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.AT ,BODYNG-HARAD, RUTHIN1, ttQUT 2 MILES FROM THE RAILWAY STATION, C^°ttbntf,Sale of 25 head of High-Class Pedigree I)°Wn V; Registered Flock of 120 Shropshire youiia'"TO llls> Ram Lambs and Ewes, 6 powerful 6eldin„ if;ori Horses, Colts and Fillies, active Cob and ■"°ultry and Dogs, about 15 Tons of Clover Barley,le Grass Hay. 20 Tons of bright Oat and Barley traw, 156 Hobbetts of oeautiful Seed 120 tohc X hobbetts Black Tartarian Oats, about Potato^ f n £ °lcls ar)d Swedes, Eating and Seed ^griciiT- t0 £ ether with the valuable collection of Effects a Implements, Gears, and Miscellaneous TSh. & DAVIES 1- prp^0!5re(^ with instructions from the Re- VAuctf^Lta.tives of the late Dr. J. T. KING to Sell "yA-NU a the Farmyard aforesaid, on FRIDAY, ass Fi p^r^'the whole of the valuable high T Sale STOCK. ^iPlernp^ o clock prompt, commencing with the +! ^etailPS The Live Stock will be sold at 1 o'clock. ie prinollP^rtioulars in Catalogues, obtaintable at S1 from Hotels in Ruthin, Denbigh and Mold, THare; P;' Av'iK8 Cox, Accountant, 59, Hamilton 11, Wj-cl i enllead, or from the AUCTIONEER, Street, Mold. T>ER?^ara ^°^er^s' Deceased. t an Parliament, 22 •i?5^^ct°ria, chapter 35, instituted 'an Act r^steea tv\Cn(' the Law of Property and to relieve r8ttii8\ 9TICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all »g5jnsti-K avinS any claims or demands upon or f'.ParkQf! estate of WILLIAM ROBERTS, late of "JSh, Xaifee"}' Denbigh, within the Borough of Den- eiee t'lo deceased (who died on or about the Tylers 1 of January, 1900, and to whose estate i, trict n ^-dministrafcion were granted by the jessqte Registry at Saint Asaph of Her ^-> LoveT g ourt Justice to John Da vies, of ?n<l one a#3'?,6' Denbigh, the lawful cousin german, ^r the next of kin of the deceased, on the lJarticllrY Of. March. 1900). are hereby required to send ? 1,i 'writing of their claims and demands ftvfeg Undersigned, the Solicitor for the said John °0l. n or before the nineteenth day of February, *fter ti^^CE IS HEREBY ALSO GIVEN, that r^tributp ',a>r the said John Davies will proceed to f^Uies P„phe assets of the said deceased among the » iniSa,^ led thereto, having regard only to the 20,'ic(' a Remands of which he shall then have had ribntpfl at he will not be liable for the assets so k .Se clai!' 0r any Part thereof, to any person of *^ice. 1 Or demand he shall not then have had Dated h, • this Hth day of January, 1901. Hall ANEURIN O. EVANS, Denbigh, Or for the Administrator, John Davies. wantko. 'V n immediately, Nurse Housemaid for erle, & HIntry. Apply, stating age, wages, refer- to Mrs. EDWARDS. Bryndedwydd, Corwen. B TRADE — Wanted Steady Young Cr^J^orre^iring.—DICKS, High St., Denbigh. \I1' t> to borrow £ 700 at a reasonable rate 1,200. ,.lRterest on freehold property, valued at Apply jt0> 44 at this office. IN ( ^VADA, ODlCR CAPITALISTS. PFR \S WITH J Yijtt .L 1 *COMES, AI R3, ailNERS, Ii]ni rnk. MKN AND Of TH DESIdING iU8tfated £ ° LEARN 1 AI N G. Qovb **ncibook8 and Maa.-j, issued by the *ernment, may bs had post free 0 A VT A on application <o ^^nl^nA GOVrerCNM' i1 OFFICE, w MAIL-BUILDINGS. CARDIFF. 