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ABERYSTWYTH. MARINE TERRACE. Rock Honse- Mrs Yaughan and Misses Yaughan, (2), Balharn. Lon- don Mrs Heath and family. London Mr Heath, do Mrs Williams and family, Builth 3, Mrs D Lloyd- Mr and Mrs Ross and son, London; Miss Barridge and Miss Simons, do; Mr Hughes, Newport; Miss Paddock do; Miss Morris, Oswestry; Miss E Alouuford, Birmingham; Mr Booker, Newport; Mr and Mrs Paddock, London á, Osborne House, Miss Morgan Mrs and Misses Lancaster, Handswoith, Birming- ham Mr George R Heaviside, Coventry Mr and Alis 'w Harold Radford, childrou and nurse, halley Range, 1anehester; Mr and Mrs Robins and maid, Edgbaston, Birmingham 6, Mis E A Hall- Mr and Mrs Maund and family and mai l, Aloseley, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Geo Holloway, Here- ford; Mr Mrs and Master T Crompton, do; Mr and Mrs Gwilt, Bishops Castle; Mr and Mrs Leeniing, Chester; Mr Thomas, London; Mr Berry, do; Miss Bond, Herofoni; Miss Pooler, do; Miss Nellie Pooler, do Mr and Mrs Sames and family, Bir- mingham Miss J()nes- Dr .nd Mrs Emrys Jones and family, Manchester Mr and Mrs Fleec, Nottingham Mr and Mrs R Crawshav and family Mrs Alunfe.rd and family, London; Mr and Mrs Dale, Meklfield 10, Mrs Jones Mrs Shea. Dublin Miss Higginbotham, do Mrs and z, Miss Jeffrey, Manchester Mrs Starr, Miss Owen, Handsworth. Birmingham Dr and Mrs C S Bre- wer Birkenhead Mr and Miss Maiston, Ludlow; Mr and Mrs R Hardwick and family, Woodleys Grange, Manchester Mrs Edwards and family, Lpominster Mrs Byron and family, Stockport Miss Rilev, do 11.— Mr and Mrs Davies and family, Leicester; Mrs Talbot, do; Mr and Mrs Dale and family, Cheet- harn Mrs and Miss Touchstone, do; Mrs Titlow family and maid, Slynne; Mr and Mrs Clarke, Miss Edith Clarke, Mr R H Clarke, Master Hubert Barnsley, Master Norman Marriott; Misses Psncock, \Vest Bromwich Mr and Mrs Evans, Walsall Mrs Keysell and family, Lud- low 12, Miss Ree, Mr J W W Chapy Mrs Williams and Mrs Chavasse, Birmingham 13, Mrs Clayton— Mr and Mrs Holmes, Barrow-in-Furness Mr and Mrs Davies, family and maid, near Oswestry 15, Miss Evans— Mr and Mrs C C Smith, Wolverhampton; Mr Powell, do Mis Eglington, do Miss A Eglintou, do; Miss Mary Eglingion, do I ti, Garfield House, Mrs Parry- Mr and Mrs Anthony Brown, Handsworth Miss Ethel and Master Broun do Mr and Mrs? Richardson, Denton, Manchester; Misses Nellie and Connie Richaidsoo, do; Miss Richardson, do Miss Walters, do 17, Nlrs Toiic-s- Mrs Boyce and family, Nottingham; Miss Boyee. y c!1 do Miss Bird, do Mr and Mrs Willshaw and family, Stafford 18, Miss Owen— Mr Lewis and family, Mrs Coles, Newport, Sa'op Mr and Mrs Morris Jones, nurse and baby, Car- iiiartlieii Rev T and Mrs Edwards, Master Phillips, Denston Cottage Miss T Goster, Miss Jenk, Chester 19, Mis hmc- Mrs Radford, Whalley Range, Manchester; the Rev and Mr« H Thompson-J ones, Rectory, Salford Mr and Mrs William Gougli, baloy and nurse, and Miss G-.ugh, Slnewsbury 24, M rs Kendrick- Mr and Mrs Lester Smith, baby and nurse, bryiimair Mr and Mrs Banks, Wolverhampton Miss and Master Banks, do; Misses Lawrence, Cirenester Miss Whitmarth, Malvern Waterloo Private Hotel, A and E Morris— Mr and Mrs Josiah Richardson, London Mr and Mrs Barratt, Bu. ton-on-Trmt; Miss Holden, Wol- verhampton Mrs Smith, Northampton Mrs aid Mr^Groote, do; Miss Richardson, do Mrs and the Misses Cooper, Banbury; -Mrs Sharman, North- hampton The Rev Bon Davies, Preston Mr Bar- low Mr and Mrs Keates Mr Gooding, London inlis., and Master Gooding, do Mr J J Telfer, do; Mr M J Jarvis. do Mr W P Touissaint, West Hackney, do Miss Bryon, Carmarthen 29, Mr John Evans— Mr and Mrs Garnett, Misess Garnett, Wolverhamp- ton Mr and Mrs Crosktnd, Manchester Master and Miss Crosland, do 34 Windsor House MIs Masters and party, Clifton Mr T W Parker, do Master H Parker, do 35, Brynymor House, Mrs M Nels n— Mr and Mis Ed Streat and family, Prestwich, near Manchester Mr and Mrs Wm. Higson, and baby, Levenshulme, do; Misses Robinson, Longsight, do; Mis* Streat,London; Miss Ranicar, Crewe; Mrand Mrs Griffiths, family and maid, Ludlo.v Miss Dunning. Manchester; Miss Jessie l'aiker, do; Mr and .Mrs Edwards and family, Neath 31, Mrs Gathercole— Miss Adams, Scarborough Misses Roby, Cheshire 33. Gloucester House. Mrs Roberts Mr and Misses Ashford, Edgbaston Mr and Mrs Nott, Walford Misses Nott, King'on Mrs Nott Marden Mis Canrick, Brecon Mrs Warren and baby, North Devon Mr Misses (2) Davies, Hay Miss Bellamy Sheffield 3S— Messrs A E and G E Barker, Miss Mrs Barkei and AlisrBagnail, Alsager. Stoke-on-Trent 39, Glyndwr House, Miss Griffiths— Mr and M s-:es Allen, Stockport Mrs and Miss D Watknis, Brynmawr Mr Morg.