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Alliance Assurance Company I ESTABLISHED 1824. OAPITAL-FIVE MILLIONS. UTTFFDS—FOUB MILLIONS. The Right Hon. Lord ROTHSCHILD. P CHAIBMAN. ROBERT LEWIS. Chief Secretary, E* OSES—BARTHOLOMEW LANE LONDON. P LIFE. »Ci68 Indisputable and without restrictions. 4 ht re}QatatQmentj and Nonforfeiture plans. » an{ £ limited expenditure. Largs Bemuse* P« Security In Large Accumulations and Capital. FIRS. Ratas*068 comP'eted expeditiously Moderate 5W.fi' "^rveys of Estates and Works free. Prompt Ottient of Losses, B SAITOH ES Y Tt_ At—among otiter places— EB.POOI.3O, Exchange Street East. 0. Morgan OWEN, Secretary. "^BEXIIAM 28, High Street: JOHN F11ANOIS. Secretary ComrPec,tusea> &c- > may be obtained f om any of the- 8 Branches or Agents, 9682 EISTEDDFOD GADEIRIOL A CHERDDOROL DINBYCH, tLDN Y PASC, 1901. TESTrNATJ ya awi vn barod. Anfoncr l^c. mewn ^Hu \mps i'r Ysgrifeuydd—W. H. PlUTCHARD, 13, ^PdPlace, Denbigh: Yy NTED, immediately, Nurse Housemaid for enCes 5^011Btry. Apply, stating age, wages, refer- to Mrs. EDWARDS, Bryndedwydd, Corwen. ANTED, 2 or 3 Blacksmiths, mostly for Im- eats and Repairs. Good wages for good Wo^6"; Apply to EYNON THOMAS, Implement ■^If^^anjbyther. W AMTED, an Assistant to a Draper and Grocery, Baan fr business, in the country. A strong young Will be°ttl years aSe- Good character. He and hair^U^rec^ ou^ a grocery cart a day 40 °f each week. Apply, with testimonials, office. A v LOST' Bitch. Black Colour and Bough Coat. Pair D as^ray the day following the last Denbigh T. Li,n ^formation regarding it to be sent to gele> yD Griffiths, Tantrvfan, Llansannan, Aber- tv AN THOMAS, RADCLIFFE & CO CARDIFF. MOVEMENT^ OF STEAMERS. December 27th, 1900. Iol0 *1 an Thomas, arr. Birkenhead fr. Huelva D.22 A, organwg, left Manchester for Huelva Dec.22 arr. Huelva from Algiers 23 ^alt rrly'^ t Huelva for Mersey 22 Bain 61 Th°mas, passed Pera for Rotterdam 20 W T ^DF' ^ar(liff from Dunkirk 24 SajaK 5;a(icliffe, left Cardiff for Piraeus 15 ftj;arv J^-dcliffe, arr. Rotterdam fr. Novorossisk 25 Janp R ?rrias' Swansea for Delaware 19 D0Uf>1 a(3.cliffe, arr. Constantinople fr. Newport 22 lilaaf, arr- Rotterdam from Odessa 26 3HaQc^ri8» arr Novorossisk from Anapa 24 Petera* er, arr. Novorossisk from Marseilles 24 Antli arr* Said from Penarth 10 j^adcliffe, passed Pera for Odessa 25 e' Passed Gibraltar for Port Said 20 \Vin i Ven> arr. Antwerp from Sulida 26 I t*laniqSOj' Teneriffe for New Orleans 16 ^addi i10, f°r St. Lucia 19 l2ti8tn ,on> passed Pera for Sulina 26 ■Wink0' Newport News for Rotterdam 18 Swinri°rrie' arr- Rotterdam from Odessa 20 Llan. °n> left Cape Verdea for New Orleans 12 Llari(fVer' arr. Rotterdam from New Orleans 25 Idanff^v?6' left New Orleans for Rotterdam 24 "Qan^»- i' Odessa from Barcelona 22 l-laninu Stockton for New Orleans 17 Launched at Stockton 21 W. J. TATEM & CO., CARDIFF. s>8> tj Cardiff, December 20th, 1900. Decetuf ^ewis left Cardiff for Puata Arenas, 8.s. her lQfi • I* Lewis,' arrived Rotterdam. Decem- s.8. g passed Bermuda for Baltimore, Dec. s^DeCe^^cigh,' passed Gibraltar for New Orleans, Cardiff, December 19th, for 'Voodn^r^ ^°>' entered Suez Canal, Dec. 19th. s-s. 4Chorley,' now building. Sta W\ & C- JONES, AJHSHIP Owners a ad Brokers, CARDIFF. SHIPPING LIST. •&»rles T Cardiff, December 27th, 1900. 