55^-J^RlTK FOR PARTICULARS. — —- THOMAS, RADCLIFFE & CO CARDIFF. *°VBMENTS OF STEAMERS, T^Utan rp, January 9th, 1901. i° I^or Thomas, left Swansea for Oran Jan. 4 j. ^anwK» arr. Garsfcon from Huclra 8 yytUigfe,0^8' ^e-ft Birkenhead for Cardiff 9 fe rp?' arr- Garaton from Huelva Dec. 30 Igl» ^,naas' arr- Rotterdam fr. Novorossisk J.8 I. KIJ from Dunkirk Dee, 24 fijjv e' Passed Pera for Novorossisk Jan. 7 ftrr- Newport from Rotterdam G ftailSwan*ea for Delaware Dee. 19 tt ii Novorossisk for Hamburg Jan.5 }iWber:, arr- Newport from Rotterdam 7 tancb, l. pallQd Pera for Rotterda,m 1 (eferstriv.er' Pera for Rotterdam 7 hon> LRrlr- Port Said from Penarth Dec. 10 i^thel Rftj Odessa from Barry 27 *eft Port Said for Novorossisk J. 8 ri ^Bor ftrr" -^•n^werP from Sulina Dec. 26 ,r*adud» ar! New Orleans from Tenenffe Jan* 3 0 lef* St. Lucia for New Orleans 4 ityston n0n' arr- Sulina from Marseilles Dec. 27 Rotterdam from New Orleans Jan. 5 r r^Q(lon i a/r- Newport from Rotterdam 2 Hoover' New Orleans for Rotterdam 7 r!atl§or<?BaFr; Cardiff from Rotterdam 7 T > nSollP^ Norfolk for Rotterdam 2 tr^rind I>era f°r Rotterdam Dec. 30 '^aiahpnr Stockton for New Orleans 17 '—i^aunched at Stockton 21 lite W & C. T. JONES, M81liP Owners and Brokers, CARDIFF. SHIPPING LIST. <vWle8rji y Cardiff, January 10th, 1901. iHo^ret 'jon«KS'i Baltimore f. King's Lynn Ja.l Affw^n,' N orfolk for Avonmouth Dec.27 „It Cardiff for Newport News 29 ^erl^icklKnj" fe-folk from Port Said Jan. 5 arr {^y };J t. Said f. Hampton Rd^ D.21 left vrd .jffrol!l Rotterdam Jan. 8 Groi0C6llt Kn 4 5'olk for Hul1 2 ief't \V • !>t. Said f. Hampton lids. D.29 ^IL I1a] ntiore for Rotterdam Jan. 3 J- tATEM & CO., CARDIFF. '• 'Lady t Cardiff, January 10th, 1901. s.o Dpp.^v' Passed Las Palmas for Puata M r VVe^mber ;r3rd. 2<H^ ari<J-oii *i Cardiff, Decern. 2Sth. s.ui e t Ba..timoro for Rotterdam, Decern. s.a" <^ulmleio-v, > s.s" i •w?11t]1v)Q|^ arr- New Orleans, January 8th. s s. "u) st\vaT(i 'T,a'vij- I't Said, January 6th. -°0(la, Bombay, January 2nd. ——■——Chcrley,' now building. St^hfn JADOMFS-B ft CO. •RTT-n Owners and Brokers, BXjte DOCK^VCARDIFF. 'C • of STEAMERS. '&irVrhe>' ^r hn i.- Jailuary 10th- 1901. Oorn '1 ar," AUnk:r; from Huelva Jan. 5th Jan sS0uWealfK < steniam from Bulgaria Jan. 9th > passe-d Algiers for Antwerp, .8te V- &-Mt)RGAN, ahlp Owners and Brokers, •BO a CARDIFF. »• Cardiff, JANUARY 9, 1901. S 011 Spanish Coast for London^ THE SOLDIERS' AND SAILORS' FAMILIES ASSOCIATION. RUTHIN AND DENBIGH DIVISION. A GENERAL Meeting of the above Association A will be held in the Council Chamber, Denbigh, on Thursday, January 17th, at 3 p.m. All members of the Committee and Subscribers are earnestly begged to attend. Funds are urgently needed to carry on the help now being given to forty five families and dependents in the neighbourhood of Denbigh and Ruthin Subscriptions will be grate- fully acknowledged by the Hon. Sec., Miss BIRCH, Maes Elwy, St. Asaph, or the Hon. Treasurer, Miss COLE, Llys Meirchion, Trefnant. THE PRINCESS OF WALES'S APPEAL. Copy of the Appeal addressed to the Press by Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales, President of the Council. SIR,—I desire, as President of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Families Association, to give a brief account of the work wehltve been carrying on nince the commencement of the War, and of our position at the present time, and I ask—knowing that I shall rot ask in vain—for your kind co-operation and support. By the munificence of the Public, over £ 510,000 By the munificence of the Public, over £ 510,000 has been directly entrusted to our care, supplemen- ted by B 190,000 subscribed for Wives and Families to the Mansion House, and 1. 