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TOWYN MARINE PARADE I, imiss Will,'aMe- ^T,amvl T?™ ^ar,4y' fami]y aQd governess, Miss Mr, Mrs, and Misses Heyworth and niaid, Messrs Heyworth, Miss Brown, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Tribe, family and nurse, Bristol 3 2, Aelydon, Mrs Lewis- MR Mv\aM wnV4) PerkiDS and maid, Redduch; Mr Hall, Kent; Mrs, Misses (3) and Masters Ashworth, Bowdon HIGH STREET Bryn Alyn, Mrs Hughes- Miss F R Folkard, Brighton Misses Folkard, London Misses M and E Folkard, New York; Rev R and Mrs Lewis and three daughters' Liverpool; Miss Northcote, Croydon 6, Brynmair, Mrs Phillips- Mr and Mrs Stewart, West Lyn, Acocks Green; Mr & Mrs W R Lane and family, Handsworth, Birmingham; Mr Bentley, Hanley, Staffs; Mr and Mrs H Scott, Croydon Beaufort House, Miss Morgan— Mr and Mrs Clough and family, Shrews- bury D P and R C Edwards, Bishops Castle Misses Francis, Lawson, Dyer, Ward, and Loach, Birmingham Cotterel House, Mrs Pughe- Mrs Timms and family, Miss Mellor, Warwick Berwyn House, Mrs R W Jones- Mrs W J Holte, West Bromwich Misses M and I Turner, Mrs J W and Miss Atkins, Bloxwich, Walsall Misses Lewis, Melinberhedyn, near Machynlleth California Temperance Hotel, Mrs Williams- Mr C, Master A, and Miss Curnell, Mr and Mrs J Husband, Birmingham Mr J A Davies, Wrexham; Mr W Carroll, London Miss Owen, Llangynog Miss Jones, Garthlwyd, Llanfair Mr Roberts, Pentrych Mr Jones, Llandinam; Mr Hughes, Brynglas; Mr Bebb, Mr Jones, Carno Dysynni House, Mrs Evans— Mr H Jones, Mr W Evans, Welshpool Bryn Llewelyn, Mis Wynne Thomas- Misses Caughey, Leamington Mr and Mrs Winstanley, Coventry; Mr and Mrs Turner, Stoke-on-Trent Mrs and Miss Jones, Dolfoni Penyryrfa, Mrs Parry- Misses Wright, Mr and Mrs Rickets, Birming- ham Frondeg, Mrs Jones— Mr, Mrs, and Miss Heath, Stoke-on-Trent; Mr D W Clark, London Cadvan House, Mrs Davies- Mr and Mrs Bennett, Mr and Mrs E Bennett, Miss and Master Bennett, Hanley Mr, Mrs, and Miss Backer, Mr, Mrs, and Miss Ernst, Mr Salter, London Miss Stalford, Kingsland, Shrewsbury No address- Mr M Balme, Forest Gate, Essex Miss Cohu, Miss Lee, Bromley, Kent; Miss A Stubington, Forest Hill, S E ARVOR TERRACE 4, Miss Williams- Mr Thomas and family, Carmarthen CHURCH STREET Bryngwalia- Mr and Mrs Jones, Miss James, Miss Simpson, "Sutton Coldfield; Miss Jones, Prestatyn; Mr and Mrs Rose, family and maid, Mrs Evans, Liverpool IDRIS VILLAS I, Mrs Morgans- Mrs and Miss Percival, Chapel en-Ie-frith; Mr and Mrs Fulford; Mr Williams, Mr and Mrs Rogers, Birmingham; Mrs and Miss Hill, Newtown 3, Mrs Sylvanus Hughes— Mr, Mrs, and Misses Hollis, Hanley 5, Mrs Evans— Mr, Mrs, and Miss Sbrubsole 6, Mrs Evans- Mr and Mrs Hudson and family, Leamington 7, Mrs Roberts- Mr Walker, Wrexham; Mr, Mrs, and Miss Cooper, Mrs Wild, Bowden 8, Mrs Pritchard- Mr and Mrs Roberta and family, Hage 9, Mrs A Jones— Mr, Mrs, and Miss Griffin, London; Mra Cotrell, do 10, Mrs Hunter- Mr Hunter, London; Mrs and Misses Yonng, Devonshire PIER VILLAS 2, Miss Jones— Rev, Mrs, and Miss Sutton, Mrs Griffiths, Bir- mingham Mr and Mre Kemp and family, Stafford 3, Miss Morris- Mr and Mrs Winterbotham, family and maid, Stroud Dr and Mrs Waddington and family, Miss Waddington, Bradford Mrs Steele- Mrs Lloyd, family and nurses, Barnt Green Misses Falkner, London PLAS EDWARDS 1, Mrs Waite- Mr and Mrs Henderson. family and friends 2, Mrs Williams— Mrs Aingers and family, St Albans Miss Hume, Pinner Mr and Mrs Pattison and family, Bir- mingham Mr and Mrs Jordan and family, Handsworth Miss Robey, London BRYNAWEL SQUARE 15. Mrs Whitaker- Mr Johnson and family, Mr, Mrs, and. Miss Manjj,.Mi> ^Mrs, and Miss Bentley, Birming- ham 16, Miss Roberts- Mr Williams, Mra E Bennett and family, Llan- wyddelan Mr and Mrs Fred Clarke and son, Liverpool; Mr and Mrs Hugh Davies, Llan- fair, Welsbpool BRYNMAIR TERRACE 3, Mr Humphreys— Mr Bren and family, Mrs Binsford, nurse and family, Misses Cross and Wilkins 5, Mrs Owen- Mr and Mrs Short and family, Mr and Mrs Griffiths, Mr and Mrs Mann, Miss Chamber- lain, Mrs Robins, Birmingham CHURCH STREET Mrs Hughes, New York Mr Denniford, Miss James, Teddington Mrs Simpson, Mr and Mrs Rose, family and maid, Mr and Mrs Jones, family and maid. Birmingham; Miss Jones, Prestatyn Mr Evans, Liverpool WARWICK PLACE Mrs Jones— Mr and Mrs Cole, London Mr and Mrs Feat, Crewe Mrs White, Mr Guest, Mr Davies and party, Manchester COLLEGE GREEN 4, Mrs Whittington- Mr, Mrs, and Master Whitehead, Mr William- son, Rochdale Mrs and Miss Kirk, Man- chester Penbryn, Mrs Pughe- Mr and Mrs C H Watson and family, Greenhithe, Kent Brynymor Cottage, Miss Jones— Mrs Mngford and family, Shrewsbury Mr and Mrs Whitefoot andfamily, Bridgnorth, Shrews- bury No Address- Mrs and the Misses Richardson, Manchester; Rev E T and Mrs Richardson, baby and nurse, St Matthews, Bolton Golden Grove, Mrs Evan Evans- Mrs and Misses (3) Panting, Blackheath Mr and Miss Orr, Kendal; Mr and Mrs E Orr, Bengal Minydon, Mrs L Morris- Mr and Mrs Smith, London I Mrs Michnes, Walsall; Mr and Mrs Cleland and family, do Mr and Mra A Avigdor, children and maid, Shrewsbury No address- Mr and Mrs Phillips, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Friday, do !Miss Chatwin, do; Miss Sewell, Birmingham Glantywodwyn, Miss A Davies— Mr and Mrs Paterson and family, Malvern; Miss Bishop and friends, Stroud Glanymor Farm, Mrs J Jones- Mr and Mrs Mitchell, family and maid, Birming- ham Cadvan Arms, Mrs Jones- Mr J P Williams, Cemmes; Mr Evans, Rhaiadr