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_7- n_ 1 YOU A E DYI TG I I I | BY INCHES I 1 Your appetite is failing; there is a nasty taste in the | I mouth; you feel dull and listless, and disinclined for any | 1 exertion. Don't delay || 'H) 1 1 )I J FRANCIS'S I I BITTERS, j I W111 give you new vigour, improve the appetite, cleanse the i > tongue, and. j| ?i I SAVE YOUR LIFE. 1 I I \1 f || IN BQTOkES h". EACH. OR BY POST 1". B6. EACH. SOLE) EVERYWHERE. J I FRANCIS & CO., CHEMISTS, WREXHAM. I i i t' DON'T COUGH, ? ((" or. if* you lii I DO COUGH, ■ I l| use | FRANCIS'S i BALSAM, | M m El fj and you • j| 9 r7 e, 0-,Oj T,y Is N no 1 WO- I COUGH. I it' 0 c7 Corris Argraihvyd a Clivlu<( us ul dn y lixvi.iiK/ t>. i 0 WMNI GWASGr IDRS. Glauydon.