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Influenza, Influenza, Influenza, THE DOCTORS SAY GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. IS THE BEST BEMEDY FOR INFLUENZA, WEAKNESS, CREST AFFECTIONS, SLEEPLESSNESS, INDIGESTION, NERVOUSNESS. INFLUENZA INCREASING. INFLUENZA INCREASING. INFLUENZA INCREASING. As a preventative we know of nothing equal to Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. A few strong doses taken in time have often proved effectual in warding off attacks of Influenza, and always succeed in mitigating their severity when a Patient is under their influence. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' QUIMitJE BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. We can strongly and confidently recommend this Preparation, as it has treated saverecases of Influenza, Heavy Colds, Extreme Weakness, and Langour with greater success than any other known remedy. A few dopes taken in time will drive away the sense of Extrems Help- lessness and feeling of Misery and Weekness which afflict Patients after a severe attack. Sold in Bottles, 2s. 9d. & 4a. 6d. Avoid Imitations. See the name Gwilym Evans' on Label, Stamp, and Bottle. SOLE PROPRIETORS QUININE BITTERS MANUFACTUR- W ING COMPANY, LIMITED. LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES. SAM. T. MILLER, The Vale of Clwyd CHINA STORES, Crown Square, DENBIGH. TOWN HALL STONE YARD RUTHIN. E. DAVIES j Intends Selling Out for Six Months from his Stock of TOMBSTONES, &c. He has over 40 varieties of MONUMENTS & HEADSTONcS On hand. Prices from £ 1. Lord Dalmeny, Lord Rosebery's eldest son., has parsed the Sandhurst examination. Be is nineteenth out of twenty-nine for the Cavalry and Foot Guards. { cowwmia: co's Depdts. Departments. Agendas. Rhyl Bangor Cycles Enamelling Humber Hudson Denbigh Carnarvon Motor Cars Repairs Premier Raleigh Warrington Holyhead Baby Carriages Hockey Rudge Crescent Chester Llanrwst Bath Claira Tennis Swift St. Helens Blaenau Festiniog Plating Golf Enfield Cheapest and best place in North Wales for Royal Cambrian (Ladies) is the prettiest Safety Cycles, Children's Carriages, and Bath Chairs. on the Market—non-puncture Tyres, and Largest Stock outside London to select from. transparent Gear Case, £ 12 106. Cash or Easy Payments. Royal Cambrian Tricycle is the Machine par Depots (us above) can supply any article con- excellence for middle age riders. £ 20. f.f1 nected with our trade at once. (fl Royal Cambrian Tricycle is the pleasantest Business being a very extensive one, we can buy and safest Machine for pleasure tours. Cl and sell cheaper than other firms. Royal Cambrian Tricycle has been ridden aev- Little Druid Safety for Children at JE6 5s. witl* eral times 60 miles after tea by a lady 03 Pneumatic Tyres, is a marvel. ro Royal Cambrian Tricycle is fitted with Non- r-1 Druid for Adults for 17 10s. is best value in the —, puncture Tyres, double brakes, luggage car- Market. rier, &c. r~J Royal Welsh, fitted complete with Warwick or Royal Welsh Motor Cars, safest in the world. Dunlop Tyres, and weighing only 26J lbs, r1—) Guaranteed, and every part removable. Q costs only £ 10 10s. Q Royal Welsh Motor Cars sent to purchasers' O Royal Welsh Ladies, with Puncture-proof Tyres own door ready to drive,use of driver for 2 days is best value ever offered at £ 10 10s. (J Royal Welsh Motor Cars are inspected period- Royal Cambrian Racer is the finest flier existing ically by our inspectors, and only costs £ 17 3 —'speedmen' should hurry for one, C12 10s. Easy Payment System applies to everything Royal Cambrian Roadster is an ideal Tourist's we sell-absolute secrecy secured. machine liglft, safe, easy, non-puncture Cash System gives