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CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. CHRISTMAS EXCURSION TO LONDON. Thursday, Dot-ember 24th. With reference to the previous announcements, NOTICE IS J J EKE]; Y GIVEN that this Ex- cursion WILL NOT HE RUN. EISTEDDFOD MEIBI0.1 AT BOLOEUEY, Friday, January Isc. 18J7. Un tlie above date. Cheap Excursion Tickets will bo issued to iJolgeliey from Ltanbrvnm iir, Aberystwyth, AlaehyiijietU, 'iowvn, Bajauouth, i\,rtnnuioo. i'wilheli, aud iuter- medhte Stations. The train will be due to leave Pwllheli at 7.15 or 10.JO a.m.; 7.50 or ll.O; 8.1.5 or il.21i; ILinecii 8.15 11-44; Barmouth <S. !U, or 12.10. Towyn W.50 a.iu, or 1 p.m; Aberdovey 9.10 a.lit or 1.50 p.m.; Eorth 8.13 a.m, or 1 p.rn; Aberystwyth 8.25 u.ni, or li'.lU j».m; CV-iuaiesL'oad 8.15 a.m, or 12.5'.) p.m.; Machynlleth 9.5 a.in, or 1.12 pan; Llanbryn- m iir 8.50 a.m, or 12.15 p.in; Corns 7..55 .)r 12..S5 p.m: Aberliefenni 7.15 a.m, or 12.25 r.m; Diuas .\1 awdd.vy 8.i0 1.111 or 12.5 lioou. Special TIM ins will also be run from 151. Festiniog and other Festiui-ig Line bbtions, to connect with these trains. On the return, late Special Trains leave Dolgelley at 10.20 p.m. for Barmouth, Tortmadoc, Pwllheli, and intermediate stations, also for Festiniog Line. And at 10.0 p.m for Llwyngwril, Towyn, Aberdovey, Aberysuvytu, Alacliyuiieth, Llanbryumair, and intermediate stations, and fur Come, ALtrllefeuni, tin I Binas Aiuwddwy. For full particulars, see handbills, to be had at all stations, or frOlll Nir. \V. -11. Bough, Superin- tendent of the Line, Oswestry. Oswestry. C. S. DENNISS, General ".Manager.. THE GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY! For a Good Piano. ANNUAL SALE AT Arnfield'si "IIOALIE OF MUSIC FOR ;MUSIC IN TI-IE HOME- DOLGELLEY AND BARMOUTH. ZCLOSE OF THE \SEAS0JY. COME AND SEE The Largest Stock IN NORTH & MID-WALiES ø 8 M-— Send for our Prices of NEW & SECOND-HAND INSTRUMENTS* By the Best Makers onlv. eJ PIANOS FROM THIS SEASON HIRE AT LESS THAN Gost Price. All communications to At ARNFIELDS Dolgelley. lilEA P PRINTING AT "NEGESYDD" OFFICE" C0RRIS,(|R,S,0. UN 0 RYFEDDODAU Masnacho! Cymru Ydywy PARSE!.I Jeg a Chwecli, yn cvnwys I- 0 fa sail Caerog, Cwi.t Guy a neu Liw. Yr oil! am IOS. 6c. -c.4- c Caerog, 6 o wahanol liwiau, am 6s. i ic. Lto Bretnyn Cry! lei Cartnf, Gwlan i gy:l, 6 o wahanol hwiau, 8s. lie. Danfonwcii am Batrwm ar frys at &(E. (Briffitlj tCOMJIEltCE HOUSE. DOLGELLAU, Ncu Y Pioneer, ^LLANDUDNO, Y Compton, CO;T¡"- HAl". Rhoduwch dreial i'r Cyniro, a chewch farnu pa un yw y go rem Hefyd, rhoddir cynyg arall, set" GIVOBR 0 11 AN ICR CliVI ncu Bresani o Ult o'r COTIA U tl Godfdog hyiiy^T^TGc, Am y casgliad goreu a mwyal cyliawn o'r Givahanol Ddulliim yn Ngliy/urii o Gyjarch ciu Gilydd. Rhaid i'r cylan lod mean Haw eibvn y c.jain o'r mis kwn, _-n OWEN JONES, A.C., CORPORATE ACCOUNTANT. & PUBLIC AUDITOR. BARMOUTH. TOWYNCOUNTY INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL. HEADMASTER: 1). 