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VISITORS TO ABERYSTAVYTH. SHOl LD NOT FAIL TO SEE THE CELEBRATED DEVIL'S BRIDGE AND W ATERF ALLS1 WITH THE SURROUNDING MAGNIFICENT SCENERY. X.B.—TICKETS TO VIEW THE BRIDGE AXD FALLS MAY BE HAD AT THE HOTEL AT ONE SHILLING EACH; CHILDREN HALF-PRICE. A substantial Luncheon daily at the Hotel, Two shillings, including 0 attendance. F. E. WILLIAMS, PROPRIETRESS. [8 WILLIAM PROBIN. RELIANCE LOUSE (OPPOSITE THE MEAT MARKET) AND 15, PIER STREET, WORKING WATCHMAKER, LAPIDARY AND JEWELLER. Purchaser of brilliants. Old gold and silver. Modern and Antique Plate. NEW BUTCHERING ESTALl SH .\IENT, &c. I AT 111, NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH, By F. BAKER, Commenced fur the purpose of bringim: Meat. &c direct from the Farmer to the Consumer at greatly re- duced prices, wholesale and retail. Home B-ked Bread and Confectionery, &c., on the he-t terms. N.B. —Ham and Ha- on Cnrer, Pork Pies and Sausages. E. R. G YDE, PHOTOGRAPHER, PIER STREET. For the latest and best styles in phjtos. Tne New Scroll Photogriphs. T:ie Permanent Platino'ypes. Midgets in various styles. Studio and out-door groups a speciality. GYDE'S viexs of tiil- District, t i,, most conplde yet published, Opils an 1 Olivine Views. Bedford, Carl No: linns. Poulton and other scrap vie;\ s. GYDE'S fancy department comprisfs a nrst Varied Selection of articles specially suited for presents. CIRCULATING LIBRARY Catalogue On Application. E. R. GYDE, C HELTE.XH A M HOIS E, PIER STREET. FOR REAL WELSH FLANNELS, WOOLLEN DRESSES LOTHS. SHAWLS, YARNS, AND STOCKINGS, GO TO ssr THE ABERYSTWYTH WELSH FLANNEL DEPOT 2(>f TEH RACE ROAD f AND I. JAMMIIAX PLACE, John Edwards & Co, PROPRIETORS. AGENTS FOR TYLER AND Co's .i DOGBLE TWISTED FCIZE WOOL UNSHRINKABLE; | PRIZE FLANNELS.! F. BENNISON, FISHMONGER, & c. LISBURNE HOUSE, 29, TERRACE ROAD. FRESH FISH daily caught by our own boat in the Bay. Fresh Sa'nion from the Tt-ify, Severn, and other rivers. Ice always on hand, Homers' clotted cream and cream cheese. AGENT FOR HEDGE'S ROYAL CAMBRIDGE SAUSAGE. POS lIG STABLES, NEWFOUNDLAND STREET. (next to tne Public Baths), ABERSTWYTH. HORSES AND CARRIAGES FOR HIRE hy the Day or hour Phajtons, 2s. and 2s. 6d. per hour Waggouettes, Close Carriages, &c., 2s. (id. per hour. G. WILKINSOIN, NOKTH PARADE, FRUITERER, &C. Fresh Fruit English and Foreign, O O and Fresh Vegetables from own 0 garden daily, delivered to any part of town—Prompt. [4 THOMAS EVANS & CO., FIRST CLASS GROCERY & PROVISION STORES, COLONIAL STORES, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. TEA, COFFEE, FLOUR. AND PROVISION M ERCHANTS. Huntley and Pflnv r's Biscui's Crosse and Black- wells Jams, Pickles, and Sauces; Harris' Wiltshire Bacon and Hams Cheddar, Stilton, and other Cheese; Fresh Butt, I' from De* onshire and the best Dairies in the Neighbourhood all kmds of Tobacco, Cigars, and Cigarettes Mineral Waters. —A trial is solicited. J. PUtxTON, W h o 1 e s a 1 call d Retail JEWELLER AND SILVERSMITH, Manufacturer of all kinds of [Mounted Pebble and other Goods in Necklets, Bracelets, Brooches, Ear- rings, Pius, &c., ab-o Dealer in all kinds of Fancy Goods "JUSTICE HOUSE," 18, TERRACE RO\D, ABERYSTWYTH. All kinds of Rlrair ito which special attention is given) promptly and reitly xecuted on the premises. Old (iold or Silver bought or taken in exchange 1 17 PADARN TEMPEKANCE HOTEL, 