-m, Nantyglo, More 40, Miss Nelson — Mrs Rollaston, family and maid, Handsworth, Rir. minglmm Mr, Mrs and Miss Wyatt, Stratford-on- von ;Mr Sale, do Mr and Mrs Adams, family and maid. Wolverhampton Mr Elisor and family Bridgnorth Mrs Baxter and family, Birmingham j Mrs Miscon and family, do 43, Picton House, Miss Osmotherlay— Mr and Mrs Smith Dudley Mrs :mith, and, family, and maid, do Miss Wood, Marlborough; do Mrs Whitlane and Mrs Ingpen, Kenshigtcn Mr and Mrs Edwards and family, Gloucester 44, Mrs Jones— Mr and Mrs Plant, and family, Dresdin; Mr and Mr Green and family, Edgbaston 4g, Marlbotough House, Mrs Be van,— Mr Loxdale, Castle Hill Mrs Russell, family and nnrses, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Ba;nbridge and family. London 49, Mrs D Lewis— Mrs Warren family and maid, Mrs Cliff. Bilston; Mr and Mrs Johnson and family, Manchester Mr and Mrs Richardson baby and nurs;, do 51, Mrs Richards— Mrs Woodward, Mr Woodward, Mr and Mrs Woodward, family and maids, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Stone, family and maid, London 53, Miss .Jamcs- Mrs Wiseham, Sheffield; Miss Bindley and nurse, Moseley, Birmingham; Mrs Yalmer and family, Miss Jones, Knighton; Mrs Clarke, The Misses Clarke, Moseley, Birminghrm 55, Mrs Pugh— Mr and Mrs Mason, and family, Mr and Mrs Lead- beater, and family, Mr and Miss Eborall, Mrs Money, Mrs Barrow, Mr A W Loael, Dr and Mrs Stubbs, the Misses Stubbs, Bridgnorth, the Misses Broughall, do 57. Mrs Morgans- Mr Collier and family, Manchester; Mr Monfori and and family, Kidiminister 59, Miss James— Mrs Baker, children and maid, Craven Arms; Mr and Mrs Nubier, family and maid, Ash Bank, Alan- ehfster; Mrs Stockton. Mr Amplefc, Miss Thomson, Mr Sturges, Miss Sturgess Miss White, Birmingham 60, Magna Charta, Mrs Simcox— Whalley Range, do Miss A Chadwick, do Mr Manning, Ledbury Ir, Miss and Master Lane, Bosbury, CIO Miss Caldwell, do Miss Quainton Mitchell do 61. Glyn Peris, Mrs Owen- Mr and Mrs Gater and family, AIsager. Chester Mr Lazenby and Miss Sheldon, Brecon Miss Annie Sheldon, Walsall 64, Miss Russell — Mrs and Miss Taylor, Wolverhampton Mr Cadly. Miss Roberts, Mrs Dale, Mrs Robert Williams, Messrs Williams, Hereford Miss Harlow, Cardiii 65. Clifton House, Mrs J A Powell- Mr and Mrs jSmith and family, Coventry Miss White, Miss Johnson. West Bromwieh: Mrs Byton, Hay, Breconshire; Mr and _\Irs" Glover and family, Birmingham Mr and Mrs li'oath, Dudley; Mrs Bladen and Miss Bladen: Misses Bridgewater, Stourbridge ALBERT PLACE. Queen's Hotel, Mr W H Palmer- Mr Crossley, Accrington Mr Lawrence. New College, Oxford; iNI I- Blotiiit, London: Mr and Miss Yaughan, Rev and Mrs Deverapat; Mr and Mrs Squire; lr, Mrs and Miss Taylor; Messrs and Misses Boote, Staff'; Mr and Mrs Richa-ds; Mr Lucas; Mrs Craig; Mr and Mrs Smith, Mr and Mrs Lawson; Rev Jones, Mr, Mrs and Miss Hudson; Mr, Mrs and Miss Jones; Mr, Mrs and Miss Underbill; Mr Yates, Staff; Mr Holman: Mr and Mrs Dobson; Mr and Mrs Hatten Jones 1, Dumbarton House, Mrs Humphreys— Mrs Lowe, Newcastle, Staff's; Mr T Lowe, (to Mr W Lowe, do Miss F Lowe do; Mrs and Miss Lewis, Carmarthen; Mrs Wakelin aud family. Presteign 3, Brougliton House, Mrs Lewis— The Misses Fish, Miss Jessop, Kettering, North- amptonshire 4, Mrs Williams— Mr and Mrs Beattie and family, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Lees, Oldham 5, Mrs Siviter— Mr and Mrs T W Baylis and Miss Baylis, Redditch VICTORIA TERRACE. 