'B)!^aret Tr.«nea>' Messina for Baltimore Dec. 1 AtiU^Ven arr- Norfolk from Wilmington 22 '*WWeV 1p? 1 T3ttrdiff from Hamburg 26 't)pi^?riek ICnL^r,t,Said for Norfolk 7 lef?w^ • efc Waidfor Hampton Eds. 21 ■aJLBtUlm°re for Rotterdam 6 '^nilce»t KnLl?l,rI'olk from Genoa 2rt ^°Qf3Wen,' arr- Port Said from Cardiff 23 tc Genoa for Baltimore 2 SENELI'ES BADCLIFFE & CO., Uiship Owners and Brokers, BUte DOCKS, CARDIFF. ^O^EMENTS OF STEAMERS. <2ra%Uf>' December 21st, 1900. 'oitkdale'wlY^d huelva Dec. 20 0ftlOioa'Woc.uu"bick for Amsterdam Dec. 20 aith, arr. Sulina from Trieste Dec. 16 ELVI:D latear GE & MORC,,SNI aellip Owners and Brokers, *Sn CARDIFF. — °RQAH. CARDIFF, DECEMBER, 29, 1900. Algieril from Newport Dec. 25, 1900. 'DONT BE ALARMED! There is still hope for a cheerful Christmas. CALL AT R. OWEN'S ESTABLISHMENTS, AND YOU WILL FIND THE FINEST SELECTED I FRUITS For the Season, and at very low prices. Also a Large Stock of Provisions of the Finest Quality, including his usual Stock of Vale of Clwyd and Cheshire CHEESE, For which the Establishments are noted. Best Smoked and Irish Roll Bacon, Mild Cured Hams, &c. Fresh Bread Daily. NOTE THE ADDRESS- R. OWEN, 51 & 53, High Street & Star Shop, Corn and Flour Warehouses— Diamond Buildings, Denbigh THE OLDEST ESTABLISHED BOOT AND SHOE WAREHOUSE IN DENBIGH. MRS. PRITCHARD LATE lVlrss CROMAR), BOOTS, SHOES, SLIPPERS, &C. DURABILITY, STYLE, COMFORT, AND PRICE, GUARANTEED. The "ARIEL" Boots and Shoes for Ladies and Children a Speciality. Customers can always depend on having good value for money. Best solid leather procurable used for Repairs. NOTE THE ADDRESS 13, PORTLAND PLACE, DENBIGH. CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. H. E. JOYCE, JEWELLER, &c.. &c., ST. PETER'S SQUARE (NEAR THE MONUMENT), RUTHIN. begs to announce that he has just added to his already large Stock a splendid ZD assortment of Gold and Silver Jewellery,! Watches, Fancy Clocks, Silver and Electro Plate, suitable for Christmas Gifts, at remarkable Low Prices. 10 (2s. in the 2) will be allowed on all purchases during the remaining part of December. All Articles are marked in plain figures. An Inspection respectfully invited. Please note that this is the Cheapest and best establishment for all kinds of Repairs. GREAT REDUCTION IN DRIED_FRUITS. Good Currants, 5d. per lb. New Raisins, 4d. per lb. Stoned Raisins, 6id. per lb. 1 lb. equal to Ii lb. ordinary Raisins. Mince Meat, 6M. 1 lb. and Is. 2 lb. Jars. NEW ZEALAND BUTTER. Famons 'Taiera' Brand now arriving in Perfection. PARRY WILLIAMS A 80N 44, HIGH STREET, DENBIGH. SPKClUr OLD SCOTCH WHISKY. Rare Old Blended Glenlivet (7 Years Old). 3s. 6d. per Bottle. 