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HENLLAN. THE ERRIVIAT ESTATE RENT AUDIT. The half-yearly rent audit of the above es. tate was held on Saturday last, at the Erriviat Hall, when the majority of tha tenants of the three different estates assembled together. The rents were received by Mr. Ffoulkes personally, in the estate office, and he was assisted by Mr. Eglirjgton, his chief clerk, This business being over, the tenants assembled ill the large dining room, where a capital dinner was provided for them, Mrs, Bradehaw, Kings Arms Hotel, catering.. There were present in addition to the tenants, Mr. Ftonlkes who presided, and Miss Ffoulkea, Miss Glover, Miss Salisbury, Mrs. Parry Jones, Mrs. (D.) James Hughes, the Misses Clough (two), the Rev. W. E. Jones, Rector of Byichau Messrs. Howel Gee,-Speak. man, Kltehia. D. Thomas, J Ll. Williams, Horace Haselden, W. Lewis, W. Davies, and others. Dinner being over, Mr. Ffoulkes gave the usual loyal toasts, which were duly and musically honoured. The president also proposed the' Church, and ministers of all denominations,' coupling with it the name of tha Rev. W. E Jones. The Rev. W, E. Joaes. in responding, said that a parson was sometimes in difficulties be C9.U39 he had no text. At other times, he was in difficulties because he had no sermon. On this occasion, he had both a very good text and a sermon, bat unfortunately, he had no time to deliver it. He had the best possible text viz the Church, the Bishop, Clergymen, and Minis- ters of all denominations. Trie virtues of these people were so numerous that he could nob possibly have time to allude to them. Their faults were fesv.Jand therefore, ha thought that he could do more justice, la the time at his dis- posal to their faults than to their virtues. Mr. Jones then went on to relate several humorous anecdotes connected with the clergy, which were much appreciated by his audience. The cext toast was that of the Army, Navy, and Reserve Forces,apecial mention being made to those fighting in South Africa from this neighbourhood. Mr. John Lloyd, Gwaenynog Bach, proposed the healih of Mr. Ffoulkes, and hoped that he would have a long, and honourable connection with the estate. He was well liked and trusted by all the tenants. 'nr This toast was honoare-i with en.thI18: 11' which culminated in the & n .-vr.g of Fo, h jolly good fellow.' wing Mr. Ffoulkes in respondii.4, inid that | to the concert that had been' provided, he no time to make a long speech, m might have possibly been able to speak*01" on agriculture or estate matters. Undar circumstances, he could only repeat what g. said on a previous occasion, that pertaining to the estate were ,lass of and happily. He had a very go d t0 tenants, and he knew that they wereansio meet him in every possible way. He had1 D connected with other estates, and knew well what generally happenads but he C4th8 honestly say that his estate, an i he belie^a majority of Welsh estates compared ,Niste favourably in the sympathy that existed be- tween landlords and wiii, estate for England. He was very thankful io t'l3t1' the manner the? had accepted this toaet- Mr. John Williams, Bryntangor, Bryneg proposed the toast of Mrs. FfouJkes t Ffoulkes' mother), Miss Ffouikes and ths o members of the family, as well as the Ffoulkes (daughtersof the lataMaj;'f Fi<>ul Mr. Floulkes suitably resd t of the The President then proposed the toast o Press, and also to save time, included health of Mrs. Bradshaw, who had e itereotlple excellently for them. He wished to c ^,ge> with this toast the name of Mr. Howei all He had known Mr. Gee years, and he was quite aware of the P. fl' exercised by the periodicals that eiii" fale s. Mr. Gee's office, over the Principality <>' he Mr. Howel Gee in responding, said t Iv waS was very pleased to be there that day.. the first time, he had been able to aecep 0 invitation given to him by Mr. Ffonlkes. thought it was right that he sk°uV' tenants in their own language, the gi^ ju Mr. Ffoulkes had said as to the smootn w ^er? which matters connected wish the estate ^.0 being worked. He was part-cularly jjjg haar Mr. Ffoulkes admitting or statiag t qC[J estate and Welsh estates generally batter in the sympathy that existed be j0 landlords and tenants than was the c ,jngs England. Ha hoped this con "LdMr- would continue to exist. He also than* oB Ffoulkes for his reference to the Press, a' torp behalf of Mrs. Bradshaw he also had to r thanks. 11 bigb), During dinner, Mr. W. Jones (De played several selections oa the harP- ^eir Tha company then separated, and t0<5fc c3rt> places in the Dining Roooi, where a cparry was held. The vocalists were Mrs. Jones, Mrs. (Dr.) Jam -8 Hughes, t^e nftVje6' Clough, Mr. W, Lewis and Mr- w gagel* The instrumentalists were Messrs. «jjSs den, J. LI. Williams, E. A Fionas, S) Glover,Mr, Murphy, and Mr. Clayton Mr. Kitchin, Mr. T&orn s presiding piano, and theorgrm as occasion require of Tha programme consisted or a nU.rUnS Christmas Carols, instrumental select^" songs. ^^0.



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