1, Victoria House, Mrs Bridgwater— Mr and Mrs Hill an 1 family, Wolverhampton; Mrs Round and family,; Mr and Mrs Dudpeii, ttacli; Mrs and Miss Barker, Loii^toii. Staffordshire; Mrs Saunders, Wolverhampton 3, Ocean View — Mr and Mrs Dennis, and family and maid. St Edmonds, Trooly, Cheltenham, Mr Buckley, and | family, Llanelley, Carmarthenshire J F Buckley, On'el College, Oxford Trafalgar House, Miss A J Felix- Mr Jacob Taylor, Brougliton Park, Miss Ada Taylor, Nir aii(I Mrs W.;dtcr Taylor, Manchester; M LI Felix, Mold Mr J LI Williams. Liver- pool Mi-s A J Williams, Liverpool Mr and Mrs C F Lucy. Bickering, Yorks Mr E F Lucy, Gt. Grossby, Miss Ascroft, do Brighton House, Mrs Owen- Mr & Mrs Williams, Newtown Miss Brown, do Miss Banks and mail, Malvern; Mrs Chadwieli: Miss Ardon, Manchester Miss Williams, Pitts- burgh, Pa., U.S.A. Snowdon House, Mrs Clark- Mr and Mrs Pnrdon and 4 in family, Clouskeagh, 1) Mr and Mrs Arthur Brown, family and maid, Nottingham Mr, Mrs and the Alisses Brown, Ciifton, Bristol 5, Plynlynion House, Mrs Pierce— Mrs Broadness, maid and family, Gloucester; Mr and Mrs Bird, Staffordshire; Mr and Master Libley. Birmingham; Mrs Felton and family, Grossall; Mr Jackson, Oxford; Mr and Mrs Jones, Dublin; Mrs Wildman am' family, Wolverhamp- ton Balmoral House, Miss Richards— Mrs and Miss Rollinson, Master Rollinson, T-rierlv Hill; M'ss i_allei:der, Liverpool; Miss A and i, Callender, do; Ma.ster Callender do Abergeldie House, Miss Bclleamy-a Mr, Mrs and Master Gibbs and maid, Cardiff Mr and Misses Marson, Weddnesbury Mr and Misses Nad«ii, E m> n, Birmingham Mr and Mrs1 Fallow; Miss Fallow; Master W Fallow, Master J Fallo. Princes Park. Liverpool BRYNYMOR TERRACE. Glenlos-ie House, Mrs Hosking— Mr and Mrs Pendleton, Birmingham Misses Pe dleton, Mrs Taylor, do 3, MisThackham — Misses Lea (4), Birmingham Miss Sisde Davies, Miss Maggie Price, Miss Emilie Price, Miss Rachel Davies, Alerthyr Tylfil 4, Mrs C H Cojks— Miss brtin, Misses Weeks, 2, Mr Myttou, Stour- port, Worcestershire; Miss Bell, the Misses Stirling, Manchester 5, Mrs Ellis— Mr and Mrs Bonrke, family and nurse, Wolver- hampton Miss Mulin, Miss Grisold Glen Rosa, Miss Laver— Mis War.f, Derby; Miss Goodall, do Dr and Mrs Campbell Popp, family and 2 maids. London PORTLAND STREET. St. George's Hotel, Sanuel Green— Mr and Mrs Lewis, London Mr Pounder Mr W H Pitt, Bilston; Mr and Mrs G Butler, do; Master S Arnold Butler, do Miss Sansome, do Miss Ada Sansome, do Mr and Mrs Reeves, West Bromwieh Miss Marie Reeves, do Mr Crump, Wolverhampton; Mr W Sharwell, do; Mrs Gilliid. Hixon, Stafford; Mr Reese, Carcliff Ellan Vsnniii Mrs Aston- Mr and Mrs Webb, family and maid. )il;s Smith, Hereford; Mr Foster. family and nmid. Miss Powell, Miss Bowden, Ludluw; Miss Carter, Miss M J Carter, Miss B A Carter, Miss Steele, Stoke- on-Trent Mr Davies-Cox Colman, Shrewsbury 25, Miss Sylvanus — Mis Greatbatch, Birmingham Misses Greatbatch, (3), do; Mrs Mathews, do; Miss Watson, do 34, Mr Clayton— M'ss Saville, Miss Tuckwell, London; Miss Florence Tuckwell, Bristol 35, Miss Lewis- Mr and Mrs C Page, Mr W Roberts, Miss Morris Sliebon. Stoke-on Trent T B Evans, Cilfyoydd GREAT DARK GATE STREET. Lion Hotel, Mr John Roberts- Mrs Lewis, butler and maid, Llanaeron Mr and Mrs Southern; Mr E Morgan Jones, London Mr and Mrs Davies, Liverpool Mr Bnn'hnm; Bristol Mr Eaton, Miucnester Mr and Mrs Naselborough Mr Priest, Wrexham; Mr Morris, Longton Mr Edwards, Carmarthen Mr Butler Mr Peacock, Rugby; Mr Presston and friend: Mr Mussi 11, James, Mr Birchall and triend, Captain Price, London Mr Wood Mr Harding and friends (4;: Mr Pe ichy Mr Freeboume Mr Robert Neville,; Mr and Mrs Richards, Llandrindod Mr Camidge Mr Evan Robeics Mr Tomlins, Aberdovey Mr i-id Mrs Ligntfoot, New York Mr Jones. Liverpool Mr Thomas. Caernarvon; Mr LI Morgan; :\1 r Howe I Is, Portmadoc New Inn. Mrs J Morgan— Mrs Orm >nd, Acocks Master R and Mi s L Ormond, do Mrs Join s, Oswestry Miss Davies, (lo M'ss Jon s, Caerphi ly ;\11. s Morgans, do Padarn Temperance Hotel, Misses Evan..