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ABERWHEELER. PARISH MEETING. The annual parish meeting for the election of Parish Councillors, was held at the Vestry Room, Waen Bodfary, on Monday evening, the 6th inst., when the following persons were elected :-Messrs. J. Davies, Geinas Mill; John Jones, Bodhyfryd John Jones, Bryntirion R. Williams, Fron D. Owen, Glan Clwyd; O. Williams, junr., Glan Clwyd; William Jones, Galltyddol: Thomas Roberts, Ty'r aer, and Wm. Jones, Glan Clwyd isa. The three last are new members. No other business was transacted. COMPETITIVE MEETING. A competitive meeting was held at the Waen (C.M.) chapel on Friday last, the 12th instant. The adjudicators were:—Litera- ture, Revs. E. Jones, Denbigh; W. Benja min, Caerwys!; and Emrys ap Iwan poetry, Rev. S. T. t Jones (Alawn); art, Messrs. P. Roberts, D. Owen, O.Williams, Mrs. Hughes, Railway Terrace; Mrs. Wright, Tynycelyn, and Miss Dora Williams, Glan Clwyd; music, vlr. T. R. Jones, Denbigh. The afternoon meeting was presided over by Mr. O. P. Owen, Llwyn Bank. He gave a short address on the advantages of meet- ings of this nature for young people to im- prove themselves in literature, art, and music. The first competition was for children under 15 years, to sing the tune Maid- stone;' 1st, Janet Jones 2nd, S. M. Parry. Examination—'Mother's Gift' for those under 10 years; 1st, Charleys Henry Hughes. Best hemstitched pocket-handkerchief; 1st, Mary Jane Jones. Reciting hymn Ar lan Iorddonen ddofn 1st, H. Howell Hughes; 2nd, Sarah Bartley; 3rd, John Lloyd. Best handwriting for boys under 15 years, Psalm i. 1st, T. Charles Davies; 2nd, B. Hughes and J. Davies-equal. Best handwriting for girls under 15 years, Psalm iii. 1st, S. M. Parry, Pandy; 2nd, J. Gratton Roberts, Hannah M. Jones, S. Bart- ley, and Celia Williams—equal. Jane Ellen Williams, Tremeirchion, took the prize for an exercise on the modulator. Examination for those under 16 years, Mark i-ix; 1st, L. Jones, Bryntirion 2nd, T. C. Davies; 3rd, Lizzie Jones, Castell, and Jennie G. Roberts—equal Examination for those under 13 years; 1st, J. Davies and J. E Roberts-equal; 2nd, Celia Williams, H. M. Roberts, and S. Bartley-equal. Recitation, Bob amser ar ol1st, T, J. Roberts 2nd, Jennie Parry and Jessie Bart- ley-equal. Lizzie Jones, Bryntirion, took the first prize for an essay on the Miracles, and B. Hughes, Dregoeh, came second. For singing' Wynnstay' for children under 15 years 1st, S. M. Parry 2nd, Jane Ellen Williams and Janet Jones-equal. Reciting Hymn 309; 1st, Katie Parry; 2nd C. H. Hughes and M. L. Morris-equal; 3rd, