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I DINAS MAWDDWY POSTAL ARRANGEMENTS. Letters distributed at 8 a.m. Post closes at 3.25 p.m. No delivery on Sunday. RELIGIOUS SERVICES. Parish Church at Mallwyd, ii mile from Dinas. Three Chapels at Dinas :—Calvinistic Methodists- Pag tor, Rev. W. Williams; Independents-Pastor, Rev John Hughes; WesL-yan, no resident pastor. Service varies. 1, PLACES OF INTEREST. There are not many places of interest. Perhaps the most important are the places which tradition assigns to the exploits of Gwylliaid Cochion Maw- ddwy (The Red Banditti of Mawddwy), a gang of thieves which infested this neighbourhood in the six- teenth century. Baron Lewys Owen, of Cwrt, Plas- yndre, Dolgelley, was killed by them about four miles from here on the Cann Office road, at a place called to this day Llidiart y Barwn" (The Baron's Gate). There is also a mound on a farm called Collfryn, about three miles from Dinas, which is said to be the place of execution of about eighty of these thieves. The mountain called Arran Mawddwy is about six miles from here. There are no professional guides. ACCOMMODATION. I Public-houses are closed at 10 p.m. There are two public-houses and one hotel at Dinas and one hotel at Mallwyd. FISHING. The valley from Dinas to Cemmes is called the valley of the Dovey, as it is drained by that river. Tickets for trout fishing may be obtained from Mr Burman, Buckley Arms Hotel, on the following terms —2s. 6d. daily, 5s. weekly, lis. monthly, and 21s. for the season.


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