— Mr Potter, London Mr Mileston. do; Mr Ha j | Jones, Corrjs; Mr David Jone;, do Mr Wyath, El'tsmere illrFred O,en, O,cstrv: Mr Tyler, London; Mr Owen, Portmadoc; iNIr Pi-i, e Jones, South Wales Miss Thomas, Leeds Mr Thomas, MOOR STREET. Coachbuildci s Arms, Mrs Jon; s— Al.w Cynon, Mr E Lewis, Mr E Jones, Mr Davi 1 Pugh. Mr John Evans, Mr John Lewis, Mr John j Thomas, Ton Pentre 1 CAMBRIAN PLACE. 2, Lerry House, Mrs M Oliver— Mrs Handlry, Madley, near Hereford Mrs Evans, Hay, Breconshire; Mr Skyrnie Weobley, Her- ford Mr Tomlins, Newport; Mrs and Miss Cole- man, Llandrilltlod O j Mr William Jones, Penrhiwceibr Mr David Jones, do Mr and Rees, Mountain Ash 5,— S J Lewis, E James; J Lewis, E Scornfield, Mount- ain Ash Miss and Messrs Richards, Treorky IS, Mrs Isaac Lewis- Mr and Mrs Davies, Carmarthen; Mr and Mrs Sciiilgek, tlo Glyndwr House, Mrs Hughes- Mr Dougall McDougall, Scotland; Messrs T and M Atkinson, Birmingham; Mr A Greenfield, do Mr J Cameron Glasgow Mrs Williams. Nantgaredig; Miss Sarah Ann McNab, Perth Mrs Jones, New Bridge Mrand Mrs Holland, Birmingham Miss S and Annie Holland, do Mrs Jones, Morriston Mrs Jenkins, do liar House, Miss Jones- Miss A M Crompton. Birmingham Miss Hutton, Miss J Hutton, Handsworth Miss Goodman, Gravelly Hill MARY STREET. 6, Mrs Morris— Mr Lewis, London Mr Powell, Brynmawr Mr J Lewis, Manchester Mr Hughes, Treorky 22, Mrs Warrington— Mrs Cooke, Miss Wa'son, Miss K Watson, Miss Lizzie Watson, Master Sydney Watson 24, Mrs Jones- Mrs Davies and family, Shrewsbury Mrs Davies, Oswestry Master R Davies, do NORTH PARADE. 19, Miss Baker- Mr and Mrs Crawshaw, Bristol Mrs and Master Brown, do Mrs Grant, do Miss Borsley, Bir- mingham Miss Turner, do 23, Mrs Lumley- Mr Horder, Swi'ldon Mr A A Horder, do 27, Mrs Join s- Mr and Mrs White and family, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Adainson and fam ly, Sale, Manchester; Miss Leith, do 29, Mrs Lumley Jones— Mr and Mrs John Hirst 34, Mrs W T Williaiiis- Miss Sweeny, Mountain Ash Miss Wells. Sheffield; Mr and Mrs Saunders-Thomas, Llandovery the Misses Evelyn, Muriel and Dolly Thomas, do Mr Pursall, Masters B and W Pursall, Birmingham 35, Mrs Ellis- Mrs E L Ellis, Mrs E J Williams, children and maid. Mr A Shuttleworth, Selly Park, Bir- mingham 39, Miss Mrs Thomas Brigstocke, and family Carmarthen; Mus Tottie Davies, do 41, Mrs Owens— Mr and Mrs Lawrcnee and family, Liverpool 42. Mrs Atwood- Mrs Clements, Birmingham; Master Clemeuts, do; Berti Clements. do; Master Fredie Clements, do Miss Clement, Nottingham; Mr and Mrs Southall, Dudley; Miss Louise Golds worthy, Llanidloes 43, Miss Morgan— Mrs Rook and family, Ashton-on- Mersey; Mr Alf Ben ley, Keighley, Mrs Smith and family, Man- chester 47— Mr and Mrs J A Lowndes and family. W olstanton, Stoke-on Treut; Mr, Mrs, Miss and Master Gamson Walall 53. Ceylon Stores. Mrs Evans- Mr and Mrs J Howard, Wolverhampton; Messrs A W and C E Jones, do; Mr F M Jones, Woolwich 57, Mr Gr'ffiths- Mr E Roberts, C-rdiff; Mrand Mrs H Pailitt, Ebbw Yale Miss Paifitt, do Mr a-id Mrs Beddoes, KiutftOll; Mr John Griffiths, Manchester 89, The Misses Evans- Mr and Mrs Gr- nger, Wolverhampton Misses Granger, do; Mr and Miss P Pitt, Bilston; Mrs Davies, London; Master Davies, do; Miss Watkins, Hereford 73, Mrs L Jones Mis John Wynne aud family, Eccles, near Manches- ter Miss Bates. London; Miss Hunt, Belper Miss Mather, do BAKER STREET- 4, Mrs Humphreys- Mr and Mrs Lane and family, Birmingham Misses Dawson, do; Mrs Laue. Pelereliureli Misses Davies, Bromyard; Mr G G Jones, M.A. Pen- clawdd; Mr G Rolands, J. P., London Mr and Mrs Henwood, Newtown Mr Evans, Tred,gar Mrs Davies— Mr Mrs and Miss Davenpoi t, Wolverhampton Miss Piper, Shrewsbury 7, Miss Lloyd — Mr and Mrs Longden, Manchester Mr and Mrs J E Davies, Mr and Mrs Quinney, Broughton Road Manchester MILL STREET. 