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----THE WAR.


THE WAR. DAY BY DAY. SATURDAY. THE INVASION OF CAPE COLONY. HARASSING THE ENEMY. DUTCH COLONISTS LOYAL. Burghersdorp, Thursday. KITM F *NVASION of the colony Lord visit\EQE £ WIFCH HIE USUAL energy, paid a flying &RRAN E AAR ^ND Naautfport, and having ried *OR °PERAtions in the colony to be car- FCRA„,0UB ,BY Generals Settle, Inigo Jones, and PA again for Pretoria. trv i!ules °* ^O0rs continue to roam the coun- ted ^twe0Q Brithulie, Venfcersbad, Steynburg, HAVP G1LER8(LORP' UP TO THE pRESENT THEY CHAN in doing much harm,merely THE venue of operations from the 0J OF the Orange River Colony to the north sist COIONy- THE main commando, con- L INS OF about 700 men, is being admirably FORE LA ^ECK FEY Colonel Grenfell's mounted ALTHN' YLLI-CH *8 FEL10 enemy no rest, I3 operating in a moat difficult, TH N°U8 couotry. hort-V,6 ENEMY ARE at present moving to the FEU EAST OF Steynsburg, where Colonel Gren- Itn CA,TOE into contact with them yesterday, the R. ATE'Y the British guns came into action JIR«» I°ER8' as usual, retired, moving in the GRENF 11° Stormberg and Henning. Colonel HEADP^ however, cleverly interposed and THEM THEM NORTH-WESTL' AND IA NOW following TH ^THAF-0108^ SRATIFYING feature of the invasion ■DUTCH 80 ^AR AS *S KNOWN, not a single colonial of PN N joined tho enemy. Small parties «F T^ERA HAVE visited the farms in the vicinity A8SN„!LAP^AAR> BUT all is quiet here.—Press SOCIA^ON War Special. A CALL FOR COLONIALS. ^°RE MEN AND HORSES WANTED. Hobart, Friday. Cba.elegrrn has been received here from Mr. rab q*n requesting the Tasmanian Govern- ftuai 0,send men and horses to keep the las- full ct COntingent in South Africa up to its rength.—Reuter. THE MAORI CONTINGENT. Th AGENT General for New Zealand, inter- LLAOJJ °? FCHE Colony's decision to include 100 <.LA NEXT contingent to be sent MAORI, SOUTH Africa, pointed out that the JECT MU8T not be placed on a level with sub- «istjN CEA- They were free citizens, ably as. government of the Colony, as PEOPLE HOINELY, and humane as any white *°Qld nndertook to say that nothing THE BAN? °UN<L to object to in their conduct on and humafieId" TIiey vvoaI<* 51)0111 couraSeous LORD ROBERTS AT GIBRALTAR. Gibraltar, Friday, CANA-J. J*°WTS arrived here on board the HE WIN I MORNING land till land at noon, and sail again for Eng- seven O'clock, -Reuter. EOME-COMING OF THE CANADIANS. BRILLIANT SCENE. L Toronto, Dec. 28. the citizens of Toronto paid a °FTICETB ?T tribute to Colonel Otter and the HAYE °* the Royal Canadian Regiment, who verr t rned from South Africa. Five tri ent men from all parts of **8 a I? .?.AFC Jflown to the banquet. The scene THE ONE' *(\VEI;nor General, in his speech on the TTOT f0R LNtimated that the Government would MS STABLY to reward Colonel Otter for • COLON! IWO'PK- ^IDENT graphically described the chief THE CONF-0* the campaign and the reception of SAID Q ,TLN8ENTI in England. The regiment, R1 ^'TER, was very raw when it left ^°THER' NUT fervent feeling love for the EVE* °UNtry and for the flag, in the breast TURN IT P MAA MADE it easy for the officers to EU THE V(8I*FY'0118 °* ^18 RAOS' efficient battalions A^°88' ^>REMIER of Ontario, made an elo- J^&ED C0UT3Q °F which he ex- *|STANT 5E ^"P8 THE time was not far hi§h A ^HEN a Canadian colonel would rank as A BRITISH colonel.—Reuter;