40s. per Dozen. E. CLAYTON, WINE VAULTS, RUTHIN. BENSON EVANS' Cherry Balsam. A Remedy, Sate, Sure, and Speedy for Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Tightness of the Chest, Difficult Breathing, Influenza, Asthma, & Chronic Bronchitis. This remarkable Preparation clears the Air Passages and affords unspeakable relief in all cases of Chest Oppression and Lung trouble. Get a Bottle TO-DAY, and keep it by you. It may be worth its weight in Gold to you TO-MORROW. In Bottles, 7|d., Is., & Is. 9d. The Grocery Department will be found to contain a choice selection of TEAS, from Is. 6d. to 3s. per lb. Best Family Teas, 2s. and 2s 4d. per lb. Best Quality at Is. 6d. and Is. 8d. per lb. CHRISTMAS FRUIT of all kinds, and of the Best Quality only, at moderate prices. BENSON EVANS, CHEMIST & GROCER, 32, HIGH STREET, DENBIGH. THOMAS ROBERTS, Begs to call attention to the Great Reduction in Currants. Good Currants, 3d. per lb. Fine Currants 5d. „ Finest Currants 6d. Fine Raisins 4d. „ Very Fine Raisins 5d. „ Finest Raisins 6d. „ Fine Lemon Peel 4d. „ Finest Mixed Peel 6d. „ SPECIAL BLENDED TEAS, Is. 4d., Is. 6d., 2s., & 2s. 6d. per lb THOMAS ROBERTS 41, HIGH ST., DENBIGH. BEST HOME-MADE & HOVIS BREAD FRESH DAILY. THE CRISIS IN CURRANTS. Despite the statement made that the price of Currants would be Is. 6d. per lb. before Christmas, W. Price Jones is now selling at almost normal price. Currants, 4d., 5d., 6d., 7d. per lb. Valencia Raisins, 4d., 5d., 6d., per lb. Stoned Valencia Raisins, 7d. per lb. Sultana Raisins, 6d., 7d., 8d. per lb. Lemon Peel, 3^ finest, 5d. per lb. Muscatel Raisins, Jordan and Valencia Almonds, Figs, French Plums and Prunes, Grapes, Oranges, &c., at lowest prices. A large Selection of Cosaqucs, Chocolates in Fancy Boxes. Orna- mented Cakes, &c. W. PRICE JONES 23, High Street. Denbigh. XMAS FRUIT. r p p.m E.P.JONES,SOfUCO. PRICES FOR ONE MONTH ONLY. Valencia Raisins from 3d. per lb. Sultana Raisins from 6d, per lb. Currant from 4d. per lb. Lemon Peel from 3d. per lb. We have secured some of the Finest Fruit of the Season. and confidently challenge Zn- Comparison of PRICE and QUALITY. XMAS TREAT OF BARA BRITH (PLUM CAKE). 2s. Cake for Is. Is. Cake for 6d. Orders for these Cakes must be to hand not later than December 21st, and will be delivered on Christmas Eve. For this Month only a Beauti- ful CANISTER is supplied FREE with a Pound of our Matchless 2s. and Is, 6d. Tea. E. P. Jones, Son, & Co. 1900. XMAS. 1900. Now on Show at S. A. WHEWAY, 12, RUTHIN ROAD, DENBIGH, A Large and Select Stock of Christmas and New Year Cards. Toys of every description. Games suitable for Young and Old. Dolls, Rocking and other Horses, Bamboo work, Fancy Foot Stools, Glass and China, Dinner, Tea, and Toilet Sets (suitable for all classes), Fancy and Common Flower Pots, Teapots, and other Fancy Goods suitable for the Season too numerous to mention. Call and see for yourselves. A Visit respectfully solicited. OUR MOTTO Small Profits and Quick Returns. NOTE ADDRESS 12, RUTHIN ROAD. 