50,000 received from the Lord Mayor's 'Discretionary" Fund. The whole of this sum, amounting to £ 750,000, is now nearly ex- pended, the relief being given locally and personally through the voluntary services of our members, num- bering not less than 11,000 ladies and gentlemen throughout the Cfrtited Kingdom. By che last returns from our Branches there were over 8u,000 families being then relieved, and notwith- standing the disembodiment of a larg6 portion of the Militia, and of the return of some of the troops, oar numbers do not diminish to the extent which might be expected, from the fact of Local Funds working independently, although in co-operation, being ex- hausted, and the cases being handed over to the Association. The amount now being given in relief is not less than £ 50,000 per month. The task which was imposed upoa us by a generous people was the maintenance of the family in the same position as when the breadwinner was at home. As the circumstances vary to such an extent, it was decided that this position would be secured if the income of the fanrly were made up to about two- thirds of what it was previous to separation, the difference representing the amount which may be I fairly attributed to the breadwinner's expenses. This principle has been almost universally adopted and acted upon by the various Funds throughout the Kingdom, which are being administered independently of the Association. Old fathers and mothers have also been largely aided to the exteat of the help received from their sons before rejoining the Colours. Hund-eds of letters have been received by our workers showing the gratitude of our Soldiers and Sailors for what has been done for their families during their abaence; of the anxieties from which they have been relieved during the hardships they themselves were undergoing; and of the joy with which they are looking forward to find their homes intact on their return. Without further funds these homes must be broken up, and all that we have been doing for the last twelve "months will be undone. This will be e. pecially felt during the winter months, when coals and other necessaries of life have increased in price. I therefore very earnestly appeal for help to enable us to keep these homes together until the bread- winners return, as I cannot contemplate the effect, not only upon the families, but upon the men them- selves, of the withdrawal of our aid. I take this opportunity of offering my grateful hanks to the Press generally throughout the Coun- try, who have so generously supported the Associa- tion to the Public, who have so libetally providedus with Funds; to the Employers of labour, and work ing men themselves, who have for many months set aside part of their weekly earnings and to the ladie and gentlemen who have devoted so much time and labour to carry on this great National work, which I have so much at heart. I may add that the Association exists for all times, Peace or War, and that its objects are the care of the Wives and Families of Soldiers and Sailors of the Queen, without any distinction, and in whatsoever part of the world they may be