11. Mis Jenkins— Mr Fra-er. Mr Forrester, Mr Kier, Mr Allen, Mr Chapman, Mr Forrester, Liverpool. Milford House. Mrs Jones— Mr Capper. Liverpool Mr Evans, Llansantffraed; Mr Parry, London; Mrs and Miss Taylor, Birming- ham i, Mrs GRAYS INN LANE. Richards Mr William Nelson, Edinburgh Mr and Mrs Ward, Pennsylvania, America; Mrs James, dc; Mr Roderick Thomas, Ynyshir Mr J Davies, do Mr D Davies, Ystrad Rhondda 10, Mr T Davies— Mr D Morg*n, Rhymney Mr Morgan Richards, do Mr John Lewis, do; Mr E Jones,do Mr Rees Davies, Merthyr Mr Richards, Brynmawr; Mr Wadley Treheroerc 11, Mrs Roberts— Miss Jones, Tregaron; Mrs Rees, Mr and Mrs Edwards, Morristown Mr Walters, Mr Davies, Treherhert Mr and Mrs James, Birm njliam 39, Mrs Ash— Mrs and Miss Clutterham, Birmingham; Mrs Hughes and family, Llanfair, Mont; Miss Thomas London 41, Mrs Humphreys— Mr and Mrs McDowell, family and nurse, from Leicester; Mr and Mrs Swan, Northampton 40, Mr D Jenkins— Nrs Whewell, Mrs Adams. Master Harry Jeens, West Bromwich Mrs Lnnti, Mr Luut,Miss Burn, Burton-on-Trent 47 Tilehurst House, Mrs Wi:liaii)s Mr and Mrs Headley, children and nurse, Moseley. Birmingham Miss Rogers, Mr Rogers, Mrs Bach, Walsall 4S, Mrs C-ipt. Hughes— Mr and Mrs Glark and neices, Chaiford, near Stroud 49, Mrs Shat pe — Mr and Mrs Crump and family, W olverhampton Miss Colley. 3, IV' est Bromwieh NEWFOUNDLAND STREET. 5, Mrs Atwood- Mrs and Miss Jeffcoat, Balham RAILWAY TERRACE 4, Mrs Bubb- Mr and Mrs J tIlles. Aberdare °'MU^Kiiight, Birmingham; Mrand Mrs W Braham daughter and maid, Edgbaston, Birmingham; Miss A R Braham, do 6, Mrs Thomas— Mr R Hetherington, Chippenham, Wiits Miss Hether:ngtoo, do S Mrs Meehan— 'Mrs Chadwick, Cheetham. Hill; Miss lhompic i. Mar pie Miss Arderu, do;»Mr W A Price, do Mr and Mrs E A Thacker, Walsall 9 Mrs M Evans- Mr and Mrs Jones, Birkenhead Mrs and Miss J Harrison, Garston Mr and Mrs Morg .n, Mr and Mrs Evans aud two daughters, Oswestiy 10. Mrs Gritlitlu- Mrs and Mr Williams, Pcntglotyn Mr Hams, Mr I Davies, Merthyr Messrs Jones do Dewsbury House, Mrs Hopkllls- Misses'Pearce, Bii mingham; Mr and Mrs Humphreys, Tunstall CHALYBEATE TERRACE. Liverpool House, Mrs Ellen Lewis- Mis Lloyd and nephew, Meithyr; Mrs and Master Williams, Mr Jones, Blaunau Mr Jones do; Mr Mr-and Mr Pratt, Birmingham Mrs Pratt, do; Misses Benson (2). do: Mr Maisli and two sons, Mrs Marsh, di 20, Thomas Williams — Mrs Rees Merth\r Mi.-s Li/lie Evans, Rhymney 21, C'oniiii' rei d and Tcmpc: anoc Hotel— Mr P W Williams, Newport. Mon; Mr Humphreys; Mr .ones, Loudrai Miss E A foties, Mountain A-h M J H >rris. do; Miss Cole, Mr and Mrs Cox, M iss Williams, Oswestry; Members of Loz dls, St Wesley; ,i Cycle C Messrs C W Thornever. tt, A O Pa-ken. G Parsons, W Thomp- ;.on, A Cutl. r. t> Kender, 1' Osboi.i, Aston, Bir- mingham 23. Mis Gritli;hs— Mrs Potter. Shrewsbury Miss Mary Potter, do Mr .1 A Cheesenvan. Liverpool Miss Bessie Carlyle, Brig! ton :\1 i,.s Fannie Chceseman, Michigan. U.S.A. f" Clieeseniaii, LiN-er- poo! the. sisters Mortimer, London; Mus Wini- l'ud Ifaiiley, Liverpool; .Miss A Coe, Bedford; Cassie Evans, Carnirvon Alice Noi'' on, Liverpool; Dr Brown and family, Tunsdall 31, Miss Edwards- Mr and Mrs Davies, Master Davies, Pentre Ystrad Mr and Mrs Evans, Nelson, Treharris Mr and Mrs Panter, Miss Starling, Acocks Green, Bir- mingham Mr Jones, St Clears, Nr Carmarthen MARKET STREET 7, Mrs Griffiths— Mr and Mrs Fereday, Miss Dolling, Miss Godby, Brierley Hin; Miss Howlett, Dudley Mr Jim Gaffney, Wombwell, Barosley 5, Mrs Pugh- Mr and Mrs Rogers, Mr and Mrs Jenkins, Miss Jenkins, Swansea Mr T Jones, Mr and Mrs Davies, Miss Davies, Master Davies, Pentre Ystrad Miss Evans. Miss Davies, Aberayron Mr Howells, Treorcky; Mr J Williams, Yynyshwll Mr Morgans, C%k,iiigarv Mr Thomas, Swansea BRIDGE STREET. 14, Mrs Evans— Mrs Hughes and children, Ystrad;Mr and Mrs Jones, Nantymoel; Mr Lewis,Clyddach Vale; Mr Gronvie, Mr Gronvie, Tontypandy Mr Jones, Llwyppia Mr Henry Davies, Nantymoel 15, Mrs Samuel- Mrs Hadfield, Miss Hadfiehl, Miss Annie Hadfield, Mrs Sadler, Miss Saddler, Mrs S Lambrick, Bur- tou-on-Trent Mr and Mrs Geo Minchew, Master and Miss Minchew, Birmingham 19. Mrs Jones— Mr T Moorcroft. Mr Jos Barlow, Burslem Miss R A Y\ illiams, Mi-s A P Davies, Dowlais Miss M Davies, Merthyr Miss Bates, Miss Simskin, Wednesbury; Mrs Davi 8 and family,Bedwas; Miss Williams, Blackwood 27, Mrs Willi ams — Mr and Mrs Joseph Corbett, Misecs Clara Corbe t, Geitie Corbett, Constance Corbett, Master Stafford Corbett, Darlaston 