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ST. ASAPH. T THE CATHEDRAL. 3De Rev. the Lord Bishop delivered a Clal address on Monday evening. S CATHOLIC CHAPEL. Pecial service was held in this chapel on the eve and dawn of the old and New Century. f THE DEATH Mrs, Ellen Jones, «RoeGau' is announced hoB £ *g taken place this wccli, afc the Work SPECIAL SERVICE W !18id at the C M. chapel, at 7 p.m. of the QDe °* fcil3 ols* year- Tha ™eetiog was sit °ed by the conducting of the devotional TUT*3 ky Mr. J. Parry, Brynhyfryd, Waeo. ne-Kev.^ John Elias Hughes next addressed 'e feting founding his appropriate remarks g the incident of Ebenezer.' The Rev. B. Ifugiles, g.a,ve an address on The preachers J ^rished, and the Societies organised riI*g the closing century.' h THE WATCHNIGHT held at the Wesieyan Chapel on Monday night slat inst, was presided over by Mr. E- aengwyn Davies. R.A.M., Professor of the lim°Qa* ^c'iencifie Voice Training College. The "Spart V/as devoted to miscelianfouj music y artistes principally from Henl an and St. » aPh, Miss Hannah Joiies, L C.M., DiJdos- ad acco,rupanying, while the secoad part was of i:„ vot.iona! character, and a sermon was da Rev. Arthur W. Davies, Pres- EISTEDDVODIC WINNERS. 1v1 S th i\lr. Smallwood, out of five competitors took rflf.;?r'Za Khyl on Boxing D iy, for the best ^citation of ,The Lifeboat.' At the city t8 ou New Year's Day, the (oliowiog ur Prizes Mr. Evans, City Stores, for the tiT 1-Bracket Miss Sarah Williams, Glasgoed Qr.H?rwork8, for the Stockings Mr. Robe t tg r^^s> Arsvila (equal with a Baptist minis 'Tk t0-ni ^'yniongrcew), for the best essay on j 8 '-ifluenct- of Education.' Mr. W. G to tes, Lower Shop, on Our duty in reference t 0, t j0 e oew century,' and the Rev. Jonathan eoveS '9a tae importance of our being a eHautiag people of God.' DEATH AND FUNERAL. 41 f. Joseph Henry Austin has been called from I toidst. For some years he had been as- a&t master at a school in Leatherhead, him*6 soon made many friends who clung to d IProved to him as he to them I true till °iour r 6 of them writing upon hearing the ^as -news' says» w^en be came here, I gen S.°°Q impressed with his Christian life and to tlri11688 character, and sincerely grieve fowl ana deprived of the friendship of one good +m 1 felt a real union- He was a thoroughly by eacher, and greatly loved and respected Two 6 Wk° bad the benefit of his instruction.' ago he had to give up his duties at With t?rb?ad> and after being in different places retnt j intention of recruiting his health, he IW- honie to bis mother and sister, Mrs. *asth 8 ^U3fcen. High Street, of this city. He *04 iT.emea,ns °f establishing a Lending Library Pi"ov !}e ,deman(i that has been made for books touch ka(* opened a branch which was Ceedi D?edeii» and in his selection he was ex- 6houldgiy care^u^ ^at none hut Pure literature disco admitted, and many a time it was f6aj.Vered that he had hid from the counter re H ^tter which he thought waB not fit to differ written many articles to the h&d Magazines, and the stories which he ten<jg'tten had alwaysa religious and uprising of th i contributed also to the majority W'ocal papers, and his articles were eagerly to°k a great delight in reading Man* and had a very reteative memory. have a sermon he had written which would any h n.e good to have been delivered from side j 'Pit, He was descended on his father's 8ufje:r°m a prominent Quaker family, who had frienri m,'ch f°r religion's sake, and our dear &HCe Cftrried with him the convictions of his deat^ 8* was convinced himself that parei ^as.^rawing near, but he was fully pre- • D0 0r it. A few weeks ago he was asked, he gain011 y°u wii" §et better, Josi?' 'No/ have no fear of the future, I hm jltQsted in Christ, and have done my best, do 8o like to live longer, and stay, and filled a**6 8ood in W0l"ld He ha? nearly Writ{p v.°*Ua3e °f hi8 poetical compositions, and VrouU11 ln the last page, 'that he feared he dutje n°t live to finish it.' One of his last his f.-Was selecting Christmas Cards to send to carda nends: but the hrmcl that wrote on the day H^a8 n°t able to address them. On the had should have been posted, his spirit Sun|ane to Christ. He was taken worse on t&orni^f 23rd, and by 5 o'clock on Monday the ea r Vltal spark had vanished from Was tP tabernacle. During his illness he hlQli thankful to those who called to see 8 dear mother and sister had been in 'Wil elltive to him, and hi suffered nought best at he asked for. To those who knew him ^foOnd1«eve.r was a body COIljniitted to the 8Urfe ^ith a more sure hope of a better re- haij tloh.' About two to three dozen wreaths °n Th6n 8e?^ ^or ^'ie funerai» which took place f"daJ. the officiating vicars being the "• Silas Evans, and R Thomas Jones. e







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