1-1. DAVJES, B.A. MISTRESS :J MISS J. E. JENKINS. SCIENCE MASTER: THOMAS JONES, A.R.C.S. CLASSICAL MASTER THOMAS G. ROBERTS, B.A. r Late uf the University of Paris). MUSIC Miss MAY ROBERTS. TEACHER IN COOKERY AND LAUNDRY Miss A. DANIEL ist Class JJiflomte A .T.S.C. (London). In commodious and permanent buildings. A Chemical Laboratory equiped lor 30 students with the best apparatus procurable now ready. Also a School of Cookery and Laundry Work for tiie Girls. Classes lor.mcd to prepare for Matriculation at the Universities 01 Lonuon and Wales. Tuition lees, £$per ar,num. Boarders re- ceived by lleauuiabier at iov; charges. Next Ccnnwul consmence on Monday, litli January, 1697. Prospectus on application to Headmaster 01 l. VINCENT HUMPHREYS, Clerk to the Governui s. JiL la, HOWL AND g3 (ES.I AULlSilED IOOG,. Liverpool House, Aberdovey. GENERAL GKOCERY, PF\CV¡S¡ON, AND GENERAL MERCHANT. Agent for Faukieir's & Keller's Preserve T>~7 •- 0 r- v r- ,V !,LICIAU' I'VI-I, O. leek rreen TC Co. s lascuits Cakes. Crosse (A. iJia^KWLit LiCklUS, baUCt'S. IVC Af I! .If ,v ('i1(. r i, ,• Meuicino oncior. lioUiC cured ilams & iiacon, -HI to a Ov C/nco.,11 c Uli^esc. iM'esii ,V1 4 •• i, •• -> 0 i.»;v nicu.e iroin i'lnest l'lour L\.uiy. iriand-macle Sea Lioi.iulo m HOCK. Leylun and Indian deas at is. «d„ 2s., 2s.d- & 2S. 8d. per lb Aye,it jvr "Toiler" and iJwyryd" Teas, LUIMDOIN & LLVJ;Rpfi( I,V^ GLOBE FIRE INSURANCE AGENCY. "'P ,0. 'II'U_ W NEWYDD DA I BAWB!! CEIR YN AWE YN MASNAGHUY NODEDIG A DA VIES, ALBERT HOUSE MACHYNLLETH Stock fawr ac ainryvviol o Bob math o Esgidiau at Tymor Presenol. Y Gwneuthuriad (xoreu a'r Flasivnau Divveddaraf. I^KISIAU ANARFEROL o ISEL. DIGONEDD 0 LEGGINGS, GAITERS, GOLOSHES, &C. THE COUNTY STUDIOS- DOLGELLEY # TOWYN tx> -LR'I' — <§.. ^5. JOttllJ — 1 is now so well known, that every one may be certain of getting' the best possible work. No better or more artistic photograph can be taken^ any i where, and can be had at all prices. I. "WV-VWVA^VWNVV^AVXVX^VWWW^V ) SUCCESS IS ALWAYS GUAltANTKEI). -=:='=' .I: j I I 4 ■ ■■ ■ AGENT to LhAUING iViAKERS of- BICYCLES, SEWING MACHINES, GUNS & LOCKS. Sewing Machines from R2 2s. to £ 14.—Gurantecd for 3 years.—Is. Sd. p 1r week. A 11 parts of the above cleaencl and repaired on the Premises Keys of every description ke^t in StccP JOHNLEYAKS IVliitesmith, _Maeliinist 25, Maeng-wyn Street, .„ MACHTNLLETB? AT Y RHAI SYDO AR BRI03I. -■ — Igjtm Aufoawcli size y Fodrwy Briouasol sydd yn oisiau. I'w cael am niirliyw bris 0 los. i 40s., gCUl T. C. JONES, JEWELLER, Town, Rhoddir haner dwsin 0 lwvau te prydfertli gyda phob modrwy. II. W. GRIFFITHS-" BOOT AND SHOE WAREHOUSE, 26, HIGH STEEET, TOAV YN. Amrvwiaetli niiuvr o bob iiiatli 0 Esgidiau, Slippers, Gaiters, a Ijeggings i CJ DDYNION, MEHCIIED, A PHLANT. Goruclnvyliwr i'i- "K" BOOTS. Y Te goreu a n-iwyaf i-i-iinwoddol ydyw ALLADIN'S MAGIC TEA. Mown pacedi ilb. t a I Lb- r 'I "ALAD D 1 MAGfC" I Pris '2 s. a! 2s. 6c pwys. Y mae y TE ardderchog- hwn yn angliydmarol am Xertli ei Ffrwythlondeb a'i Arogl Hyfryd. Gellir ei gael yn wholesale o 5, Button Street, LIVERPOOL, VINCENT DA VIES. Ironmongery, Ship Chandlery, Grocery, Flou p & Corn. Gelwir ?yl\v at g\'fleinvad da o'r nwyddau uclioc. am brisiau rlicsyniol. CORNER BEOP, ABERDOVEY. T MACHYNLLETH Gfmintii 3hrttrnt£ôiaï.e rhnnl -;c;- School Re-openod Monday Sept. 21, 189S. -:ü: The School Year is divided into Three Terms. Fees Z;2 per Term per year payable in advance. Remission when more than one from a family. Head Master: MR. H. U. MEYLER, M.A, fl-'ormirli/ tir'tolfr of Jew Cvllc'/e, (hford; and late Ansisutnl-Master at Jlilt ili/l Hehwl, London, A'. 