45, Mrs Meredith— Mr and Mrs Wood, Pendleton, Manchester Mrs and Miss Wood, Miss Iterwood, Runcorn Mr Home, Manchester Mis and Miss Shaw, Old Bank 47, Mrs Meredith— Mr and Mrs Ashton, Mr and Mrs Winterbottom, Oldham Mr Hughes, Rhondda Valley Mr Rowlands, do Mr Rees, do; Mr and Mrs Allsopp, Derby; Mr and Mrs Johnson and baby, Hazel Grove, Stockpoit Master Wm Johnson, do Mrs and Miss Perry, do; Mr J Sheldon,do Mr Pendy, do 49, Mrs W P Williams— Mrs Narborough,Misses Narborough (2),Miss Coley, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Cooke, London Mr Jones, Llanvathrin, near Abergaveny Miss Jones, Miss Williams, do Mr Jones, Llan .ven- arth 50. Mrs T J Casliiiioi-e- Miss Bright. Miss Dugmore, West Bromwich; Mr and Mrs H W Phillips, Redditch; Mr J P Phillips, H J Phillips, W E, F G Phillipi, West Bromwieh Miss A Shepherd, do; Miss Shepherd,Redditch 53, Mrs Lewis— ( Mr T Mann, Bridgnorth Mr H J Mann, Shrews- bury Mrs Hunt, Dudley; Miss Nellie Hunt,Miss Dowling. Langley Nag's Head, Mrs Evans— Mr Owen, Treharris; Mr Hughes. Treorchy; Messrs Davies, Llanddewi Brefi Mr, Mrs and Master D Thomas, Aberdare Mrs Jones, do Mr Leach, do Mis Lloyd, Mardy Mr and Mrs Jones, Pentre Ystrad Mr Roberts, Mr J Morris, Mr D Smith, MrJ Hughes, MrBevan, Mr Jones, Mr T Evans, Mr A Tucker, Mr W Davies, Mr Humphreys, all of Newtown Mr Evans, Tredegar; Mr Miller, do Mr Jones, Mr Edwards, Mr Oliver, do Old Black Lion, Mrs E Lewis— Mr and Mrs Pugh, Mr and Mrs Davies. Mountain Ash Mr aod Mrs Edwards, Rhymney Mr Williams, Aberdare Mr D Oliver, Treorcky Mr Mr Lloyd and son, Tregaran Mr J:iEvans, Tre- orcky Mr D Jones do Mr Jno Jones and son, Rhondda Mr A-hton, Llanidlees Mr Owen, do; Mr and Mrs Griffiths, Wolverhampton; Mr Jones, Rhymney; Mr Rees.Llanel y; Mr Jones. Rhayader; Miss S.itehouse, do Mr Davies, Cumberland; Mrs Phelicks and children, Mr Lewis Jones, Mr John Jones, Mr H Jones, London Mr Thos Thomas, Mr B Thomas, Mr Wm Price, Cwmpark Mr Dd Ll Williams, L Jno Jones, Pontypridd Mr James Davies, Taylorstown Mr M J LeW/S,Llan- gurig QUEEN STREET. 3, Mrs Benjamin— Air David Edwards, Mountain Ash Miss Elizabeth Edwards, do Mr Henry Ticker, do Mr David Howells. Pentre Ystrad Mr and Mrs H Thomas, Abergavenny Miss M A Humphreys, Manchester; Miss Lalla Humphreys, do 5, Mrs Lewis— Miss Harris, Alountain Ash Mis3 E Harris, do; Mr J Davies. Cilfynydd Air Evans, Ystrad Rhondda Mr J Jenkins, do S, Mrs James- Mrs and Miss Price, Oswestry Mr and Miss Jones, Dowlais Air and Mrs Jones and family, Sirhowy Mr Dyer, Cwnuman; Air Thomas, do 10, Miss Jenkins— Miss Alorgan, Handsworth. Birmingham Air and Mrs Cooper, Aleole Brace, Shrewsbury Air, Mrs and Master Cartwright, Old Hill, Staff 14, Mrs Owen- Mrs and Alisses Bramall, Burton-on-Trent Air Stephens, Birmingham Mr Rockile, do; Air Jones, do Miss Pierce, do 16, Mrs Morgan— Mrs Davies and family, Oswestry Mrs Lamb and Son, Chester 26, Mrs Jenkins- Mrs Guest and family, Douglas Mrs Roberts and family, do Mr George and family, do SHIPBUILDER'S ROW. Free Masons Tavern, Mrs M A Francis Evan Jeffries Joues, John Llew.dyn Hopkins. Thomas Tnickins, Rhondda ValL. Air A Jones, Dowlais Air E James, do Mr W Davies Farr, do Mr John Evans, do Mr Francis, Nlerthyr; Air Thomas, do 3, Mrs Bird— Alss Cow mer, Miss Chadwick, Wolverhampton 7, Mrs Evans- Miss Vtomans. Miss A Yeomans, Air John Bate. Rowley Regis, Nr Dudley; Miss Reet, Stranton, West Hartiepool S, Alls Thomas— Mr and Mrs L dlamy and family, Birmingham; Miss Williams, Ferndale Aliss Jenkins, Aberdare 10, Mrs Edwards— Mrs. Alhses and Master Dingley, Handsworth, Bir- iiiiiigliltin Mr and Mrs Bolton, Stafford Air and Mrs Woodhouse, do Miss Smith, do 11. Mrs Giles- Mr A Richards. Newport, Ion Mr J Alorgan, Bed- was, near Caerphilly, Glam Mr and Mrs Evans Brynmawr, Breconshire 12,— All, Airs, Aliss F and Alaster Aliles, Birmingham ■ Air and Airs C P Nevill, junr, Alaster Nevtll and maid, do 17, Mrs Thomas- Air J Davies, Nantyglo, Mon Edwin Pugh, Blaina no \,Mr ,JaTS Evans> do Mr To™ Morris, do 23, Airs Bamford— Mr aria Mrs Philips, Beaufort 33, Mrs 0 Rees— Mr and Mrs Aloxon, Air J Howell, Withaiii. Alan- ohesW