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G Ii < £ > S SI rurnishing Company, 12 to 18, Pembroke Place, Liverpool. i UHNISH FOR CASH, or on OUR SPECIAL HIRE.PURCHASE SYSTEM, at CASE PHICES. I' OTE.-Our Hire-Purchase System Is entirely differ. ent from any other, and has been highly COBW mended by the whole of the Local Press. NO SECURITY REQUIRED. NO EXTRA EXPENSES ON OUR HIRE PURCHASE SYSTEM. The fs-r rnd c-qu:t«h!r> manner in which our bQ.61- less is earned on. and our reasonable terms and low j'rices, are .-o well known throughout the North of England and Wales as to render further comment unnecessary TERMS. WE GIVE OUR CUSTOMERS THE PRIVILEGE OF ARRANGING THEIR OWN TERMS OF PAYMENT, AS THEY KNOW BEST THE AMOUNT THEY CAN CONVENIENTLY AFFORD TO PAY EACH WEEK or MONTH. All Goods we sell are Delivered Free to any part of the United Kingdom Private Vans it required, no charge will be made. An inspection of our Stock will at once satisfy in- tending purchasers that we give better value than any other House Furnishers on the Hire-purchase systerr in the nrovinces. FURNISH FOR CASH, or on our HIRE PURCHASE SYSTEM at CASH PRICES. Our New Prospectus, Large Illustrated Catalogue. Press Opinio as, and Price list sent post free. application. GLOBE Furnishing Company, (J. R. GRANT, Proprietor). 12 to 18, Pembroke Place, LIVERPOOL. Easiness Hours—9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ARTISTIC AKD SCIENTIFIC PHOTOGRAPHY. X RAYS. MR. JOHN WILLIAMS begs to inform the pubjta of the Vale of Clwyd and North Wales genes- ally that he has obtained the LATEST and most im- proved Electrical apparatus, and is prepared to Cryptoscope or Radiograph any part of the human body through the clothing. Terms on Application. ESTABLISHED 1885. JOHN WILLIAMS, PORTLAND STUDIO, HIGH STREET, RHYL. Each sitter personally attended to by J. W. Please now the Address:—PORTLAND STUDIO, 8, High Street, RHYL, THE MOST NUTRITIOUS. ? E P P S'S E p a b GRATEFUL-COMFORTING. COCOA BREAKFAST AND SUPPER. HUGH DAYIES'S | COUGH MIXTURE! NO MORE Difficulty of Breathing. NO MORE Sleepless Nights. NO MORE Distressing Coughs. !DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for COUGHS DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for COLDS DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for ASTHMA DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for BRONCHITIS DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for HOARSENESS DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for INFLUENZA DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for COLDS DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for COUGHS DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for SORE THROAT DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE—Most Soothing DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE -warms the Chest DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE dissolves the Phlegm DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE .or SINGERS DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE—for PUBLIC es DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE SPEAKERS 1 THE GREAT WELSH REMEDY. | 13d. and 2,19 Bottles. Sold Everywhere. a Sweeter than Honey. Children like it. | HUGH DAVIES, Chemist, MACHYNLLETH. A 11 PIIRLE tgf Skirt does not \K| j mark or cockle M with -rain. ntOU URADING DRAPERS +- or particulars from aB. RIPLEY Ot SON, left, Queen Viotorla Street, London, E.G. j I CHRONIC BRONCHITIS, WHEEZING will cease at once by using that wonder- ful invention, Zeniaione Asthma Powder To prore the efficacy of this preparation ask for a free sample from ZEMATOr E CO. 90. GREAT RUSSELL JT„ LONDON.! rAMPLE FREE. N ever be without a bottle of $Symington's Edinburgh Coffee & S Essence in the house. All § g Grocers sell it. It makes de- $licious coffee in a moment.