serving. The Lord Mayor has kindly consented to receive on our account subscriptions sent to the Mansion House for this object, and I would invite the co-operation of Lords Lieutenants of Counties, and of Lord Mayors, Provosts, and Mayors, throughout the Kingdom, to help me in the same way. Subscriptions will also be received by our Local Branches in each County, and by our Treasurer, Colonel James Gildea. C.B., at 23, Queen Anne's Gate, Westminster, S.W. ALEXANDRA, PRINCESS OF WALES. Marlborough House, 31st December, 1900. WELSH INTERMEDIATE EDUCATION ACT, 1889. Denbighshire Intermediate and Technical Education Scheme (No. 11). RUTHIN COUlTY SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. BRYNHYFRYD, RUTHIN. Head Mistress.—Miss ANNA ROWLANDS, B.A. (Lond.). THE School is beautifully and healthily situated JL with spacious Grounds and Gardens, Tenni Lawns, &c. The Teaching Staff is fully qualified, and the School is thoroughly well equipped with all teaching appli- ances and apparatus. Accomodation for Boarders and Day Scholars. Nest term begins Thursday, the 17th January, 1901. Application for admission should be made at once either to the Head Mistress or to the Clerk. THE NORTH WALES ASPHALTE PAVING COMPANY UNDERTAKE ALL CLASSES OF I Granolithic Paving Work. SPECIALITIES. Parapets, Garden Paths, Carriage Drives, and Stable Yards. TERMS—MODERATE. WORK GUARANTEED, Estimates and Specifications may be had II on application to HUGH ROBERTS, Fern Bank, Rhyl. GILCHRIST EDUCATIONAL TRUST. PTlHE FIRST of a Series of 5 Popular Science Lectures will be delivered in the Drill Hall, on TUESDAY next, by Dr. ANDREW WILSON, F.K.S.E., F.L.S., &c. The subject of the lecture being Coral, Coral-Maker*, and Coral Reefs," illustrated by the Oxy Hydrogen Lantern. Chairman —The Rev. Daniel Davies, M.A., The Rectory. Doors open at 7.30. Lecture to commence at 8. Tickets for the course of 5 Lectures, Five pence, and a limited number of reserved seats for the course, 10s., which may be had from Members of the Com- mittee, the Stationers, &c., or Secretary. All are urged to apply for Tickets without delay, so as to secure room. WM. PRICE, Henllan Place, Denbigh. Secretary. DENBIGHSHIRE INFIRMARY. ELECTION OF AN HONORARY MEDICAL OFFICER. THE Governors invite Applications for the ap- -t pointment of an Honorary Medical Officer in the place of Dr. Lloyd Roberts, resigned. Candidates must be qualified to practice both Medicine and Surgery, and be registered under the Medical Act, the duties of the office being both Medical and Surgical. Applications and Testimonials, addressed to the Chairman of the Committee, will be received on or before the 1st February, and the Committee may, if they see fit, require an interview with selected candidates. The election will be by ballot on 7th February, between the hours of 12 and 1 o'clock, at the lIT. firmary. Further information will be given by, and com- munications should be addressed to the undersigned. W. VAUGHAN JONES, Denbigh, Secretary. 10th January, 1901. TESTIMONIAL TO MR. ROBERT LLOYD. MR. LLOYD having, under th« Superannuation Act, resigned his office ai Head Master of the Ruthin National School, after 28 years of faithful service, a meeting of former Pupils and Friends was held in the Council Chamber, by kind permission of the Mayor, on the 11th > December, 1900, when it was resolved :— f' Tha.t a Subscription List be opened for the pur- pose of presenting Mr. Lloyd with a Testimonial. 