; Mr A Balderstone, Bradford J, Mrs Feilden- Commander Osborne, Mrs Osborne, family and maid, Cheltenham 3, Mrs Watkin- Rev E J and Mrs McClellan, Miss Maize McClellan, Master Norman McClellan, and maid, Misses Lewis, Llandovery 4, Mr W R Roberts- Rev A Vidler and family, Cambridge 8, Mrs Prosser- Rev S E and Mrs Clarke and family, The Vicarage, Burnley Miss Everson, Burnley Misses and Masters Everest, Shaewsbury 9, Miss Morgans- Mr and Mrs Yearsley, family and tnafrl, Welsh- pool; Mr and Mrs T Beard, family and maid, Mies Jopes, W olv.t.mpton. 10, Mr Morris— Mr and Mrs Morris, family and maid, Welshpool 11, Mrs Williams— Mr and Mrs Perks, family and nurse, Mrs and Miss Morris, Wolverhampton 14, Mrs Owen- Mr F Holcroft and family, Wolverhampton; Mrs Richards, Oswestry Taliesin House, Mrs Rees- Mrs Phillips, Leicester; Mr and Mrs Hemingway, baby and nurse, Bewdley; Mr ani Mrs Tower, family and nurse, Ellesmere; Mr and Mrs Whitaker, family and maid, Derby CAMBRIAN PLACE 1, MrsJDavies— Mr and Mrs Franklyn and family, Miss Lizzie Kyniston, Shrewsbury 2, Mrs Davies- Misses Lattimer, Carlisle; Miss Richardson, Tunbridge Wells; Messrs Borrow and R B Lattimer, Brecon; Mr W Lattimer, Preston 3, Mrs Jarnes- Mr and Mrs Theodore Pritchett and family, King's Norton, Birmingham Mrs Butteworth- Mrs Brown and family, Northampton RAILWAY TERRACE Mrs Jenkins- Rev and Mrs Rogers, Ynysbir Mr W H Ody- Master Cyril Ody, Swinton, Manchester WHITE LION PLA.JE Mrs Lewis— Miss Martin, Manchester Mrs Hughes— Mr and Mrs Storer, Cann'Office Mrs Morgan- Mrs Bellis and maid. Newtcwn PRINCESS STREET 3, Mrs Williams— Mrs Finny, Mrs and Mrs Powiser, Mrs Brinley. Derbyshire; Misses Williams, Manchester S, Miss Jones— Rev John, Bridgend; Miss Williams, Ebbw Vale; Mrs Davies, Manchester ADELAIDE PLACE Mrs Simons— Misses Evans and Thomas, Brecon Mrs Hughes— Mrs James and family, Pontrobert; Mr Jones, Corris; Mrs Reeds and family, Manchester PICTON TERRACE Mrs Llewelyn— Mr and Mrs T W Dawson and family, Miss Taylor, Mr W Dawson and family, Burslem Liverpool House, Mr Hugh Hughes- Mr and Mrs Heaton, family and maid, Birming- ham MAGLONA PLACE Mrs Thomas— Mr and Mrs Nevin and family, Welshpool Mrs Davies— Mrs Roley, Birmingham Messrs Jackson and Simister, Manchester HIGH STREET St Heliers, Miss Williams— Mr and Mrs Holbron and children, Bath NEW STREET 3, Mrs E Rees- Mr, Mrs and Miss Dixon, Misses Gough and Gregory, Messrs Bell, Bate, and George Dixon, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Holcroft and family, Burslem; Mrs Humphreys, Liverpool ESPLANADE Diana House, Mrs Davies- Mr H B Tiernay, Mr F Checkland Williams; Mr and Mrs Evans, Mr J L Davies, Mrs Owen, Miss Evans, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Show and family, do Mr and Mrs Lloyd Rev G Thomas, Bwlchycybab Masters and Misses Thomas, Oswestry NEW COTTAGE 2, Miss Jones— Mra Seabrook, Mrs Carpmael and family, Essex ROSE PLACE Miss Griffitho— Mr and Mrs Stevens, Mrs Adarnthwaite, Notting- ham BRITANNIA PLACE Mrs Davies— Mr and Mrs Thomas and family, Oswestry FLORENCE PLACE Mrs Joneq- Mrs Luck and