Mr Ei Williams, do Air C R Williams, do All L C W Williams, do Mr and Mrs Cres- E F Creswell, Birmingham 3o, Airs Capt Jones- Mr and Mrs Hawkins and Daughter, Birmingham Mrs Wrekclock and f unily, do; Miss Wade and Aliss Taylor, NI-e(Itieibtii-Y Mr and Mrs Meredith and family Mr and Mrs Thomas, Mrs Evans. Tonpeutre, near Pontypridd; PENMAESGLASROAD. S, Mrs Jones — Mrs and Aliss Alall, Birmingham; Mr and 1h8 Thompson, do 13, Mrs Jones— Mrs John Davies, London Air W Davies, London Air and Mrs A Dicken, Shrewsbury 16. Mrs Humphreys— Air and Mrs A Dicken, Shrewsbury 22, Airs J R Jones— Air Arnold and family, Chester 24, Mrs E W J oues- Mrs Davies and baby, Lampeter Alls Moore and baby, do; ;Miss Dovey, do; Mr and Mrs Hinde and baby. Wolverhampton; Mrs Webster do 26, Mrs Jciies- AIr and Mrs Kent, Miss Kent, Stafford Alissis Davies, Newtown Air and Mrs Hind and family, W olverhampton; Miss Brotherton, do; Air Jones, New Quay CUSTOAI HOUSE STREET. 3, Mrs Hughes — AIis I-Ierbci t, Mr J F N Herbert, Nlis, Man.s-U Wolverhampton; Mr Davies, Builth 5, Mrs Idall— Mrs Davis, Miss Ethel Davis, Wolver- hampton; Mrand Mrs Chelling .vorth, Binnim- mingham Miss Davies, CiJf) -lydll; hf:.s Pftl' d1 G, Mrs W J Joiie,s- SK Savage, Biiiiiiigliaiii; Misses Johns-,n, Wolverhampton Mr and Miss Lowe, do \li-s F Tector Messrs J A and S H Johnson Alf AK A Williams, Pentyrch, near Cardiff; Thos, E Evans S, Mrs Roberts— Airs and Aliis Robeits, Aliss Edwards, Aliss Wi'cox i Chester 9, AlissjWhite — Mr and Mrs Ingsham, Wolverhampton; Mrs Green, Miss (ireen, do "IER STREET. 43 Ali^s Phillips — AI ss Adams, Scarbo o; Misses Roby, Egremont, Cliesliii-t Mi-s Robv, Stockton-on-Tees Mrs Jones, Llanfyllin Ali^s Jones, (io Alessrs Jones, (3) do Mr J E Davies, Rhymney Gwalia Temperance Hotel, Cnarles Harcourt— Airs Johnson, BILcklieat,, Misses ALchael, Davis, j and Jones Pontardulais Air and Mrs lIigitt an t family, Birmingham Aliss Higgit', do Aliss White, do Mr Brooks, Oldbury Air and Airs Priest. Old Hill Mr Parry and ton, Abersychan Air and Mrs Southall, Dudley The South- all, do LEWIS TERRACE. 1, Mrs Davies — Mr and Mrs D ■ v'e-and family. Air Alorgans, Tre- degar Air Williams, Merthyr Yale; Mr Howells, do 4, Alis Benbow- Mr and Mrs Cll-aton, Miss Phillips, Newtown, Mont Laurel Cotrage, Mrs Griffiths- Mr Tritnter, Mr Taylor, Mr and Mrs Tranter nd family, Wednesbury Railway Hotel, Mrs Tanner— Air Mrs and Misses Chadwicks, Henley; Air Platt, i do Miss Grice, Middle, near Shrews 'UI y Miss Chilton, do Air eddle, Liverpool Mr Huddle- ton, do Mr Edwards, Cardiff RHEIDOL TERRACE. 20, Mrs and Miss Evans— Miss R Thomas, Ynyshir, Porth Mi.-s Alyfanwy Thomas, do Air J AI Thomas, ,10; Mr E Wil- liams, Pentre Ystrad; Miss U il iams, do; Air Wa.trs. do; Air Jones, Penrhiwceiber Air D Jones, do Air Rees, do Air Breese, do Air Bevan, do Mr Morgans, Tredegar Miss Jones, Rhymney; Air D Evans, Tavarnau Bach, Tredegar; Air E Evans, do Air Piitciard, Tredegar Mr D Edwards, Pentre Ys'rad Mr B Edwards, do LITTLE UARKGATE STREET. 23, Mrs W Percival NVetton- Mrs Clark, Sluopihire; Air Clark, do Air Adam Clark, do 31, Air R El wards— Mr and Mrs Evans, and family, Cardigan, Misses Alorris, Shrewsbury; Air and Airs Jackson, Hanlej; Alaster G Snife, do Miss Winch, Longton; Miss A C"ley, Air F P Al en. Air and Mrs Buston and famdy. Air and Mrs Edge, Air and Mrs Edge, Air and Mrs W ShuH'eh,tlnm, Newcastle, Stafford- shire 29, Burleigh House, Mrs Finch- Airs Pooke and two maids, Birmiugham; Mrs Pon- yiightun, Dublin; Alasters Conynghan (5), Dr Digby, Devenish, Dublin; Mr and Airs E Bamford, St. Gtorges, Salop: Miss Bainf. rd, do; Mr R B James, do; Mrs James and child, do VULCAN STREET. Mrs E Williams— Miss Morgan, Rhayader Alaster R Alorgan, do; 9 11 Air and Mrs Alorgau, do; Mr and Mrs Evans, and baby, Cefn, near Merthvr UNION STREET. 