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GENUINE HAND-LOOM WELSH TWEEDS AND LINSEYS. ROYAL EISTEDDFOD ? R^ighness HER ROYAL HIGHESS PRIZE MEDALS, FOR THE PRINCESS OF WALES, „mTTrT1Tr OP- 0 SPiiL. ALSO NOBILITY, CLERGY, ABERYSTWYTH, AND GENTRY THROUGHOUT -C CHESTER, 1866. ENGLAND AND WALES. JOHN MEYRICK JONES, MANUFACTURER OF WELSH WEBS AND TWEED CLOTHS, V DOLGELLEY. FLANNELS, LINSEYS, BLANKETS. PATTERNS SENT BY POST TO ANY ADDRESS. GOLDEN LION ROYAL HOTEL. THE COUNTY HOTEL," DOLGELLEY. Under entirely New Management. Decorated and Re-Furnished throughout. Ladies' Drawing Room, Coffee Room, Billiards, Lawn Tennis. HORSES AND CARRIAGES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. Mountain Guides and Ponies, Lock-up Coach-houses, Loose Boxes, and Stalls for fifty Horses. TERMS MODERATE. For tariff, apply to the Manager. ORIELTON HALL, ABERAMFFRA AND BELLE VUE, BAKMOUTH. Aberamffra Grounds, extending over fifteen acres and commanding the finest views of the Estuary and Cader Idris, are BEAUTIFULLY WOODED and Sheltered, provided with seats and level walks of over 8 ""ARERAMFFRA has been newly furnished, decorated, and enlarged. BILLIARD SMOKING, AND RECREATION ROOMS. LAWN TENNIS GROUND. HOT AND COLD WATER THROUGHOUT. LARGE DINING HALL, SEPARATE TABLES. SANITARY ARRANGEMENTS CERTIFIED PERFECT. A few minutes' walk from the Station. BELLE VUE.-House nearest to the new Church, close to Station, Post Office, and Sands. HOT AND COLD WATER THROUGHOUT. SANITARY ARRANGEMENTS PERFECT. For Terms-Daily, En pension, or Weekly-and all particulars, apply to THE SECRETARY. LION HOTEL, BARMOUTH. COMMERCIAL, PAMILY, AND POSTING HOUSE. Ordinary daily at 1 o'clock A well-appointed COACH, CHAR-A-BANC, will leave the above Hotel every other day for Dolgelley, Torrent Walk, and Tynygroes Waterfalls. Worthington's Ales and Dublin Stout in Bottles and Casks. Particulars on application at the Bar. W..TONES, Proprietor. AENFIELD'S HOlfE OF MUSIC FOR MUSIC IN THE HOME, I DOLGELLEY AND BARMOUTH, UNDER THE MANAGEMENT OF MR PYEMONT, ORGANIST AND CHOIR MASTER, ST. JOHN'S CHURCH, BARMOUTH. OUR PRICES ARE BEYOND COMPETITION. OUR INSTRUMENTS GIVE UNIVERSAL SATISFACTION. THE MOST POPULAR MUSIC WAREHOUSE IN NORTH AND MID-WALES. Apply for the numerous Testimonials from the Gentry, Clergy, Churches, Chapels, Intermediate and Board Schools. The greatest care is taken by personally selecting all PIANOS, HARMONIUMS, AND AMERICAN ORGANS so that a Reliable Instrument may always be depended on. ¡ i Our instruments are on hire by the ROYAL NATIONAL EISTEDDFOD, BLAENAU FESTINIOG, and all the LEADING CHOIRS. COMPETENT TUNERS AND REPAIRERS SENT TO ALL PARTS. Publishers of the Popular Song, STAR OF HOPE (" Seren Gobaith"), in C and F., by Norman McLeod Jones, A.R.C.M., London. English and Welsh Words. The well-known Easter Anthem MYFI YW'R ADGYFODIAD," M. W. Griffith, Mus. Bac. (Hen Nodiant, 4c; Sol Ffa, 2c.) English a.nd Welsh Words. CHRIST A GYFODWYD," William Rees, Organist, St. Hilary, Trefilan (Hen Nodiant, 4c Sol Ffa, 2c.) All communications to ARNFIELD'S, DOLGELLEY. I CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS EVERY THURSDAY UP TO SEPTEMBER 22n(1, WEEKLY & FORTNIGHTLY EXCURSIONS WILL BE RUN TO LONDON, OXFORD, LEAMINGTON, BANBURY, WARWICK, COVENTRY Aivrn KEN1LWORTH FROM WREXHAM. ELLESMERE, OSWESTRY, MONTGOMERY, NEWTOWN, LLANIDLOES BTITTTR WHTC RHAYADER, MACHYNLLETH, BORTH, ABERYSTWYTH. ABERDOYEY, TOWYN DOLC FT T FV