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DYSERTH. SHOCKING FATALITY. EXTRAORDINARY GUN ACCIDENT. On Saturday morning, a strange and shock- ing accident befel a farm labourer, named Roger Williams, who lived with his widowed mother at Ochryfoel, Dyserth. It appears that he left the house shortly after nine on the morning in question, evidently on a shooting expedition. In his possession was an old fashioned single barrel muzzle loading fowling piece. For concealment, presumably, he car- ried the gun in his pockets, the loaded barrel in the left pocket inside his coat, aud the stock in the right inside pocket. He went in the direction of Ffordd Dywyll, a bye-road, lead- ing fromjOchryfoel,to Bryniau. That thorough- fare being in a very dirty state, he went for some distance across a field, and as he was crossing a fence to get into the lane, the gun barrel fell forward, the cappea nipple striking some object, causing its detonation, and the discharge of the barrel, the charge being im- bedded in the poor fellow's left High. A game- keeper in the employ of Mr. Ralli, hearing the report hurried to the spot, and found Roger Williams, leaning againt the fence, with his clothing in flames. The gamekeeper extingu- ished the fire, and with the assistance of Mr. David Jones, Trecastell farm, removed Wil- liams to his home. Dr. Thomas, Rhyl, was sent for, who after dressing the patient's wound, ordered his removal to the Royal Alex- andra Hospital, Rhyl, where he expired on Sunday night. THE INQUEST. An inquest was held on the body at the Town Hall, Rhyl, on Tuesday morning, before Mr. Bromley, coroner, and the following jury :— Messrs. A. A. Goodall, (foreman), E. W. Evans, High street Henry Jones, Bedford street William Lewis Foster, Bedford street Edward Shepherd Foster, Bee Hotel William Roberts, William Thomas Condon, Frederick Williams, James Nelson, Joseph Taylor Williams, Edward Jones, Queen street; Ernest Williams, William Robert McEwen, Warren Austin Taylor, Edwin Graves, and John Myerscough. The coroaer briefly outlined the circum- stances under which the death accurred, and then called evidence as follows :— Evan Williams, Llansannan, identified the body lying at the Alexandra Hospital as that of his brother, Roger Williams, who was 37 years of age. The deceased was a farm lab- ourer, and a single man. He first heard of his brother's death on Monday. John Roberts, gamekeepar, Marian Mills, CWOl, sa:d that he knew the deceased Wit- ness went on to siy that on Saturday, Decem- bar 27th, he heird a shot about half past nine in the morning. He went in the direction where the shot had been fired, in Ffordd Dywyll, near Dyserth When ha got there, he found the deceased shot, and his clothing on I fire, a large hole being burnt in his trousers between the left thigh and knee (the garment was produced). Deceased was then leaning against a fence, and he (witness) put out the fire by smothering ib with his cap. He staved I near the deceased until Mr. David Jones, Tre- caetell, came up, which he did in about three minutes. Deceased said in reply to witness that he had shot himself, but did not say how. Deceased must have been in great pain. When Mr. Joaes came up, they took the man home, and put him in bed, and he (witness) then lefo. Near the spot where the deceased stood he saw the barrel produced, a single bore muzzle load- er, and the gun stock was ia the inside coat pocket on the right side. 10 his opinion the man must have had the barrel in the left side pocket, muzzle downwards, with a cap on the nipple, and the cap must have been struck by something, and ignited, firing the charge in the gun. David Jones, Trecastell, said that he asked the deceased what he was doing and where he had been. Deceased replied that, he had only just come from home. At this time both parts of the gun were on the ground. Deceased further said that he was getting over a fence, when the gun went off, and in his (witness's) opinion the percussion cap must have been struck by the stock and exploded. Witness thought the deceased was used to carrying a gun, and he carried the gua in his pocket for concealment. By a juror-He believed the deceased was in the hahit of poaching. Dr. William Thomas said that he was called to see the deceased on Saturday, and found a diagonal wound about an inch in diam- eter, on the lower part of the left thigh. He i caused the deceased to be removed to the Alex- [ andra Hospital, Rhyl, and there attendei him I until he died, at eight o'clock on Sunday night. Deatii resulted from the wound, wh ch was no doubt a gun shoe wound. A considerable area of flesh had beea burnt, and the bone was shattere to several pieces. Deceased told him that he was crossing a fence, and the gun I barrel fell from his pocket, the nipple on which there was a cap, struck a stone, and the shot explode The jury at oace returned a verdict ef accideii ,at' death.'


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