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FLINTSHIRE & DENBIGHSHIRE STOCK AND SHARE MARKET. Reported by Warmsley, Jones, and Co., 29, Eastgate Row (N.), CheBter, and taken from their Circular. JANUARY, 1901. I The prices of the North Wales Lead Mining Shares have, generally speaking, been well! maintained during the past year. A third Interim Dividend of 7s. per Share has been paid by the Halkyn Mine, making a distribution of 85 per cent, during the past nine months, against 75 per cent at correspond- ing period of last, year. The North Hendre Mine has paid a Dividend of 48. per Share, making 20 per cent. divided during the past twelve months. The Plao Winter Halkyn Mining Co. are issuing Perference Shares tolfurther develop their property. The undermentioned local Shares have changed hands during the past month at fol- I nvin prices: Chester Queen Railway Hotel JE20 Shares 281-29 Chester Northgate Brewery £10 (Pre- ference) Shares 31-14 East Halkyn Mine £ 1 (17s. 6d. paid) 2k Llanarmon Mine £ 1 Preferene Shares 10s.— 12s. 6d. JE1 Ordinary 6s.—7s. 6d. We hear of the following being on offer Chester Grosvenor Hotel f20 Shares 8 Chester Blossoms Hotel, flO Shares 10 Chester Gas Ordinary C' Stock 170 Halkyn Drainage £10 Shares 25 Halkyn Mine £ 1 Shares 11 North Hendre Mine E2 10s. Shares 4 East Halkyn Mine £ 1 Shares (17s. 6d. paid) 21 Llanarmon Mine £ 1 Perference Shares .12s. 6d. £ 1 Ordinary 7s. 6d. STOCK AND SHARE LIST. January, 1901. Wrexham Waterworks Company Con- solidated Stock 180-185 Wrexham Waterworks Company 5 per cent. Preference £ 10 Shares 15 Wrexham Waterworks Company Ordi- nary f,10 Shares. 12-13 Hawarden and District Water Com- pany EIO Shares, fully paid .par National Provincial Bank of England, Ltd., £ 75 Shares, £10 10s. paid 55-56 2 National Provincial Bank of England, Ltd., f60 Shares, 912 paid 64-65 North & South Wales Bank, Limited, 940 Shares, £ 10 pai(t 37i—37| Walker, Parker and Company, Ltd., £10 Shares, fully paid, 6 per cent., Cumulative Preference 11-121 Walker, Parker and Company, Ltd., 4 Debentures 84-86 Victoria Pier and Pavilion Co., Col- I uyg Jteyv Limited, £ 1 QrOirtery Shares >u il4 Sli 1-—1| Halkyn Mining Company, Limited, £ 1 Shares, fully paid 11.12 Halkyn Drainage Company, £ 10 Shares, fully paid. 25-26, East Halkyn Mining Company, Ltd., £1 Shares, 17s. 6d. paid z.2i South Halkyn Mining Company, Ltd., £ 1 Shares, fully paid 1- 2: North Hendre Mining Company, Ltd., £ 2 10s. Shares, fully paid 4f—5 £ Talac:re Mining Company, Ltd., £ 1 Ordinary Shares, fully paid. Talacre Mining Company, Ltd., gi Preference Shares, fully paid. United Minera Company, Ltd., 91 Or. dinary Shares, 17s. 6d. paid 1^—1J Llanarmon Mining Company, Ltd., £ 1 Ordinary, fully paid 5s.—10s. Llanarmon Mining Company, Ltd., £1 Preference, fully paid 10s.-15s. _->Jl"


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