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BOARD OF GUARDIANS. The fortnightly meeting of the above Board was held at the Union Workhouse on Monday. Mr. John Foulkes presided, and there were also present Mrs. Lumley, Mrs. Edward Roberts, the Rev. J. F. Reece, the Rev. W. G. Richards, Messrs. J. Roberts (Bathafarn), R. D. Jones, E. Powell Jones, G. H. Simon, John Garoer, Isaac Daniel, John Evans, Robert White, R. H. Pugh, and Thomas Jones, with the clerk (Mr. R. Humphreys Roberts). THE HOUSE. The Master reported that the number of paupers in the house was 62, against 68 the corresponding day last year. Thirty-one vagrants were relieved during the fortnight; an increase of 10. TREATS AND GIFTS TO THE INMATES. It was also reported by the Master that the inmates had their annual Christmas dinner of roast beef, plum pudding, and a pint of coffee each, which they all enjoyed. They desired to convey their grateful thanks to the Board of Guardians. From the Mayor and Mayoress of Ruthin, the following gifts were received :-Packet of tea and sugar foreachof the inmates,.packets of tobacco for all male smokers, and oranges and sweets for non smokers, chocolate and sweets for all the children. Messrs. R. Ellis and Son sent buns and oranges for all the children Mr. W. Stead, of the Review of Reviews' office, London, sent a box of 'Books for the bairns,' and a collection of beautifully printed pictures, being copies of paintings by some of the foremost pain- ters of the present and other generations. On the motion of the Rev. J. F. Reece, seconded by Mrs. Edward Roberts, the thanks of the Board were accorded to the above for their thoughtfulness and genero- sity. THE APPOINTMENT OF A NURSE POSTPONED. THE NEED FOR A TRAINED PERSON. Only one application was received for the position of nurse in the Workhouse, viz., from Anne C. Jones, of Colwyn Bay. Excel lent testimonials as to the character of the applicant were read, but it appeared doubt- ful whether she bad hud experience in nursing. A letter was read from the Medical Officer of the Workhouse (Dr. J. M. iingheo) in which he expressed his hope that the Guardians would select for this office one that had had some training, or at least one that had gained considerable experience of more than the routine work of sick nursing. The Local Government Board had said over and over again that persons appointed as nurses should have the above qualifications. He had all along stated that sick nursing could not be carried out by persons that were not properly trained. Mr. Bircham, the Local Government Board Inspector, was also in favour of having persons tho- roughly trained appointed to these offices. Mr. J. F. Reece pointed out that the Conway Union were giving their nurse a salary of X40, and he was of opinion that the Ruthin Guardians would have to in- crease the stipend connected with the office, if they desired to secure a trained nurse. Mr Thomas Jones suggested that they should advertise again. Mr. J. F. Reece proposed that the salary offered be raised to £ 25, and that the vacan- cy be advertised at this sum. Mr. John Garner seconded. Mr. Robert White thought that? a salary of £21 was quite sufficient, considering the work to be done. A letter from the Medical Officer or even the Local Government should not induce them to do anything hurriedly in this matter. He was of opin- ion that the advertisement bad appeared fur too short a time to indues a large num- ber of candidates to apply for the office. He therefore proposed that they should advertise again on the same terms. Mr. R. D. Jones seconded. On a division, the amendment was de- clared carried. There was no other business of public interest.