family, London ALMA PLACE Miss Jenkins— Mrs Lloyd Owen and family, Stamford Hill, Lon- don Carron House, Mrs Jones— Mr and Mrs P Hargreaves and family, Oxton, Birkenhead Cambrian House, Mrs Hughes— Mr J H Davies and family, Lincoln Picton House, Mrs Hughes— Mr and Mrs Bradley, family and maids, Bir- mingham Garibaldi House, Mrs Roberts— Mr and Mrs Percy Weston, family and maids, East Sheen. London York House, Mrs Hughes— Mrs and Miss Ellis and maid, Dr and Mrs Chas Coles, Leicester Miss Grange, London Mr Pardoe, Malvern Glasfryn, Mrs Hughes— Mrs and Misses Scott Ivor House, Glanywern, Mrs Edwards— Mrs Davies, Liverpool; Mrs Williams, Winwick, Newton-le-Willows Bronheulyn, Mrs Jones— Mr A G Robertson and family, Misses Cuthbert, -Solihull; Mr and Mrs Parry, Gloucester; Miss Violet White, London Ocean.Wave, Mrs Williams— Mr and Mrs Grant, Mrs Ryles, Burslem; Mr and Mrs Pritcbard, Portdinorwic Bay View, Mra Arter— Miss Davies, Penpompren; Mrs Craylock, Heath; Mrs J Cocks, family and maid, Shrewsbury Snowdon House, Mrs Lewis— Mrs Fabricius, family and maid, Rangoon, India; Mrs Bennett, family and maid, Old Brigstoke Misses .E, W and D and Master Eric Austin, London Osprey Honse, Mrs Jones— Mr Morton, Brecon Mr Davies, London Rev Jones, Llanidloes Mr Henry Shrewsbury House, Mr Richards— Mrs Dawe and family, Birmingham Mrs Smith, Mr Kynaston, Newport, Salop Gloucester House, Mrs Davies— Mrs, Miss and Miss Nellie Welton, Birmingham; Rev Richards and family, Miss Parry, Blaenau Festiniog; Mr Williams, London; MrMarpole, Mrs Parry, Machynlleth Clapton House, Mrs J Oile8 Mr and Mrs Haynes, family and maid, Edgbas- ton, Birmingham Bradford House— Mr and Mrs Fidgin, Violet, Dody, Roy, Bob Fidgin and maid, Birchfields, Birmingham Leronian House, Mrs Davies- Mrs Evans and family, Lampeter Wellington House, Mrs Jenkins- Mr, Mrs and Master Fleming, Blackrock, Dublin Windsor House, Miss James— Mrs Evans and family, Bushey, Herts Pilgrim House, Miss Williams— Mr and Mrs Middleton, family and maid, Bir- mingham Mr and Mrs Adshead and family, Manchester Neptune House, Mrs Jones— Mr and Mrs F Jotham, family and maids, Kid- derminster Dr Cadvan Jones, Carmarthen Hyfrydle House, Mrs Lloyd- Mr and Mra Ayres, family and maids, Mr and Mrs Trueman, family and maid, Hereford Glen Rosa, Mrs Davies— Mra Nelson and family, Oswestry Rev John Hughes and family, Liverpool Victoria Inn, Miss Jones— Mr C H and Mrs Jeynes and family, JIandsworth, Birmingham Chester House, Mrs Dutton— Mr and Mrs Chase and family, Shrewsbury Mr Hill and family, Birmingham Bryngwyn Villa, Mrs Jones— Mrs Davies and family, Misses Lloyd, London t Claire, Mrs Jones— Mr and Mrs Cobb, family and maid, Pontypridd Bodfor House, Mrs Jones— Mrs Carter and family, Manchester Glanydon House, Mrs Jones— Mr and Mrs Garnett, Misses R and B Garnett, Mirs Powell, Worcester; Mr and Mrs Crowther, Birmingham Rev E 0 Williams, Rhyl; Mrs Gethin and family, Shrewsbury Friendship Inn, Mr Hughes- Rev D and Mrs Evans, Carmarthen Cambrian Villa, Captain Lewis— Mrs H Lingford, London Mr James and family, Birmingham Miss Lawrence, Nottingham