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DENBIGH. The Schools.-The Denbigh Schools will re open on Monday next, and not on the 17th as erroneously stated. Watchnight Service.-On Monday night, a short watchnight service was held at the English chapel, Vale Street, which was well attended on the occasion. Special Services. Next Sunday, Mrs. Ray (Wrexham), of the Forward Movement, will preach at the English Presbyterian chapel, Vale Street, both morning and evening—At the Swan Lane Independent capsl, Dr. Probert, Bangor, will preaeb. New Year's Gifts —According to his wont, Mr. George Williams, monumental mason, has this year presented his fellow-workmen at the Qraig Quarry, with a new year's gift. We need hardly say that Mr. Williams' kindness is much appreciated by the re- cipients. Association for the Prosecution of Felons.- The members of this association held their annual dinner at the Crown Hotel, on Thursday evening. Mr. John. Davies, soli- citor, presided, and Mr. James Cooke was in the vice-chair. Mr. and Mrs. Hughes placed an excellent repast before the com- pany. Seasonable Gifts--In a paragraph under the above heading, in our last issue, it was stated that His Worship the Mayor had distributed meat amongst the poor of Hen- llan, and that the distribution was arranged by the Town Clerk. We have since been informed that Mr. Parry Jones had nothing to do with the arrangement of the distribu- tion. Presentation.-At the Independent Sun- day School at Tower Hill on Sunday after- noon, Mr. Decie John Roberts, Swine Mar- ket, was the recipient of a handsome Bible and a sum of money, on his removing to Rhyl to live, and as a token of respect by his fellow members of the above school. The Mayor (Mr. A. Lioyd Jones) presented the gifts. Capel Maior Literary Soeiety —On Thurs- day evening, an entertainment was given by the members of the above society. It con- sisted of songs, quartettes, duets, recitations, &c., &c. Songs were contributed by Miss Helsby, Miss Laura Evans, (Henllau), Mr. Robert Jones, Mr. T. R. Williams, and Mr. R. G. Jones. Quartettes by Messrs. T. H. Williams, R. Jones, J. Ll. Williams, and R. G. Jones. Recitations by Mr. J. G. Rogers and Mr. T. W. Griffiths. The Rev. Robert Griffiths presided, and the enter- tainment had been got up by Messrs. David Owen and T. R. Williams. Death of a toell-knovm Yeoman —The sad intelligence reached this country on Wed nesday, of the death at the front of Sergt. E. C, Salvidge, of the Denbighshire Hussars, who was fatally wounded near Hamoionia,in the Orange River Colony, on Dec. 27th, Sergeant Salvidge was one of the best known, and most efficient members in the regiment, and at the annual competitions invariably took the lion's share of the prizes. At the last training of the regiment at Ruthin, he received numerous prizes which were handed to him by Mrs. Cornwallis West He was only 27 years of age, and his death will be keenly felt by his corn rades in the regiment. The end of the Century.-Meeting at Ilen- llan Street (CM.) Chapel. On Monday evening, a meeting was held at Seion chapel, Henlian Street, to celebrate the outgoing of the nineteenth century. The Rev. Robert Griffiths presided, and delivered an interes- ting addrsss on the object of the meeting. Other addresses were then given by Messrs. Henry Williams, Richard Roberts, School House, Love Lane; Joseph Jones, Miilward Terrace; William Jones, Mount Pleasant (School Attendance Officer); Joseph Owes, fishmonger, and John Williams, Bridge Street. Almost all the above have been intimately connected with the cause at Henlian Street for a number of years, and have rendered excellent service in different directions. Songs were given by Miss Wil- liams, Bridge Street; Miss Emily Owen, Henllan Street; Miss Elizabeth E. Owen, Crebane, and Mr. H. Dryhurst Robert!?, Love Lane, and party. Several tunes were sung by the congregation. Miss Williams, Bridge Street, gave her services as accom- pa,Bist. The meeting was in every way a highly interesting one. The Baptist Chapel. On Monday, the members ot the Sunday School and congre- gation worshipping at the above chapel, were entertained to a splendid repast, pre- pared in the Vestry room by several ladies connected with the cause. The treat was much enjoyed by the numerous company who partook of it. In the evening, a meet ing of miscellaneous character was held under the presidency of the Rev. Jonah Lewis, pastor of the church. The opening and devotional part of the meeting was con- ducted by Mr. Morris Owen. Addresses were then delivered by the chairman and the following gentlemen Mr. J. Roberts on the history of the church during the past century, Mr. William Williams on 'The message of the century to the churches,' Mr. George Williams on The century's appeal to the adherents,' and by Mr. Ed ward Williams on 'The century in its rela- tion to the Sunday School.' Songs and recitations were given by Miss Edwards, the Asylum, Mr. Willie Williams, Goppa' and Mr. Isaac Jones, Beacon's Hill. The meeting was well attended, and the pro ceedings greatly appreciated. Special Police Court --Wedii es,,iay, before Mr. Mallard, John Wynne, Henlian Street, was charged in custody b Mr. P. E. Story, with stealing a fowl, early on Wednesday morning, January 2nd. Sergeant FarreH said that about two o'clock on Wednesday mor dng, in consequence of complaints re- ceived from Mr. Story, he went in search of the prisoner, and found him in the house, and charged him with stealing a fowl, the property of Mr. Story. Prisoner admitted the offence Witness found a number of feathers and bones in the house. The pri- soner was remanded in custody on the ap plication of the sergeant until Friday (to- day).—Oa Friday, before Dr. D. Lloyd, Mr. W. Meliard, John Davies, and Robert O wea, Wynne was brought up i custody charged with the offence. Mr. P. E. Story said that he had been informed by his sister on Tues day night, that some more fowls had been stolen. After one o'clock the next morning. he placed the matter in the hands of the police. The fowl was valued at 2s. Sergt. Farrell said that in consequence of information received from Mr. Story, he went to make inquiries. He called upon the prisoner, who at first denied all knowledge of it. He searched the firegrate, and found the bones and feathers (produced). There was a quantity of fowl soup, and vessels on the table that had contained fowl.' Witness again asked the prisoner what he had got to say, and he replied It is no use, I've done it, but I only took one. I would not have taken it only I was in drink, and I had no food in the house for the children.' Witness did not see any food in the house, except some crusts. Mr. Story said he did not wish to press the case, Prisoner was bound over to come up for judg- ment when call«d upon in the sum of £ 10, and to pay 18s. costs. A fortnight's time was allowed to pay. THE RATNFALL OF 1900. We have been favoured by Mr William Barker, clerk to the Asylum Visitors,, with an account of the rainfall during the past year, taken by him at Llyn-Bran and Pant y Maen, on the Hiraethog mountains. Llyn Bran is situated 1,428 above sea-level, and Pant y Maen 1,320 feet. Llyn-Bran. Pant y maen. January 493 489 February 5,21 5'74 March 2 00 2 05 April 289 S-36 May 2 60 253 June 3 25 2 93 July 2.00 168 August 9 39 10'03 September 177 l-52 October 875 815 November 6'15 6'16 December 6 49 6'09 Total 5543 5413 Total for 1899 57.31 53-42 The table shows what a terribly wet month August was, when nearly one-fifth of the total rain for the year fell. The next wettest month was October, and curiously enough, the driest month of the year—Sep- tember—came between these two months. Another interesting fact connected with this table is, that the raicitall at Llyn Bran was less by about two inches last year than the year before, whilst at Pant y Maen the rainfall is greater by neariy an inch. This, we presume, is due to local showers and thunderstorms.


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