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J ■ YOU IRE DYING Cl'1 '1,lr "1 YOU ARE DYING 'l" J, 1 BY INCHES I |J ■■ | | 1 Your appetite is failing; there is a nasty taste in the 1 I mouth; you feel dull and listless, and disinclined for any I exertion. Don't delay ? (yj Vj i 'I | FRANCIS'S Qv"j wl°) BITTERS, y l "Will give you new vigour, improve the appetite, cleanse the f tongne, and 1 I SAVE YOUR LIFE. I J {;, ip J I IN BOTTLES 1". EAGH. OR BY POST I". 31>, EACH, SOIiD EVERYWHERE. I | __m FRANCIS & CO, CHEMISTS, WREXHAM. I (01 DON'T COUGH, I i i • i» ?)) |J or, i± yon |. I DO COUGH, I —— (5 |j use ■ • • 1 | -f BALSAM, I ■ l JiJ 7 n |j and. yon j| v WON'T COUGH. | f n: I I' I ^T -,Jf5: v -V;- 7 Morris i Argraifwyd a Chyhoeddwyd dros y Perchenog gauGWMNI GWASG IDRIS. Glanydon.