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BOARD OF GUARDIANS. Mr. John Foulkes presided at the fortnightly meeting of the Board on Monday. There were also present Mrs. Edward Roberts, Mrs. Lum. ley, the Rev. J. F. Reece, Messrs. E. Williams Jones, Robert White, Thos. Jones (Llanfwrog), Richard Jones, and J. H. Simon. THE LATE MR. EVAN DAVIES. On the motion of the Rev. J. F. Reece, seconded by Mr. Henry Williams, a vote of sympathy was passed with the widow and family of the late Mr. Evan Davies, who was a member of the Board. THE HOUSE. The Master reported that the number of paupers in the House was 42 against 45 the corresponding period last year. Forty one vagrants were relieved during the fortnight, as against 21 during the corresponding fortnight last year. GIFTS TO THE INMATES. The Master also reported that Mrs. Hum- phreys, the Anchor Inn, very kindly sent tobacco for the old men, and sweets for the children in the House, and she was thanked for her generosity. RELIGIOUS SERVICES IN THE HOUSE. It was reported by the Master that religious services and visiting the sick wards had been regularly conducted by the clergy and Non- conformist ministers of the town during the last year. On the motion of the Chairman, seconded by Mrs. Roberts, the clergy and ministers were thanked for their services. THE CASE OF WILLIAM BARKER! DRINK AND THE WORKHOUSE. The Master having reported that William Barker, a wellknown character at Ruthin, had been admitted to the house by order of the Medical Officer, Mr. T. H. Roberts said he thought it was a disgrace that the Board should allow this man to be admitted to the Workhouse. Mr. J. Roberts (Nantglyn): Is he healthy ? Mr. T. H. Roberts: Healthy! Yes! He is only sick after drink. I really think we ought to make an example of him for coming to this House under false pretences. He is a man that can earn high wages, if he cares to work. Mr. Owen Williams: I am of the same opinion as Mr. Roberts. It is a shame that these sort of people should be allowed to come here. If it is possible, I think we ought to take him before the magistrates, with the view of sending him to gaol. Mr. T. H. Roberts: He likes this end of the town better (laughter). Mr. Reece He has only just come out at the other end (renewed laughter). However, I am of the same opinion as Mr. T. H. Roberts. Mr. T. H. Roberts: I think the Doctor should be asked his reason for issuing a certifi- cate for the admittance of this man into the house. 4 The Chairman These are theclass,ofpeople we ought to set our faces against. Mr..T. H. Roberts: I beg to propose that we ask the Medical Officer his reasons for giving a certificate of admittance to William Barker. It was, however, decided, on the suggestion of the Clerk, to adjourn the further considera- tion of the case for a fortnight, to enable in. quiries to be made as to whether Barker was admitted to the House as the result of dissipa- tion or not. There was no other business of public interest. r ===='