purchasers far better terms Tyres, all for 912 10s. than even the London Stores. Works-LAKE SIDE, RHYL. Telegram—(CONNAH. and Name of Town). Warehouses —BODFOR ST., and QUEEN ST., RHYL (and Depots as above). Thè FIOMEER'S NOTED STOCK-TAKING SALE COMMENCES ON Tuesday, January 9th!!J 1900. The Proprietor of the PIONEER is determined to make a Clean Sweep of his Winter Stock. The Goods will be Reduced to such prices as will fairly astonish his Customers. The Stock is so large, that it will be impossible to quote prices of everything. See Circulars for prices, and compare. All Winter Goods must be Cleared to make room for Spring and Summer Goods. FURNITURE. Large Stock of Chests of Drawers, two-leaf Tables, Kitchen and Bedroom Chairs, Leather Couches; Bedsteads, &c., To be Offered at Prices that will surprise everybody. All Millinery to be cleared at Half-price. See the Windows, and Judge for yourselves. Must be Sold. Tallorixi-g. wPrices Greatly Reduced during the Sale, Perfect Style and Fit Guaranteed. Under Efficient Management. Ladies' Jackets, Mantles and Capes, Children's Coats and Capes, Pelisses, Flowers, Feathers, and Millinery Trimmings, to be offered at very Low Prices. Everything throughout the entire Stock will be offered at Prices to be remembered. The PIONEER, Cash Draper, Highgate, Denbigh. ASK FOR Jigil CAMBRIAN ZOXiAKOHK FROM: fiE NOTED ARTESIAN SPRING, RUTHIN DELICIOUS WINTER TABLE WATERS. Write for particulars— XT ii -nrr i Address—Manager, Cambrian Works, Rathm, North Wales. ANCIENT AND MODERN DENBIGH I)e,ieriptve Historiefi of the Castle, Borough, ana Liberties: with sketches of the lives and exploits of the feudal Lordis and Militar.1, Governors of the tots final sIege, &c. By JOHN WILLIAMS. Price 58. in }rd.s. AND DENBIGR OASTLE :-pnoe 6d. AN ENGLISH AND WELSH DICTIONARY, +i,e Words, out also the Idioms and Phraseology of the English Language are carefully Wherein no | proper and equivalent "Words and Phrases. 1 o which is added, a Dissertation on SWELL'L^S?'^P«K. on 1 Poefay, So. By the Rev. JOW IN 2 TOI. 1 MTM. Pcroerv and Protestantism brought to the test of God's Holv Word, a. < *• IPHIUire•D,D" THE ENCYCLOPEDIA CAMBRENSIS (Welsh) Edited by the late Bev. JOHN PARRY, D.D., Bala. „ „ XT work is now out of the Press, in which above EIGHTEEN HUNDRED Im- A newIssua of Great N statistics, &c., &c.,have been added; the Geographical, and other Articles, and Maps are brought down to date. Edited by THOMAS GEE. In 10 super royal 8vo. volumes, price and Maps are brought iH Persian morocco, £ 8 8s. 04.; full bound in ditto, £ 9 9s. 0d.; ditto, extra, £ 7 1C^ in boards halt oouna IH £ 10 10s. 6d. With gilt edges, £ 11 5g-^ Troed-yr-aur (U. D.) School Board, j 3 Cardiganshire. VST AN TED, HEAD TEACHER for Bro- y\ .ynst School. Must take charge of the Pupil ^ILhJs of tha School. Welsh indispensable, ba- wv £ 40. Two thirds of the usual Grants earned, "l-fxl TJnnsft and Garden rent free.. l9boPltoaTHOMfs''JoNKst^LTk^RhJalewls. South 1900. to THOMAS JONES. Clerk, Rhyalewis. South Wales. PHCENIX FIRE OFFICE, LOMBARD STREET, and 57, CHARING CBOS» LONDON. Established 1782. LOWEST Current Rates. Liberal and Prompt Settlements. Assured free of all Liaoility. Electric Lighting Rules supplt Agents at Denbigh. Messrs. T GEE & SON, Publishers. MR. R. C. CLOUGH, Land Agent. 84S8 MR. WTT,T,TAV PARRY. (,hAT.1 j A C AR U. I MR.E'.W.KEATI,N, GE,L.D.,S II DENTAL SUliO-BOJi, v AJiiEQI* (opposite the Ca'ure-'K KITS SELL ROAD, RHYL, ATTENDANCES. AS USUAL DENBIGH.-Mr. R. D. HUSHAS, Chemist, High Street, every Wednesday PoW o() RUTHIN.—Mrs.. Kies?, Jeweller, St. PETW» every First Tuesday in the month ) "hW Mnnrtav.





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