BARMOUTH, HARLECH, PORTMADOC, QRICQIETH, AND PWLLHELI. Also ON EVERY WEDNESDA Y UP TO SEPTEMBER QUI similar EXCURSIONS WILL BE RUN FROM LONDON, OXFORD, &c., to the Cambrian Stations named above. For full particulars as to Train Times and Fares see Bills. NEW EXPRESS SERVICE BETWEEN LONDON, MANCHESTER, &c AND CAMBRIAN COAST-—The Service between London. Birmimrha™ Leeds, Liverpool. Manchester, and the Cambrian Coast for JULY, AUGUST, and SEPTEMBER as undpr npingnam, T J /r- i X a m a ill a m a I>1 «. in p in ii m London (Euston) dept. 5 15 9 30 10 25 1 30 in u Pwllheli de a w p ni p* p- nH £ „ I2cl0 9 30 9 50 1 30 6 50 Portmadoc 6pt. £ H-15 4 0 Birmingham (New-street) „ J 7 20 11 35 12 30 3 35 11 42 Barmouth "I o H « 4 36 (Snow Hill 11 6 0: S 30 12 4 12 48 4 28 10 25 Aberystwyth- -on R -to 12 30 1 50 5 33 Leeds M 6 0 8 55 10 5 2 10 9 30 Liverpool (Lime-street) arr ^0 <> n 15 6 0 Manchester (London-road) „ 8 35 10 45 11 50 3 39 12 0 Manchester (London-road) 5 £ 1 "25 820 12 40 Liverpool (Lime-street) „ 8 15 10 30 11 50 3 25 11 55 Leeds Z 4n 7 15 8 5 i g Aberystwyth- arr 11 35 2 15 8 35 4 20 5 25 9 35 7 0 Birmingham (Snow Hill) 8 20 25 5*47 Barmouth 11 55 2 36 3 50 4 35 6 7 7 20 „ (New-street) q 30 40 7 22 •• J, 1' 3 30 5 18 5 18 6 53 10 14 London (Paddinsrtou) 3 30 5 -">0 i 5 55 2 32 Pwllheli • „ 2 0 4 20,1 5 45 5 45! 7 35 ..I 10 55 „ (Euston)- 0 f? f- §45 10 45 f~yot on Monday Mornings. Arrives on Stindav Morning at 10-10 a m 8 45 10 20 s 50 CHEAP DAY TICKETS (1st and 3rd Class) Are issued DAILY between all Stations on the Cambrian Coast including Machynlleth and Dolgelley from JULY 1st to SEPTF\fRPP oa.u CHEAP WEEK END and TEX DAYS' TICKETS are issued THROL'GHOUT THE YEAR from all the Princioal v 1 the Cambrian Coast and Wells and certain Inland Stations on every Friday and Saturday a No WEEK K\"D TICKETS ar« uipHf n f? (except London) to Stations on every Friday and Saturday to LIVERPOOL, MANCHESTER, BIRMINGHAM, and other'large Centres the C*mbria» Prine/pal PICNIC AND PLEASURE PARTIES.—TICKETS at reduced Fares are issued (with certain limitations) at all Oamhrian Six First Class or Ten Third Class Passengers desirous of making Pleasure Excursions to places on or adjacent to this Railway. a^'ons to parties of not less than Single Fares for double journey will be charged for parties of 30 First Claas or 50 Third Class Passengers. D.^W^ibe'd^oT.tE^S':00 m°" te made M* W' H' G°nRb' I-i«. O—trj, or « My of tbe ,lesB thai>TW RAIL AND COACH EXCURSIONS. Excursions by Rail and Coach are run every Week Da?r Junehl to September JOth, from the Cambrian Coast Stations and from certain Tnla„H t- Mochras Island, Precipice Walkv Talvllvn T.atc inland Stations to Abersoch, Nevin, Torrent Walk via Dolgelley Corns and via Corris, Cader Idris, Jynygr^ J Cwmrhaiadr and Waterfall Cataract Waterfall, Beddgekrt, via Portmadoc, Llyfnant Valley Devil's Bridge, Cwmbychan Lake, via Llanbedr and Pensara, Snowdon, Dysynni Valley, Bettws-y-Coed, via Portmadoc, Tany bw lcb, Dolgoch Waterfall, Happy Valley, via Aberdovey. Maentwrog Glaspwll Cascade, Llanymawddwy Falls, Nantgwillt (Birmingham Waterworks And to Lake Vymwy, Dinas Mawddwy, and Bwlchoerddrws Pass, on days shown in Rail and Coach Tour Programme. For fuU particulars see Tourist Pn^ramme. Rail and Coach Tour Programme and B«is, to be had at Stations or on application to Mr W tr c bendent of the Line, Osweatry. C. S. DEXXTSS.

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