'THE DEFIANCE GUN,' SOs. Well worth 80s. 12-bore Centra Fire, Double Barrel Breechloader. Left Choke, Top or Double Grip Action, with Lever underguard, Twist Barrels, Horn Heel Plate, Walnut Stock, Double Bolt, Rebounding Locks, Patent Fore End, &c. Sound and well made; warranted to shoot and handle well, price 50s., worth 80a., carriage paid, satisfaction guaranteed, or cash returned. Do not buy guns at a shop; deal direct, with the actual manufacturer, and save retail profits. Beautifully Illustrated Catalogue full of interesting and useful Information concerning every description of Sporting Guns, Rifles, &c., post free. B. & D. DAVIS, Far Killing Gun Manufacturers, 31, NEWTON ROAD, BIRMINGHAM. Important Announcement. LLOYD & JONES VICTORIA BUILDINGS, 26 & 28, Vale Street, DENBIGH, Have much pleasure in announcing that their FIRST CLASS FURNISHING Establishment. IS NOW OPEN in the above premises. LARGE SHOW ROOMS. The attention of the Public is respectfully invited to the Extensive, New, and carefully selected Stock, of Drawing, Dining, and Bedroom Suites, Kitchen Requisites of every des- cription, Overmantles, Mirrors, &c., &c. Office Furniture. Upholstering, French Polishing, Picture Framing, Repairing, &c., done on the premises by skilled Workmen. Antique Furniture carefully renovated. Funerals undertaken. LLOYD & JONES, THE FURNISHING HOUSE, BKNBIG H. GRAND SHOW, COMMENCING DECEMBER 10th, 1900. Guns. Rifles. Revolvers. Air Guns. Ammunition. Traps. Game Bags. Gun Cases. Gun Covers. Folding Seats. Decoys & Calls. Turnovers. Cleaning Im- Recappers. Gunpowder. plements. Wadding. Caps. Shot. Rabbit Net- Netting Ferret Muzzles, ting. Twine. 80 GUNS. RIFLES, & REVOLVERS To select from. One day's clear trial allowed. Second hand guns taken in part exchange. Send for our Catalogue of Sporting Requisites, 24 pages illustrated, Free. H.W. ROBERTS & CO., HANDEL HOUSE, RHYL. 9, VALE STREET, DENBIGH. NOTT'S FOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. NOTT'S FOR CHRISTMAS CARDS. NOTT'S FOR CHRISTMAS TOYS. SHOW-ROOM NOW OPEN. AN EARLY INSPECTION INVITED. DIARIES, ALMANACKS, &c., FOR 1901. GLASS CHINA & EARTHENWARE. f > SAM T. MILLER'S Oenbij^h Stores. Season's Novelties in VASES & FLOWER TUBES, For Home Decoration. Breakfast, TEA, and DINNER SETS, New Shapes, pretty designs in substantial makes. Denbigh Municipal Arms CHINA WARE. TOILET SETS, Assorted Patterns and Designs. Best Domestic GLASS, CHINA, & POTTERY. TEA-POTS, CHEESE STANDS, BUTTER DISHES, JUGS. GLASS JUGS, WATER BOTTLES, FRUIT and CAKE DISHES. PICKLE & HONEY JARS, SALTS, and ORNA- MENTAL GLASS WARE. NEW, USEFUL, & PRETTY CROCKERY IFOR WEDDING PRESENTS. MRS. HUGH MORRIS, Pork Butcher and Game Dealer, VALE STREET, DENBIGH, BEGS to tender her sincere thanks to the Gentry JD and Public Generally for their past support, ana also begs to inform them that she is well provided with a first class Stock of Country and Home fed PORK for CHRISTMAS. Also, an abundant Supply of GEESE, TURKEYS, AND GAME. Amongst the Stock will be the'following— 1 BACON PIG. Bred and Fed by R. A. Jones, Cae Gwyn. 4 PORKERS. Bred and Fed by Mr. Isaac Jones, Llingrig, Llansannan. 