'I Subscriptions may be paid to the London and Provincial Bank, the North and South Wales Bank, Ruthin, the Rev. J. Fisher, or the Hon. Secretary, D. GLYNNE JONES, 15, Clwyd Street, Ruthin, SUBSCRIPTION LIST. £ s d. Mrs. Nayior-Leyland, Nantclwyd Hall 5 0 0 The Rev. Chancellor Bulkeley-Jones 10 Mr. G. Blezard, Pool Park „ 1 1 0 Mr, J. Hitchin, Birkenhead 10 Mr. T. R. Watson 110 Mr. R. Blezard, Pool Park 11 1 0 0 Mrs. Bulkeley-J ones 0 10 6 The Rev. J. Fisher 0 10 6 Mr. J. Roberts, Dep utylClerk of the Peace" 0 10 6 Mr. L. G. Thomas 0 10 6 Mrs. Coltart 0 10 0 Mr. Kmbb, Greenfield, Ruthin 060 Mr. R. Williams, Llandegla National School 0 5 0 Mr. Marcell Conran o50 Mr. Walmsley 0 5 0 ™r" ^•(?nes' Elwy Grove, St. Asaph ..050 Mr. J. W illiams, Postman .020 FAIRHOLME SCHOOL. THE above School will re-open on Thursday. January 17th, 1901. For further particulars, apply to Miss FOULKES Tan'rallt, Henllan. The Principal may be interviewed at the School on January 15th and 16th, from 2 till 4 p.m. THE CRISIS IN CURRANTS. Despite the statement made that the price of Currants would be Is. 6d. per lb. before Christmas, W. Price Jones is now selling at almost normal price. Currants, 4d., 5d., 6d., 7d. per lb. Valencia Raisins, 4d., 5d., 6d., per lb. Stoned Valencia Raisins, 7d. per lb. Sultana Raisins, 6d., 7d., 8d. per Ib. Lemon Peel, 3^ finest, 5d. per lb. Muscatel Raisins, Jordan and Valencia Almonds, Figs, French Plums and Prunes, Grapes, Oranges, &c., at lowest prices. A large Selection of Cosaques, Chocolates in Fancy Boxes. Orna- mented Cakes, &c. W. PRICE JONES 23. High Street. Denbigh. TO BUILDERS, •CONTRACTORS and Others. GEO WILLIAMS, Monumental&Builder's Mason DENBIGH, RESPECTFULLY begs to call the attention of I Builders and others to the fact that he is pre- pared to undertake all kinds of Limestone Masonry for Building Purposes. Prices quoted on receipt of plans or dimensions. TOMBSTONES, of any design. Address—GEO. WILLIAMS, Mason, Beacon's Hill. tV orks-GRAIG QUARRY. A% S. A. WHEWAY, 12, RUTHIN ROAD, DENBIGH, Has always on hand a Large and Select Stock of Glass, China, Earthenware, and Pannings. Also a Good Assortment of Tin, Enamalled and Galvanised Ware. Baskets, Brushes, Common and Fancy Flower Pots, Toys, Dolls, and other Fancy Goods, suitable for Presents or Home use Also Bamboo Work. Our Toilet Sets a Speciality, ranging ZD from 4s. 8d. Tea Sets, from 7s. 9d. All other Goods equally as Cheap. OUR MOTTO Small Profits and Quick Returns. NOTE ADDRESS 12, RUTHIN ROAD: 'DONT BE ALARMIED! There is still hope for a cheerful Christmas. CALL AT R. OWEN'S ESTABLISHMENTS. AND YOU WILL FIND THE FINEST SELE CTED FRUITS For the Season, and at very low prices. Also a Large Stock of Provisions of the Finest Quality, including his usual Stock of Vale of Clwyd and Cheshire CHEESE, For which the Establishments are noted. Best Smoked and Irish Roll Bacon, Mild Cured Hams, &c. Fresh Bread Daily. NOTE THE ADDRESS- R. OWEN, 51 & 53, High Street & Star Shop, Corn and Flour Warehouses- Diamond Buildings, Denbigh THE OLDEST ESTABLISHED BOOT AND SHOE WAREHOUSE IN DENBIGH. MRS. PRITCHARD LATE Miss CROMAR), BOOTS, SHOES, SLIPPERS, &c, DURABILITY, STYLE, COMFORT, AND PRICE, GUARANTEED. The" ARIEL" Boots and Shoes for Ladies and Children a Speciality. Customers can always depend on having good value for money. Best solid leather procurable used for Repairs. NOTE THE ADDRESS :— 13, PORTLAND PLACE, DENBIGH. GREAT REDUCTION IN DRIED_FRUITS. Good Currants, 5d. per lb. New Raisins, 4d. per lb. Stoned Raisins, 6td. per lb. lIb. equal to Ii lb. ordinary Raisins. 