14, GREAT 1) A R KG ATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. "A 71SITORS and EXCU MSTONISTS will find V every accommodation at the above hotel. BREAKFASTS, DINNERS and TEAS at moderate charges. Good b.ds and private sitting-rooms. Cleanliness and punctuality guaranteed. -NLi,te the A(lli-,si- PA DARN TEMPERANCE HOTEL, J Misses EVANS. II E A S WHITE ::OHSE HOTEL, i W I N E AND SPIRIT STORES TERRACE ROAD & CORNER OF PORTLAND STREET. Wines and Spirits of the best quality direct from Bond. Bass and Alisnp's Ale. Guimuss's Stout. Cigars of the best Brands. AM I vies,, DUSN ESS -HY -ILYM E P S GW -A, A 0 L:DEBILITY EAKNESS BEST ti OUININE "ITTERS OMP LAINTS TYIF, TYIF, VEGETAD,LE TONIC. These Bitter ssist digestion, promote LOOD; DIS ORDERS and facilitate circulation, strengthen the and mU3cles, purify the blood, and 0 bace up the system generally. As a purely T H E- A Tonic they have no equal. 8T A FECT- ONE; ly tonic and diges- Being gifted with high. ti va proprties they are peculiarly adapted to persons suffering from depres&ion of spirits, nervous relaxation, muscular flatulency, disturbed sleep, I affections of the Liver. headache, andali T)""P.Oe ma1'l in an e'1u,\¡ quantity '"i,,j water. three tilUt: d;L11y. hour meals. Ci,,¡Üeu. hKif t{k("nJLYLY- IN QUININE BITTERS MANUFACTURING COMP4NY, LIMITED, LLANELLY, SOUTH VVALES. ¡ D PHIL MPS. HOR-E &- CARK1 VGE PROPRIETOR, 3, MARY STREET, Corner < N'ORTH l'ARADE,j and the TERRACE ROM) STABLES. HORSES & H I A ( E i I"<>r ILre by the ii-■, ->r Hour. Convex ane« s to Devil's Bridg •. Plynlimmon, Monk's Cave, Llyfnant Valley, Aberay• <>n, and other places of interest iu the Neighbourhood, n leasonable terms. Observe the Address — 3, M .A RY STREET a; TERRACE ROAI) VJ'A iiVES, G > DAVID "E VANS, > RED LION, I "i P, -k Y I't, O.N. Agent for Messrs Wortliington and Co's Burton Ales in Cask* and bottles Wine and Spiiits, Dubbn Stout and Bristol Mineral Waters. BOATS AND TRAPS OX HIRE EST\\WLI\SH £ D T. & R FEAR, FISHMONGERS. FRUITERERS, AND por LTHY DEALERS, CENTRAL FISH HüP, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. Frfsh Fish Daly, All kinos of English and Foreign fruits. Native ami other kinds of oysters. ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY EXECUTED. WEXHAM LAKE ICE DAILY. -:rj-t E ¡T¡¡\ÜT,[u Aj),- FANCY REPOSITORY. llS e, I.) A VIES IS now showing rioiehi's in the following depai tments dack-ts. tJie n-:W Garibaldi Jersey's, Dress Mate ial.s, tlie n-v E .-broidery Ski its, Sun- shades, Umbrella-. Straw Hats, Gloves, Ho-iery, Lace Goods, Silk Ilandkerchitis and Ti- s, Culls, ai.d Collars. Aprons, arid Pinafores. Children's Sun Bonnets, shawl*, Berlin Wools, Fancy Chairs, Gipsv Tab es, Screens, Mailt c Borders, Plush Frames and Brackets, Baskets, Plus" and Leather Satchels, Frdlings, Lace Curiains, Plush Ctis,ioiis, and Te I C'sies &c.. &<j 'IVrnis •• Cash.—N. B.—A large Assortment of Special! ies for Bazaar Work. SIlUw- room now open. T. <4I;IIIRIAIS, LION TEA WAULHOUSE, NOTED FOP, lit ST PROVISIONS. E'TE1Y \"ISIT(JR II()ULD VISIT TFIE PUBLIC BATHS, NEWFO i:x 1) I, A N D S'l'R EET. HOT, co LD AM) SWIMMING BATHS. it "evans; WATCHMAKK! .IKWKI.LK: &c: 4], GREAT i' A I; ]\i: All', x'i'RKKT. (Opposit tile L n i I<>\al Hote .) ()()[) sclcotioii r.f Jewellery in Silver. 