4: PORKERS. Bred and Fed by Mr. R. Williams, Meusydd Brwyn. 4 PORKERS. Home Fed. 1 BACON PIG. Fed by Mr. R. Jones, Gwyndy, Peniel. 5 PORKERS. Bred and Fed by Mr. William Davies, Smithy, Henilan. W 1 PORKER. Fed by Mr. F. Williams, Peel Hall. 2 PORKETS. Fed by Mr. John Wil- liams, Tan Ddiol, Henllan. PRIME EWES. Winners of the First Prize at Messrs. Clongh and Co. 's Auction Mart. PRIME GEESE. Fed by Mrs. Williams, Caerwys. PRIME TURKEYS. Fed by Mrs. Hill, Llangynhafal. Prime Home Cured HAMS and BACON. Special BRAWN made to order. Also, our Celebrated SAUSAGES. Fresh Daily. HARRISON JONES and CO. Family Grocers, Denbigh. CHRISTMAS FRUITS Our selections are now complete. We have a very large and varied Stock, and respectfully invite inspection and com- parison. We offer the best value possible, espec- ially of the finer kinds, which are very moderate in price, Our Stock comprises :— Muscatels, Valencia and Sultana Raisins. Very fine at 4d. Finest, 6d. per lb. Cur- rants, very fine, 6d., per lb.; finest, 8d. per lb. Stoned Raisins, 6d. per lb. Figs, Prunes, Oranges, Grapes, Lemons, French Plums, Apples, Almonds, &c., &c. Finest Candied Lemon, Orange and Citron Peel. Spices, ground and whole, of guar- anteed purity. Flavouring essences of all kinds, 6d. Bottles for 4!d. 2 New Season's Tinned Fruits. (FINEST SELECTED BRANDS). Pine Apples, Peaches, Apricots, Pears, Tomatoes, &c. Ox and Lunch Tongues, Salmon, and :1 Sardines. Crosse and BlackwelFs Jams and Marmalade. Pickles and Sauces. Table Jellies and Delicacies of all kinds. Tea and Coffee Department. Our Teas are unrivalled. We invite your special attention to our standard blends at Is. 8d., 2s.. and 2s. 6d. per lb., which are of a very high character, and meet with a large demand. We shall be pleased to send free Samples of the above, or other blends which we stock. Coffee, Though the Market continues very firm, we still offer the best quality obtainable at Is. Sd. per lb., which cannot be surpassed. A Trial is respectfully solicited. HARRISON TONES & CO., Family Grocers, DENBIGH. Clearance Sale of 1900 Patterns Now On. BULLER'S BEST BIKES. GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICES. First Grade Tyres and Fittings, Best Coventry makes, from £ 10 10s, Same Machines also from S-8 88. (cheaper fittings). Dunlop Tyres, Brooke's Saddles, 2" inch Pitch Roller Chains. See the following magnificent Machines— Singers, Rovers, Centaurs, Bayliss Thomas, Quadrant (Chain N; Chainiess), Premiers, Triumphs Townends, New Rapids, and other leading makes, At 2 10 10s. to £ 21. Long Cranks, High Gears, Free Wheels, any kind of Brakes, fitted to order. Terms to suit purchasers. Lessons, &c arranged for. A Call respectfully solicited, or Lists sent with all particulars free. Note Address- BULLER, PORTLAND PTACE. DENBIGH,