1, Miss Alorris— Air Edwin Lewis, Ynysybwl; Air John J Williams do; Mr Jones, Shirhowy; Mr A E Jonej, Shrews- bury; Mr Andrews, Tredegar; Air J Thomas, Ton Ystrad; Air !.J Williams, Cardiff; Air done >, Treherbeit; Mr E Andrews, wife and child. CA, (liff Aston House, Mrs Evans- Air Williams, Ystrad Mrs and Al ss Jones, Manchester Miss Ead. s, Miss L Eades, Birming- ham 3- Alessrs T J Pierce S, Miss Joseph- Aliss Pugh, Talgarth, S W Miss Jenkins, London; Miss Davie, CarditT: Miss O'Brien, London; Mr Y Bassi I) L. on HIGH STREET. S, Miss Jfiie; — Air and Mrs Rees, Trehrris Air and Mrs Davies, and family. Lampeter 10 Alis Jones- Mr and Alls A Poole aid family, Bimr igh: m; Mr P', J (-,Il, S, Pell! i-e 1S, Mrs Da\-ic Mrs Owen. Walsall; Mrs Yorke, Alaster Yorke, Miss Yorke ot Tunstall; Mr and Mrs Bir- mingham; Misses Yenablor, Bishop C,stl-, 29. Mrs Lloyd- Air G Edwards, Shrewsbury: Mr Gardener do Mr Airs and Misses (2) Edwards, New castle 31, Mrs Lewis— Mrs C Smith, Dudley; Mr Hughes, Tredegar 37, Mrs J OlkS- Air T l'rici, Cwmrhoudda; Air T Herbeit, wife and childreu, Dowlais 21, Mrs Hught-s— Air and Airs Aiyatt and family, Biuningham Alisses AIichell, Wolverhampton 25, Airs Edwards— Air Davies, Tredegar; Air David Thomas, do Airs Davies, (3) do Mr aud Airs William-, Ynysybw l Air and Mrs Langduii and family, Welshpool Mr = Jones, Tredegar 39, Mrs Enos— Mr Thomas, Mr Jones, Mr Roberts, Miss Plice AlrLewis, Mr J Lewis, W Lewis Ship and Castle, Mrs Roderick — Mr Alorgan, Aberdare Air Alorgan, Alessrs Jenk-is Air Sambs, Mr William-, Air Davies GEORGE STREET. NewryHou-e, Mrs Lloyd— Misses Thomas (3), Tairs Well, Cardiff: Aliss James, do Mr and Alis *.G ibl)on, Cwiravon Air Gibbon. Port Talbot; Miss Gibbon, Kent; Air Alatthews. Hafod, Pontypridd Air W ebster, Porth Miss Williams, Ferndale Miss Parker, do Air Wetmore, Leamington; Air and Airs Davies, Abercanaid Mrs Davies. do Mr John Davies, do Mr Lewds, w olvei-liairptcn Miss Griffiths, Ailesbury Miss Palmer, Birnvngham Mr nod Air Owen, Oswestry 9, Mrs Jones- Miss Guy, Walsall Miss Mayo, do Miss Parker, do Aliss A H Parker, do 10, Mrs Hughes — Mrs and Misses Neal, Wolverhampton Miss Frost, do Air and Mrs Goucher, Shrew sbury SEA VIEW PLACE. 4, Sea View Cottage, Mrs Douglit,n- Mr and Mrs Hurst, Leicrster Airs Bradley, Leeds, Aliss Bellman, Leicester 9, Airs Thomas- Mr-) Campbell, Cardiff Alis Thomas and children, Edgb-tston 11, %I i-s Jon es Mr, Mrs and Aliss Se j1, Birmingham 13, Mrs Joiles- AlLs Whatmore, Birmingham Miss Yickertson, do :POWELL STREET. 2, Airs Williams— Airs Clark and family, Newtown Air Bell and family, Birmingham 2, Mrs Hughes- Mr Jennings, Miss F Bowkett, I ss J Bowketc. Bir- mingham 3 1rs Warrdl- Mrs For,lyce Miss and Alaster Fordyce and maid Miss W ilkinson, Moseley Air and Misses Owens; Alaster Owens, Aloseley 4, Miss Jones— Mrs Brace and Alaster Brace, Shrewsbury Mrs. Edmomhs. do; Mrs. Aliss, Master ar.d Baby Wynne, Mis, Miss and Alaster Gramley, Birming- ham 5, Mrs Williams— Mr and Mrs Buoth and family. Oswestry Mr and Mrs Finney, S<afford K ?v J D Alorgan and bah), Diuas; Miss Rees, Trealaw Aliss Rees, Heolfaeh G, .\lrs -,e\\ is- Air and Mrs Jones, nurse and baby. Rhymney WILLIAM STREET. Flintshire House, Mrs Bartlett— Mr Hawkins, London Miss Wright. Stourbridge Mr Goodby, Wolverhampton Miss Roberrson, Chester 6, Mrs Thomas — Mrs and Miss Careless, \Vol\ ilizitnpt(,ii Al ss! Richards, Llangunnor Alaster William Jcne5, Coed, in-ir Kidwelly NEW STKEET. West End House, Misses G lbns— Alisses Taylor, Aliss Giocitt. Seftoa Park, Liverpool S, Airs Edwards — Mr and Airs an i fami'y. London: Sir an 1 Airs Griffiths, Sheffield 13, Air and Airs Sweet. Birmingham; Air and Airs .Jones, Hiiwain Mr Jones, Car'uarthen; Air Lmiu -Ilr Mrs Grcvn. AI stci (ireen, Han ley 20. Aliss James — Mr aud Mrs Newto-i, family itl;Ci Airs Hooth- royd, Miss Cous'ns. Lovesgr<-ve: Mis Hughes ch.ild and nur-e. Cwity adua>\ LAUriA PLACE 2, Aliss J.-nes — Air and Mrs Fryer, family and maid.. Mrs Hank'ns. Newtown AIOOR STREET 14. Airs A1 organs— Airs Smith, Shrewsbury Miss Priestley, do Miss W ynn, Hadh v. near Dndtwie Air George Priestley. Shia-v. -burv LLAN.ADARN ROAD 5, Airs Richards— L Mr and Airs Harcouic, Birmingham Air and Airs Priestley. Shia-v. -burv LLAN.ADARN ROAD 5, Airs Richards— L Mr and Mrs Harcouic, Birmingham Air and Airs Wright, King's Heath, do Mr Evans, Lcndon