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————————— Winners of the Silver Medal at the D, and F. Agricultural Society's Show, held at Denbigh, 1900. CONNAH CO'S DEPOTS DEPARTMENTS. AGENCIES. Rhyl Bangor Cycles Enamelling] Humber Hudson Denbigh Carnarvon Motor Cars Repairs Premier Raleigh Warrington Holyhead Baby Carriages Hockey j Trudge l Crescent Chester Llanrwst Bath Chairs Tennis Swi it St. Helens Blaenau Festiniogi Plating Golf Enfield Cheapest and best place in North Wales for Royal Cambrian (Ladies) is the prettiest Safety Cycles, Children's Carriages, & Bath Q)iairs. *n the Market-non-puncture Tyres, and Largest Stock outside London to select from. transparent Gear Case, B12 10s. Cash or Easy Payments.. Royal Cambnan ^icycle is the Machine Depots (as above) can supply any article con- excellence for middle age riders, £ 20.| nected with our trade at once. W R°yal Cambnan tricycle is the pleasantest and If] Business being a very extensive one, we can safest Machine for pleasure tours. buy and sell cheaper than other firms. Boyal Cambnan Tricycle has been ridden several Si Little Druid Safety for Children at £ 5 5s. with „ times 50 miles after tea by a lady 'T* Pneumatic Tyres, is a marvel. (A) Boyal Cambrian Tncycle is fitted with Non- CO Druid for Adults for B7 10s. is best value in g puncture Tyres, double brakes, luggage carrier, fi Roial mish' fitted complete with Warwick or <-( Boyal Welsh Motor Cars, safest in the world C Dunlop Tyres, and weighing only 26$lbs,, rH Guaranteed, and every part removable. costs only £ 10108. O Eoyal ?elsh 5f°t?r j3* S6nt Purffaser« O Boyal Welsh Ladies, vith Puncture-proof own door ready to drive, use of driver for 2 U Tvres is best value ever offered at £ 1010s LJ w „ • ■ A Boyal Cambrian Bacer is the finest flier exist- w Boyal Welsh Motor Cars, are inspected period- iL—' speedmen' should hurry for one, £ 12 ically by our inspectors, and oaly costs £ 17 .3s. Vi? p Easy Payment System applies to everything Rnvai Cambrian Roadster is an ideal Tourist's we sell—absolutely secrecy secured. machine—light, safe, easy, non-puncture Cash System gives purchasers far better terms Tyres, all for £ 12 10#. than even the London Stores. Works-LAKE SIDE, RHYL. Telegram-(CONNAH, and Name of Town). DEPOTS-5, YALE STREET, DENBIGH-wher enquiries may be made. joor ASK FOR No m rtIAN p I RUTHIN TABLE WATEBS, FBOH THE I NOTED ARTESIANSSPRrNG. Soda, Seltzer, Lithia, Potass, &c Write for Particulars- Address-Manager, Cambrian Works, Ruthin, N W • Use Hazlehurst's Gold Medal Soaps. U IN DOUBLE TABLETS, 2ld. each. V) Buy it, and '-L L- Save both Time and Money. | —< Efficient and Economical for Laundry Work, and for all "Washing U ,ø;,c£- Purposes. "L-, ]f jC "j TABLETS, 2id EACH. S* 1 i J.> .L-I..L..J 2- l ~~HAZLBHUBST^S SOAPS. 1!8.4:L. -rilf.tro v C* Balm o Gilead fu UrJ^VJlAVXJQi io George's Pills i mi. "They are more than Gold to me—they saved my life. J One wonders that things so small should produce such mighty results," PILE & GRAVEL Ma ny of my Customers have been cured who hare suffered for twenty years. The three Forms of this B emedy No. 1.—George's Pile and Gravel Pills. N«. 2.—George's Gravel Pills. J j J | .js* No. 3.—George's Pills for the Piles. In Boxes, Is. lfd., and 2s. 9d. each by post, Is. 3d. and 3s. Proprietor :J. E. GEORGE, M.R.P.S., Hirwaen, Glam. —m—■—^B—agoare——MM——BMM» HI■ KB p n The Prudent Housewife knows at this §g IM|H I PK time of year that it is essentially her M WW IIW I ■■■■• duty to provide warm and comfortable || Bed Clothing for the Winter. We offer uusurpassed advan ages lor buying Bed Clothing from us. t|| OUR HOUSEWIVES' GUINEA PARCEL 1 contains:— || i Pair of Superfine Witney Blankets, each blanket 1 bound pink, 7 lbs. weight. S I Pair of Whit Twilled Sheet*, 2U yds. long by ? 2)& yds. wide, hemmed ready for use. SS 1 PalrofWhite Pillow Cases,full size,buttoned ends. *8 1 White Counterpane, 3 yds. long by 2% yds. wide, M i woven pattern, good design. @| 1 Duchease Toilet Set. 1 The appropriateness of these Parcels as Wedding presents is 11 Obvious to those seeking some appreciable token of feeling to §§ bestow upon friends or relatives contemplating marriage. m We make these Parcels up to the value of Tea Guineas. All Kg goods sent carriage paid on receipt of P.O.O. Quality and I Quantity according to the price charged, in each case we m ■ guarantee the best value procurable. f B I BROOKFIELD'8 Market Sq., STAFFORD, i I Establlahad over 100 ya&n. j Bj AN ENGLISH AND WELSH DICTIONARY i Adapted to the present state of Science and Literature; in which the English "Words are deduced from tee originals, and explained by their synonyms in the Welsh Language. By the Rev. D. SILVANEYANS. 1 In 2 vols.; in boards, price £ 2; half calf, £ 2 5s. OcZ.; and fnl calf, £ 2 7s. Gd.




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