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RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. The monthly meeting was held at the W ork- house, Ruthin, on Monday, when there were present :-Mr. Thomas Jones (in the chair}, Messrs. Owen Williams, R. D. Jones, Robert Jones, John Roberts (Nanglyn), E. R. Evans, John Garner, T. H. Roberts, Edward White, Henry White, Henry Williams, E. Powell Jones, John Evans, W. G. Richards, Hugh Jones, E. Rogers Jones, with the Clerk (Mr. R. H. Ro- berts), the Medical Officer (Dr. T. O. Jones), and the two Inspectors (Messrs. E. Evans and William Jones). THE LATE MR. EVAN DAVIES. The Chairman said that, since the Council met last, one of their members had been taken away in the person of Mr. Evan Davies. The deceased was a very faithful and useful mem- ber, and especially so on committees. Risof in- ion was always most acceptable to the Council, and, no doubt, they all regretted his loss. He (the Chairman) begged to move a vote of sym- pathy with the widow and relative^ in their sad bereavement. Mr. John Garner said he had pleasure in se- conding. The deceased was one of the most valuable members of the Council, and his death was not only a loss to the Council, but to the parish and the denomination to which he be- longed. The motion, having been supported by Messrs. E. R. Evans and Owen Williams, was unani- mously agreed to. The seat was subsequently declared vacant. THE HEALTH OF THE DISTRICT. The Medical Officer reported that, during the month, 18 deaths and 28 births were registered, giving as the annual death and birth-rate 12 2 and 19 4 per thousand per annum respectively. There had been no deaths from zymotic diseases. Only one case of infectious disease had occurred since the last meeting, viz a case of typhoid fever at the Stable House, Nantclwyd Hall. No possible cause of the origin could be ascertained. DISINFECTING SPRAYER. On, the recommendation of the Medical Officer it was decided to purchase a Disinfecting Sprayer for the use of the Inspectors, the cost of which will be four guinea.s. will be four guineas. GLYNMAWR FOOTBRIDGE DERWEN. A letter was read from the Derwen Parish Council asking the Council to reconsider their decision in this matter, and to take steps to erect a bridge at Glynmawr without delay. After a brief discussion, it was decided that the Surveyor for the district should make in. quiries as to who removed the old bridge to its present position, and to report to the next meeting. MAESHAFN HIGHWAY. A letter was read from the Mold Mines Com- pany offering to supply 70 loads of material from waste heap free of charge in place of paying an annual rent of one shilling for the right of carrying a culvert across the Maeshafn high- way, but it was decided, by a large majority, to reject the offer. TANYFRON ROAD, LLANDEGLA. A letter was read from the Llandegla Parish Council expressing sorrow that the District Council did not take steps to repair the above road, and giving further particulars as to how the road became to be repaired and kept in order by the Highway Authority. It was also requested that the Council again take the mat- ter under their consideration. The Surveyor (Mr. William Jones) having submitted his report on the subject, A petition was read from a number of parish- ioners giving several reasons why the road should be taken over by the District Council. After some discussion, it was decided, on the motion of Mr. John Garner, seconded by Mr. John Roberts, Nantglyn, to leave the letter on the table. I