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DOLUELLEY. FLOOD.—On Wednesday morning up to twelve o'clock incessant rain fell. The rivers overflowed their banks and several cattle in Maesmawr Field had a very narrow escape from drowning. Owing to prompt assistance they were rescued. PERSONAL.—Mr William Parry, third eon of the late Mr John Parry of Clogau Gold Mine fame, and brother to Inspector Parry of the Cambrian Railway Company, and Mr John Parry, C.C., Bala, is now on a visit to his native county. Mr Parry is a very successful ironmonger and hardware merchant in Utica, New York, and one of the shining lights of the Welsh community in the state of New York. TitE COUNTY SCFIOOL. -Dr Edward Jones, the chair- man of the Governors of this school, tat received a further cheque of £100 from Mr Henry Tate, which was conditionally promised if the £500 were collected by the end of June. Notwithstanding the fact that the sum of 9500 was not raised by the given time, the generous donor sent his cheque, which is the third that he has given towards the school. EXCURSION.—The annual Calvinistic and Wes leyan Methodist excursion was run to Aberystwyth on Wednesday. The weather was most unpro- pitious, but notwithstanding this fact over 500 persons left the town. The Cambrian Railways Company catered excellently for the trip, and Mr Gough, the superintendent, and his staff, were highly complimented by the promoters. SPECIAL SESSIONS.—Before Dr Edward Jones, in the chair Dr J. E. Jones and R. Wynne Williams, Esq. Larceny.-Evan Edwards was charged by Mr D. Baulk, bailiff to Mr C. R. Williams, Dolmelyullyn, with stealing a quantity of wire netting and a gate, the property of Mr Williams.—The defendant pleaded guilty and the Bench inflicted a fine of 20s with a severe reprimand. URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL, TUESDAY, AUGUST 9TH.-Present: Mr Meyrick Jones, mayor, pre siding; Messrs Richard Richards, E. Wynne Williams, Thomas Parry, Dr John Jones, Messrs John Edwards, E. W. Evans, and Ed. Williams. Messrs R. Barnett. deputy clerk; W. Jones, sur- veyor, and E. R. Jones, rate collector. CLOTHES HANGING. It was stated that njthing had been done towards discontinuing this practice and Mr Rd. Richards said they had been too lenient by far with Mr Williams, one of the owners of the houses, and pro- posed that unless something was done before that proceedings be taken.—The proposition was carried. IDRIS-TERRACE. The Clerk read a letter from Mr Rd. Williams stating that he was prepared to take down the rail- ings in front of his houses on condition that the Council at its own expense construct a parapet along the entire frontage and that such parapet be not less than two feet four inches wide.—A similar off-r was received from the Lleyn and Eifionydd Building Society.—Mr E. W..Evans proposed, in order to put an end to that matter, that the offers be accepted.—Dr Jones seconded the proposition, remarking that the matter had been before them for years.—The proposition was agreed to. SURVEYOR'S REPORT. The Surveyor stated that Mr Williams, late Post Office, complained that cattle on fair days were allowed to stop on the pavement at the entrance to the town.—Mr Richard Richards pointed out that the Council had no proper fairground and therefore would have to allow cattle on the streets.—Mr T. Parry suggested that the scavengers should be requested to do their best to keep the cattle off the pavements.—It was decided to do this. HEALTH OF THE TOWN. Dr John Jones announced that the town was free from infectious diseases of all kinds. COMMITTEES. On the proposition of Mr Edward Williams, it was resolved to print cards containing lists of members on the various committees. THE FINANCE COMMITTEE. Considerable time being taken up in going over the bills, Mr Edward Williams asked what had become of the Finance Committee ?—Mr E. W. Evans said there were very important payments to be passed which ought to receive the attention of the whole Council. He added that there really was no Finance Committee except in name.—Mr Edward Williams: That's it.—Mr T. Parry Next business. (To Mr Williams) Gad i ni gael y cerdyn yna. FINANCIAL. Mr E. W. Evans said the accounts had been audited and proposed that a statement be printed. -Ir Edward Williams seconded the proposition and it was agreed to.—Mr T. Parry proposed that the Council should receive a statement as to the position of the Council in the bank every month and this was also passed.—Dr Jones said people were expecting to hear the statement as to the Carpenter law suit.—It was understood that the Clerk should present it as soon as all the bills had been received. PUBLIC LIGHTING. The Lighting Committee recommended that the lighting should commence on August 15 h and continued up to April 3rd, being fifteen days sooner than had been the clistom that the lamps be fitteo. with No. 5 burners that a photometer be obtained for the purpose of testing the qua'ity of the gas, to be fixed, with the permission of the county authorities, at the County Hall that incindes^ent lamps be erected near every place of worship in the town, and that the Gas Company be recommended to have the lamps painted and repaired.—Mr Edward Williams said according to the agreement with the Company the il uminating power of each light was to be sixteen candle. Some of them he was sure were not above three or fr.ur candle power.—The Clerk read a letter from Mr Woodford, stating that the Gas Company were prepared to supply gas on the same terms as last year. They would deliver lanterns for incandesc ct lights if the Council paid for the lanterns and tor the renewing of mantels. He recommended the Council, however, not to go in for the latter until the new burner of the Incandescent Lighting Company was out—Mr Wynne Williams pro- posed and Dr John Jones seconded that the last suggestion in the letter be adopted in view of the present expense of continually buy- ing new mantels and the proposition was agreed to. -Mr E. W. E, aiis then proposed that the terms offered by the Gas Company be accepted in accord- ance with the recommendations of the Committee. —Mr Parry seconded the proposition.—Mr John Edwards suggested that more information should 91, fir-t of all be obtained as to the utility and the ex- pens" of the photometer, but Mr E. W. Evans said the C uncil had already bound itself by passing a resolution to obtain a photometer. He added that all other towns in North Wal, s had photometers.— Mr John Edwards proposed as an amendment that the report of the Committee he adopted with the exception of the recommendation regarding the photometer. -,Nl r Wynne Williams seconded the amendment, which was carried.—Mr E. W. Evans gave notice that he would again bring that matter forward at the next meeting. — While this discus- sion on lighting was going on the room had become quite dark, so dark that while the Mayor counted the votes a match had to be struck.—The Sur- veyor tried .to light the gas, but found that it had not been turced on. Under these circumstances writing was a matter of impossibility. THE SLAUGHTER-HOUSE. A person from Manchester attended the meeting saying he heard that the Council intended convert- ing the slaughter-house into a common lodging- house. If they did so, he was prepared to rent it —In reply to the Mayor, he said he would rent it and make it suitable for a lodging-h-use himself if he was compensated for the cost and trouble.— The Council then discussed the advisability of putting the slaughter-house to such use and ulti- mately referred tne matter to a small committee to report to the next meeting.



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