1I\ Assistant-Master: [R. EVAN JONES, M.A., (Lond.), Inter. lJ.Ó;c. (hond.J Liufcrxdt/ C'olle-/v of }Vales. AsL'istaiit-SIist.rcsci: LILLY LUilLEY.. (Late Scholar of lhj Unicerniti/ Vollejte of Xorih Wales) Recent Successes in Cambridge Local (one mark of distinction) and in Science and Art Oep.irtments Examinations, First and Advanced Stages. SCHOLARSHIPS Are ottered for Competition fur Children in Elemental)' Schools and others also, Bursaries sufficiellL to cover the estimated expenses ut travelling to and from school. Children who have passed Standard 5 are eligible for admiosion without examination. Forms of Admission to be obtained from, and applications to be sent to me, JOHN ROWLANDS, Clerk to the Governors, maciiymjj:tit. MRNRNLIMFM A FURTHER ACCELERATION IN THE TRAIN SERVICE Between Cambrian Line and Llandrindod, Merthyr, Newpopt, C pdiff, & South Wales Stations, Will come into force on December 1st. For full particulars, see December Time Tables. C. S. PENNISS, General Manager. THE CURE OF CONSUMPTION. The reports as to the success of Dr. ALibone's treatment continue to be of a most encourag"#- ing' character, and there can be little ctsubt but that he is justified in taking the stand he does. 'Consumption,' h« says, 'can bscursd.' Let the patient combine with the doctor, let his remedial treatment be conscientiously applied and adopted, and with time and patience no result is too goad to be true. Even the possibility of alleviating this terrible insidious and almost invariably tatal disease has taxed all the energies of the ablest doctors. Koch tried, indeed, to effect a cure we all know how he failed. Inoculation, cartainly, is not the true remedy to which consumptive people must look for help. Consumption is supposed to be incurable after a eoecified stage iias been reached in the progress of tne disease. 'Not so,' says Dr. Aiabone—and we pausa, ast-nished, expectant. The theory 01 the causes engendering" con- sumption is a held for gigantic research the results of its ravages are, unfortunately, Silly too clear, though we see cause and effect, and say, it is Consumption, the end ia—^dcatli.' We have remained for the most part terribly ignorajit of any means to airest the fatal progress of this most horrible foe uf our national life and civilisation. Amongst so much conjecture, so much futile striving, it is cheering to know tiiat Dr. Alabene has discovered a clue to this mystery. We are pleased to idilci that this treatment 18 now being successfully adopted by many members oi the profession. A most successful specialist in cases of consumption, his position in the world of medicine is absolutely unique. Case:, arc instanced and