1VI>! Ies mid .Jet. jt Also 1IIdlsh and J. (,rl':1I atcht. in ;'nld and silver. Telescopes, Field alld Marine Ola-ses. Spectacles alld Eye Glasses to sl;tlll Watches ami Jewi-llyrv cleaned and re pa' red. I E7~ P7 WYMNE,; JLj!< JL e w DISPENSING CHEMIST, 7, PIER STRE ETj ABERYSTWYTH. Lai'^i; or Choice.-t Cigars <I IlL! I' r-b-M-c-n w. k. JONES; tl. to -t. 1L"J WATCHMAKER, .TEW ELLER, ic. 3- <;REAT DA1:K(;ATE S'i'REET, ("pposite M r'a-1 Stieet.) Ab• rystu vtii. ^Ph(./T.VCLES ami Ey<j (ila-si's to suit al: O Sigt' .s. Every <it-cripti n of Jewel!e y lie • t'y l ■ at M -derate (.' >=.n.'es MRS GARAElt. I 80 AND 21, TEUUACK H () I), A 15 i; It V S T W Y T o Confe -tio cry of ev iy des ript on d ily O dc rs takt n for Bread. Confect on ry made to Onier AT THE A ABERYSrWYTH BAZAAR ATISI I O RS and Ri-sidcnts will find a Larg" Assort.lie,t o' oys. Dolls, Leather and Cabinet G< ods, Stationery. Jew eilcy, Cames, Pottery, Pipes. To itueo, iticks. LOG A]; PHOTOGRAPHS. | NOTK AI>IH:KS.S — J AND L. WARD. 8, GREAT DA li KG ATE STREET. WIL IJAMMj WEN, DAKEH. It CONFECTIONER, GROCER AND FLOUR DEALER, 21, NORTH PARADE, A B ER YS TW Y'i'JH. Home-Iliads Jams and Marmalade. Fresh Biitti.-r and E^gs. 3d Wedamg and Em mkI iv Oukes made to Order, Iocs, ito. ROBERT ELLIS; P H A 11 HACEUTIOAL CHESIIS T, TERRA(;B ROAD, TIIK I.KAOINtr "QISPENSIXo ESTABLISHMENT. jLj A L A HI; !•: VARIETY OF SEAS ID ft REQUISITES, A(, ENT FOR BARNET'S PERFUME j P OWE L ITS 3S, GREAT DAXtKGATE ST., FOR SUIJTANA CAKHS, FRESH PASTRY, BUXS, AND EVERY KIND OF CONFECTIONERY. SEE TESTIMONIAL. Aberystwy ;h, -dth Nnvem!) r, 1800. lo Messrs .J. & H. Powell. UC1,tlemen,- It is with much pleasure I b-ar tctiniony to the exoellenco of you Bi-ead^- and Pastry with which you h-ve.supplied tne <iuri g my stay lu:re. They are made, I ti;id upon enquiry not only from the pur. st, of Hours, but also put together and baked upon sound scientific pr nciples, as -o ably cxp ained by the great j and lit nent enenusts, ;d Pasteur, of Pari. and S,r TIN, L c, t of t I i j Birmingham and Midland Inst tnte, who -av, Iu the manufacture of Bie <i, Ye st plays an linpo-t nt ( art \ea t. so harmless b, i'self, produces when laced in dough to spuuge ce.tair, time, a peculiar cheni cal compound, ;u,,l if this bo alloue! t„ ren-un m contact for a len.thced petiod, yields, when j baked, bread that roduces indigestion and other de- range men's in the human system, in conseijueice of a fermentative or putivfac ive action being set up pecu- liar to i tse f. Breads as made by you are entirely ii-ee fi-oiti tlil. defect; and may be e.iten with impunity I am, Gentlemen, ours Iespectfully, W. RARI 'IX(j-WARNER. (G EN TS) u AIR DRESS IN(T W. PERCIVAL WETTON, H A I R D R E S E R, p E R F 1; M E H. TORACONIST ic. 23, LITTLE D A J i Jv G A T E S T R E E T (Opposi-e the CORN MARKET), A!>,KRY.VTWVTH. W alkmg -ticks Nniokeis Requistes, aid all artices Perta nin^ to the Toilet 8. CLAPPERTON. TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH M)LE AGEXT FOR G 0 S rVuRY PORCELAIN,, ■ Ornamet ts and useful art'cles in greit variety suitable for presen's from Wales embellished with WELSH ANTlQUIim ARMS OF WALES, ABERYSTWYTH AND VIEWS. GLASS CHINA AND EARTHENWARE. ALL THE NEWEST TOYS. DOLLS DRESSED IN WELSH and otlur CO.sTUMES. TO VISITOP,,S To Al))ERYSTWYTH. JOHN THOMAS, DRAPER. -27. GREAT OARKGATE ST. "ïshes to inform the visit rs to the celebrated water- ing phtee I hat lie has a vei y extensive stock of goods Hlltablt for presents, such as fancy aprons, gents Se-ti-ves and Hits, Ladies Straw Hats of every description. All the new patterns in Welsh Shawl, Welsfe Flaunt Is, and Sunnn.r dr. sscs. Address LP GREAT DARIVGATE ST. RICHARD SAYCELL,1 FISHMONGER & POULTERER, CORNER OF NORTH PARADE AND MARY STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. r 1* resli Salmon from the Severn, Teili, Wye and other Rivers DAILY. Dealer in enhain Lake Ice, aiso Palethorpe's Roya Cambridge Sausag s. Horner s Clott'd Cieam and Crcun ChcPse Daily. 