4 Mince Meat, 6M. 1 lb. and Is. 2 lb. Jars. NEW ZEALAND BUTTER. Famons 'Taiera' Brand now arriving in Perfection. PAR RY W1QJA MS & SON 44, HIGH STREET. DENBIGH. SPEOIilL OLD SCOTCH WHISKY. Rare Old Blended Glealivet a Years Old). 1 3s. 6d. per Bottle. 40s. per Dozen. E. CLAYTON, WINE VAULTS, RUTHIN. GLASS, CHINA & EARTHENWARE, SAM T. MILLER'S 23 o HI i Ix Stores. Season's Novelties in VASES & FLOWER TUBES, For Home Decoration. Breakfast, TEA, and DINNER SETS, New Shapes, pretty designs in substantial makes. Denbigh Municipal Arms CHINA WARE. TOILET SETS, Assorted Patterns and Designs. Best Domestic GLASS, CHINA, & POTTERY. TEA-POTS, CHEESE STANDS, BUTTER DISHES, JUGS. I GLASS JUGS, WATER BOTTLES, FRUIT and CAKE DISHES. PICKLE & HONEY JARS, SALTS, and ORNA- MENTAL GLASS WARE. NEW, USEFUL, & PRETTY CROCKERY IFOR .ii WEDDING PRESENTS. Important Announcement. XT 1",i s LLOYD & JONES VICTORIA BUILDINGS, 26 & 28, Vale Street, DENBIGH, Have much pleasure in announcing that their FIRST CLASS I .n: l:lJ FURNISHIHS Establishment. IS NOW OPEN in the above premises. LARGE SHOW ROOMS. The attention of the Public is respectfully invited to the Extensive, New, and carefully selected Stock of Drawing, Dining, and Bedroom Suites, Kitchen Requisites of every des- cription, Overmantles, Mirrors, &c., &c. Office Furniture. Upholstering; French Polishing, Picture Framing, Repairing, &c., done on the premibes by skilled Workmen. Antique Furniture carefully renovated. Funerals undertaken. LLOYD & JONES, THE FURNISHING HOUSE, DKNBIGH. GRAND SHOW, COMMENCING DECEMBER 10th, 1900. Guns. Rifles. Revolvers. Air Guns. Ammunition. Traps. Game Bags. Gun Cases. Gun Covers. Folding Seats. Decoys & Calls. Turnovers. Cleaning Im- Recappers. Gunpowder. plements. Wadding. Caps. Shot. Rabbit Net- Netting Ferret Muzzles, ting. Twine. 50 GUNS, RIFLES, & REVOLVERS To select from. One day's clear trial allowed. Second hand guns taken in part exchange. Send for our Catalogue of Sporting Requisites, 24 pages illustrated, Free. H.W. ROBERTS & CO., HANDEL HOUSE, RHYL. Alliance Assurance Company ESTABLISHED 1824. CAPITAL—FIVE MILLIONS. FUNDS—FOUR MILLIONS. The Right Hon. LORD ROTHSCHILD, CHAIRMAN. ROBERT LEWIS, Chief Secretary. Chief Office-BARTHOLO-AIEW LANE, LONDON. LIFE. Policies Indisputable and without restricf.io?is. I Liberal reinstatement and Nonforfeiture plans. ¡ A low and unlimited expenditure. Large Bonuses, Ample Security in Large Accumulation* and Capital. FIRE. I Insurances completed expeditiously. Moderate Rates. Surveys of Estates and Works free. Prompt Settlement of Losses. BRANCHES At—among other plvees- LIVERPOOL—30, Exchange Street, East. O. MORGAN OWEN, Secretary. WREXHAM 28, High Street: JOHN FKANCIS, Secretary. Prospectuses, &c., may be obtained from any of the Company's Branches or Agents. 