Ystrad Cottage, Mrs Evans- Miss A Bartlet, Pentre Ystrad Minfor House, Mrs Lewis- Mr and Mrs Burrell, family and maid, Mr and Miss Jones, London Mayfield, Mrs James— Mrs Ashley Hall, two sons and maid, Smeth- wick, Staffs Tynsley House, Mrs Williams— Mrs and Miss Edwards, Miss Heath, Birmingham Temperance House, Mr Enos— Mr Ford, Newtown Lerry House, Mrs Lloyd— Mr and Mrs Gower, London Mra and Miss Edwards, Machynlleth; Mr and Mrs Taylor and family, Mrs Davies, Mrs Stephens, New- town Mr Frost, Miss Walker, Birmingham; Mrs Ford and family, Newtown; Mr Baker and family, Welshpool Sydney House, Mrs Richards— Mr, Mrs and Master E 0 Morgans, Birmingham Beach Grove, Mrs Phillips- Mr, Miss and Mr J Batnbridge, Miss Wood, Mrs and Master Smith, Miss Hawkins Richmond House, Mrs James— Mrs Studwick and family, London Gordon Villa, Mrs Jenkins— Mr and Mrs Price and family, Tramere, Birken- head Lorne Villa, Mrs Hughes— Mr and Mrs Rice Oxley and family, Miss Arm- strong, Shrewsbury Welfare House, Mrs Jones— Mr and Mrs Piggott, India; Mrs H and Master Taylor, Mr Wilkinson, London Railway House, Mrs Hughes— Mrs Fisher and family, Birmingham; Mr Ransley, Kent Saxatile House, Misses Evans- Mr, Mra and Miss Uttley, Urmston; Mrs and Miss Kirkham, Nottingham Abergeldy House, Miss Roberts— Mrs Nutsey, Shrewsbury Mrs and Misses Lewis (3), Oswestry Clifton House, Mrs Edwards-, Misses Bluton, Stoke-on-Trent Amity House, Mrs Edwards— Mrs Bratt and family, Birmingham Glanrhyd House, Mrs Owen— Mr and Mrs Williams and family, London Holmside House, Mrs Williams— Mr Cooper. Mr Atkins, Kent; Mr Pope, Folke- stone Miss Williams, Manchester; Mr Wil- liams, Barry Miss Nicholson, Kingswood, Bristol London House, Mrs Lewis— Mr Stringer, Kent Sraigydon House, Mrs Lewis— Mr and Mrs Pugh and family, Oswestry Brittannia House, Mr James— Mrs Felix, Miss Jones, London Pomona House, Mrs Davies— Mrs and Miss Spiers, Brecon Deudraeth House, Mrs Williams—1 Mrs Watkins and family, Hereford Nathaniel House, Mr Davies— Mr and Mrs Sutton, Mr Sutton, Miss Wormlay- ton, Aston, Birmingham Evclwen, Mrs Beynon— Master Horrocks, Manchester Rock House, Mrs Jenkins— Mrs R E Jenkins and family, Miss Nochar, Liverpool; Mr T Perka Jenkins, Lampeter College Hollyhock Cottage, Mrs Jones— Mrs Barry and family, Birmingham Sea View House, Mra Jones — Dr and Mrs Bernard, family and maid, Liver- pool Elton House, Mra Jones— Dr and Mrs Armstrong, Mr Drew Armstrong, Miss Armstrong and maid, Liverpool Penmount, Mrs Thomas- Mr and Mrs W Potter, Masters W N, W E and B Potter, Blundellsanis Moorland House, Mrs Williams- Rev A B and Mrs McFarlane, Berkeley Miss Coles, Bristol; Mr H C Corfield and family, Oswestry Miss Corfield, London Grosvenor Villa, Mrs Davies- Mr Henderson and family, Mr and Mrs Card- well, Birkenhead Mr and Mrs Keighley, family and maid, Leamington Bardsey View, Mrs Hughes- Mr and Mrs Carr, family and maid, Sale, Man- chester Sunnyside, Mrs Jones— Mr and Mrs H W Hoare and family, London Mrs D Pugh Evans, Carmarthen Scranton House, Mrs James— Mr and Mrs Wright, family and nurses, Oxton, Birkenhead