'Menibtr of the National Sea Fisheries ProtEction Association. /CREESE; i WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANT, COMMERCIAL HOTEL (Opposite the Railway Station), Aberystwyth. Evcy Accomodation for Visitors. Priv ite Apartments. Well-aired Beds. DOLGELLEY GRA MMAR SCIIOOLO", HEAD MASTER J. H. MARSHALL, M.A., Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. Pupils are prepared for the Universities, Civil Service, Oxford and Cambridge Local, and the various Professional Preliminary Examinations. Particular attention is paid to subject? likely to be of use in COMMERCIAL LIFE. Boarders received hy the Head Master. Terms strictly moderate. RESULTS OF EXAMINATIONS SCIENCE AND ART EXAMINATIONS. (South Kensington.) MAY, 1600 P H Y SI0 G RA PHY: — Thirteen Candidates were sent in for Ceitificates ■ ALL p^ d TEN in the FIRST CLASS. COLLEGE OF PRECEPTORS, CHRISTMAS, JSHO. for Certificates: ALL passed. Ac this Examination the Cobeue granted ten Special Certificates for excellence in Latin to such Candidates as succeeded in obtaining at least three-tourths of the Maximum Mark, in that subject. FOUR of these C.-rtifieates were gained by Pupils of this School, no (tlier School in the Kingdom obtaining more than ONE (le "Educational Times" for February). Tw<> Special Certificates d-o were gained in NATURAL SCIENCE. During the last Four years ONE HUNDRED and TWENTY-EIGHT Certificates have been obtained from PUBLIC EXAMINTNO BODIES out of a possible -<.tal of ONE HUNDRED and TWENTY-NINE wl.ieh have been competed for by Pupils of tili,,s been no failure since Christmas, DvSfi. r r-)apeotuo &.0 torl\ ui deu on -ipplicat.on. ^^H^INAIL THIS UP-—Lewis' Marvellous Discoveries advortiee themselves everywhere. m NEVER KNOWN TO FAIL fc ■I ALWAl S E.EMEMBEB, H| B LEWIS' VEGETABLE BITTEliS, H ■ LEWIS' VEGETABLE BITTERS, H ■I PBXCE 2/9 PEB BOTTLE. I* the Most 51<cces!;)ful fllicllH yet iliscovercd for ('ura1i: Toothnrlic, Vnceivl.. 111.1i0gtion, n util. iicy, ll.-a.lauhc, Deprcasion of Spirits, lJisturbcÜ s.cep, lu3Gu!ar W.-akn.-ss, Liver LUllI:,Lunts, FiLS, auù all .\er7"H l)lsonlr'i. H|^ni ^KB N.B.—Testimonials announcing Miraculous Cures arc pouring in daily. HS LEWIS' BITTERS, LEWIS' BITTERS, LEWIS' BITTERS. LEWIS' BITTERS. HH ■ SUFFERER! Have you tried LEWW? H HB IT.B.-A.XjSO E/EJVCEMBEBL MB ■ LEWIS' RHEUMATIC ESSENCE, ■ B LEWIS' RHEUMATIC ESSENCE, H NNNt PRICE 2.9 BOTTLE. HHHj h th-1 only cure yPt discovered for IthpUJllntifiH1 uiuute allll ctiroine ). Gout, Sci:tr u*;v, Linul-ta^o, &c. .J.V J:- Fh(lu":Utllf! curnl nlrrrxdy nvd 7Wj.« (r Thousnvd* ftf/ain lllll he jivrmanrjiH cm- <! through LF rrl,)". — Ilrware or worth{t»*s imitation*. Soy/r <n r (jrt/inrif iriihout the jtatue 1.1.WIS. T)'DDYHDU" tngrcweii on (he (Jwcnnnail Stamp, In.<L upon havhuj Lewi*' in ordrr to prevent <!)*<>, />ointment. AFTER A FAIR TRIAL^F -¡

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