authoi ltativeiy voucned for, which have been actually cared, even when in an advanced stage of tilc uiduuse. Dr. Aiabone does not contend that such c..ut1,I are atways; curable, but nes sa-tt.ea conviiicia^lj, that even tiicli many C-ldi ti^ve iJe,,¡ul1 cui-ed. The nature of the treatment is Ait urta aalf and tton«i«ely in cure ot Consuaiptiura, Chronic Bronchitis, Astunia and CuUrrn,' by Edwin W. ALABOXJE, M.D., BhU., U.B.A., D.Sc., Ex-54.R.C.s., by ikxam., lUf, Prlcd 2.f. <jr\ i /} Jj fl rlouse, Jittgviouty ^tniuratK, .I.N.n, l'he work ife ia its jOti. cuitioj til (H:t4 I'Hi ), Uie iccora 01 ..<II enjniiuuj i.u.u»*r aiUii»a- i*tat«si.l oi in/ e lJlålil vi [IJIII ^r*(Ata<t inteicm. The volume is lull oi practical au^guetiuna and is most comprehensive. It c-.1u.4ius « mass of iutorm.tion of vital lniport^nce to iiioiie sulienng irolli cnest coui^iaints. To such as arc unabiw, wnetner fra.a distance or other causes, tu c^nc^ilt Dr. Alai^'w pvriuiiaily, WE would strongly ice ItillIC,a its paKttai. SUCH iLlItclel"!i C-Ail L,, uuatcvi by »ne..u» ul written directions witin.uv me ntcea;.ity eta pcrsenal interview, II. ,1., u ui'^uu lJi lmpoosible. Dr. Aiabone .—> peiicti-uu i..r bcjontl the futile and iiail-i.e.xi ied JIIt,U, as ui resisting' tlie insidioiij ;iuv.Aiu.ca ol i_u..i-uniption, ana thousands acKui»leJge tueir gr^uiuae, and we wish Dr. Aiabone tne universal lecognition,. which isjdue to nis ar^iu^usoc .~>uccssstul labours in combating t,,1.. moi-t n,oiv.aous malady. G^PAESONS^SONT Ih itcoMBE HOUSJ;, MACHYNLLETH- CHEAPEST AND BEST Oil! Oil Uii oil oil 4 Quarls for 8U1. ROYAL U.YLIGHr! RdV.v,. DAYLiCHT! iMt We arc the only Agents for the Patent Wick! t, a L,- n t For all lauds of Lumps. 11( r ui'Ii Matches Matches: Matches at ches u Large lioxes Id, 1') Snum Bo:cea Id. toTHY UU1{ Candles Canaies cauaies Candles .)to. 2d., f.itnt.i ;.)io ill. Lar^,e iga^ ij st Crystal livAst, 2: L., tta- i> £ d. ijoaf JSiigiU" l" l.u' .J ü. Tea Presents, ,h,HJ", Jrotted GJvcls, .V. btLtJ, red need l r. .:zf l/l. w;i.L.JEjJ. Seocito, .j.l_a. li'cc.j, Uiij.rotSj .lLi.d.li .i..l, "1.L.h ,-Ü.í\\ c. Large fA'L-eauu 1 ij.uest Besign Wreaks, i>ouq_uet,s, v» reath^ \iJt!l Ul" Cases. JillllSlUn Jlt.) ¡-A.I- r aO^SICCwSj LCOS, Oig'tirjc, Llll11f, Thiu 'i'Wi. caxe-, i Lie.v Twisu LAJiUAUT oJ-.LLvnoS LV THE I''UH'X OF ±'ii'iiii, b'.r.LCX.s, l'ii'i:s, All kiiitts 01 lvpiorc ex-euled turougn Alanuaieiutvi', Y\ e hold from the Connuissioue.-s vciiu,3 a J. JiC'c'ICi' 1 atOiit -Lviodici _L a lent jVLou iciiioSj fetoro Prices, b Lon) Prices. Storo Prieos. LOOK UUT, Oirx, LOOK C LTX. Fur the XMAS IJOVJiLTIS J 2\ Olllllg J-JLe liieiu belul e. We are the Only Agent ia TUVJ rot- Li P ON'S i EAS, which uruthu BEST, And have the Ciurgesl "-J" in uie W'^rid. Njtk run i'uief.s The Finest Tea the ean -l'rotliiee, Is. Td. per 11J. Ao inyin r itieh and Frayj-aui, 1: per lb. JELavs you aeon a 0. i'reseats we giya witii Bonus Te«. P Ask for our Noted. Glycorine Gruins and Voice 'Pa-stillon. PENCE ENVELOPEST" Gwneir Pence Envelopes at Gasgliadau Eglwysig, &c., yn rhad a destlus yn Swyddfu'i' NEGESYDD, Corris,