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----THE WAR.






THE BOER INVASION. — A CALL TO ARMS: Capetown, Monday. A force of over 200 Boers this morning stop pad a train, consisting of empty goods trucks and one or two passenger carriages, a few miles north of Rosmead, and afterwards burned it. About 60 colonial troops travelling by the train were captured, but were released after a short detention. One or two were wounded.— Reuter. Port Elizabeth, Monday. A train has beei he!d up six miles to the north of Bangor, between Rosmead and Sher- borne. It was a goods trtin of 30 vehicles, and 60 men of the Prince Alfred's Guards were travelling with it on their way back from the front, while there were about 40 passengers, women and children. The enemy numbered 200, while their sup porters were seen in the distance, concealed behind rocks, close to the line. The soldiers defended themselves until their small quantity of ammunition was exhausted, when all were made prisoners, but they were subsequently released. The passengers had a narrow escape, as the saloons were perforated with bullets. None of them were hit, but the troops were lesa fortunate, as an officer, three men, and a native were wounded more or less severely. After the train was brought to a standstill, firing was maintained for at least ten minutes. The carriages were looted, then burned. The guard was ordered to Sherborne to meet the engine and haul back the saloon and van with the wounded and the women and children This was done. The passengers were attended j to at NaanwpooT t, and the wounded were taken to the mihtary hospital. The inhabitants of Rosmead and a number of refugees hurried away south, some to Port Elizabeth and others to Grahamstown. The railway officials cleared the station of all roll ing stock, and no traffic has gone through since Military supports have been sent nt)rth.-Preisii Association War Special. Cradock, Monday. Considerable excitement was caused here to day by a report that a train had bpen cap tured by the Boers early this morning between Sherborne and Rosmead. A train which pass ed down the line at half past five was not molested, and nothing unusual was observed by those iu charge of it, except a few horses An empty goods train which followed at seven o'clock was passing slowly over a place which had been temporarily repaired owing to damage caused by a racent washaway, when it was fired on. A bullet pierced the vacum brake and stopped the train, which the enemy burned. The driver, fireman, and guard was liberated and walked to Sherborne, three miles distant. The engine, which had been uncoupled and started at full speed, exhausted itself, and cam$to a standstill two miles outside Rosmead The commandant at Rosmead has ordered all the women and children away. A trainful ot refugees has arrived at Cradock, where they have been housed in the school room. The commando which crossed the line is reported to be making for Middelburg. The wires have not been cut.—Press Association War Special.