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CRICCIETH. MARINE TERRACE 3 and 4, Marine Boarding House, Mrs Jones- Mr and Mrs Hart, sons aud daughters, Birming- ham; Mr and Mrs Griffin. nurse and children, Stourbridge Mr Menier and party, Birming- ham; Mr and Mrs Helsby, Bala 7, Glandon, Mrs B Williams- Mr, Mrs, and Miss Adlam and maid, Clifton, Bristol 8, St Tudwall's View, Mrs Owen Evans— Miss Westenra and maid, Miss Smythe, Killiney, co. Dublin Mrs J F Wright, Hampfihwaite; Miss Corcolan, Miss Collins, London Mr and Miss Roper, Manchester 9, Cantref, Mrs R Thomas- Mr Grimshaw, family and maids, Broughton Park, Manchester 10, Mrs G J( nes— Mrs Hamilton and family 11, Glanglasfor, Miss Jones- Mr H Whittington, Prestwich, Manchester Mrs Digbton Bowden, Mrs and Miss Anderson, Hr Broughton, Manchester: Miss and Miss F Whittington, Prestwich, do: Mr and Mrs Garrat, nurse and baby, Dublin 13. Mrs Evans- Mr G H Nevinson and family, Leicester Miss M C Turner, Nottingham 1 r E B Nevinson, London; Mrs H Nevinson and family, Hamp- stead 15, Mrs Edwards- Miss Robinson and maid. Kersal, Manchester; Misses E and G Robinson. Bexley, Kent Miss Charnley, Bourne End, Bucks Dr Armstrong, Mr R F Armstrong, Spital, Cheshire 17, Mrs Price— Mrs Campbell and family, Southport: Misses Nelson, Grange, and Knowles, Glossop IS. Mrs Dora Jones- Mr, Mrs, and Miss Wynne, Misses Round and Bennett, Harborne lr, Mrs, Misses (2) and Masters (3) Hickman and maid, Wolver- hampton 19, Merion View, Mrs Griffiths- Rev \V S and Mrs Swayne, family and maid, Walsall Misses Swayne, Bromsgrove 21, Trinity Bouse, Mrs Captain Grjffith- Mr and Mrs H Humphreys, son and nurse, Bowdon, Cheshire; Mr and Nlrs H Tnorp, -\Ir Leonard Thorp, Mr Royden Thorp, Mr Henry Thorp, junior, Newton-le-Willows Miss J Thorp, Southport Mrs A E Ward. Sale Mr J H and Mrs Atkinson, Bowdon Mr Walter and Mrs Atkinson, Miss Muriel Atkinson, Timperley, Cheshire Miss Owen. Brooklands 24, Tower House, Mrs Roberts- Rev H and Mrs Price, child and maid, St Mary's Vicarage, Aston Brook Rev R and Mrs B Thompson, child and maid, Ellesmere College, Shropshire Mr and Mrs Haynes and family. London Mr and Mrs G Downie, family and maid, YN aterloo Park, Liverpool 25. Mrs Roberts— Mrs Stadelbauer and family. Didsbury, Man Chester 26, The Cliffe. Mrs H Jones- Mr and Mrs J L Entwistle, baby and nurse, Monmouth Mrs R and Mr W L Entwistle, Rivington, Lanes Mr and Mrs John Bowen and family, Mips Townsend. Moseley, Bir- mingham Mr, Mrs and Miss Williams, Nanty- beris 2¡:1rf¡ W Griffiths- Mrs, Al;s-, and Mr F Taylor, Mr C J Taylor, Mr and Mn J H Colmer, Clifton, Bristol 2S, Beesni; g House, Miss Jones- Prof and Mis Reynolds, family and maids, Fallowfield, Manchester Mr Wilkinson, Miss Luard 30, Angorfa. Mrs Williams- Mrs F. Afiss E, and Master F Taylor, Miss Calvert, Broughton Park, Manchester Misses Will-,tl-ns (3), do Mrs and Misses (2) Boyle, Wimbledon, Surrey Glanllifon, Mrs Williams- Mr and Mrs A J Preston, baby and nurse, Liverpool the Misses Flemming, London Mr and Mrs Junch and family, Birmingham Abereist.dd Villa, Misses Roberts- Principal ar:d Mrs Hopkinsou and family, Man- chester; Mr, Mrs, and Miss Hogarth, Mrs Maclure, Cheltenham MARINE CRESCENT 2, The Crescent, Mrs Evans- Misses Gladstone, Woolton Vale, Liverpool Rev T, Mrs, and Misses Gough, Retford, Notts (Continued on Page 8.)