9682 HARRISON JOIES and CO. Family Grocers, Denbigh. CHRISTMAS FRUITS Our selections are now complete. We have a very large and varied Stock, and respectfully invite inspection and com- parison. We offer the best value possible, espec- ially of the finer kinds, which are very moderate in price, Our Stock comprises :— Muscatels, Valencia and Sultana Eaisks. Very fine at 4d. Finest. 6d. per lb. Cur- rants, very fine, 6d.. per lb.; finest, 8d. per 11). Stoned Raisins, 6d. per lb. Figs, Prunes, Oranges, Grapes, Lemons, French Plums, Apples, Almonds, &c.. &c. Finest Candied Lemon, Orange and Citron Peel. Spices, ground and whole, cf guar- anteed purity. Flavouring essences of all kinds, 6d. Bottles for 4Jd. 2 New Season's Tinned Fruits. (FINEST SELECTED BRANDS). Pine Apples, Peaches, Apricots, Pears, Tomatoes, &c. Ox and Lunch Tongues, Salmon, and Sardines. Crosse and Blackwell's Jams and Marmalade. Pickles and Sauces. Table Jellies and Delicacies of all kinds. Tea and Coffee Department. Our Teas are unrivalled. We invite your special attention to our standard blends at 1b. 8d.. 2s., and 28. 6d. per lb., which are of a very high character, and meet with a large demand. We shall be pleased to send free Sample of the above, or other blends which we stock. Coffee. Though the Market continues very fino, we still offer the best quality obtainable at Is. 8d. per lb,, which cannot be surpassed. A Trial is respectfully solicited. HARRISON JONES & CO., Family Grocers, DENBMH. Clearance Sale of 1900 Patterns Now On. BULLER'S BEST BIKES. GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICES. First Grade Tyres and Fittings, Best Coventry makes, from £ 10 iOs. Same Machines also from L 8 8s. (cheaper fittings). Dunlop, Tyres, Brooke's Saddles, I- inch Pitch Roller Chains- ee the following magnificent Machines- Singers, Rovers, Centaurs, Bajliss Thomas, Quadrant (Chain & Chainless), Premiers, Triumphs Townends, New Rapids, and other leading makes, At 210 10s. to £ 21. Long Cranks, High G-eirs, Free Wheels, any kind of Brakes, fitted to order. Terms to suit purchasers. Lessons, &c arranged for. A Call respectfully solicited, or Lists sent with all particulars free. Note Address- -v -D BULLER, PORTLAND PT.ACE, DENBIGH. RICHARD 'E. R U G R "E" S. AUCTIONEER, Architect, Surveyor, Valuer Land and Estate Agent. OFFICES- 10 Abbey Street, Rhyl. -_v- J. D. LEWIS, C.E., Architect, and Surveyor, Valuer, and General Agent, I>KN BIOH. Valuations prepared for Probate, Succession and Estate Duty and Transfer. All Business entrusted to him shall receive prompt and personal attention. In addition to the 18 years extensive and varied experience in his profession at Denbigh, Mr. LEWIS has had, during the last 16 years, large experience in all branches of Civil Engineering, Surveying, and Architecture; also Dilapidations, Union Assessments, Arbitration Cases, Valuations of Property, Plant] &c., in the following Public Uffices, where he has been specially engaged, viz.:—Cheshire Lines Committee, Birmingham Corporation, Overhead Railway, Leeds Corporation, Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway, Crewe Corporation, West Derby Union, South-end on Sea Corporation, &c. Highest References and Testimonials. offices:- No. 4, Valeatreet, Denbigh. LITHOGRAPHY in all its Branches PLANS of Property, Maps, Music, all classes JL lot Commercial Work, sseh as Letterheads, Billheads, Business Cards, Facsimile and other Cir- culars well executed at reasonable charges at the Banner I Office, Denbigh.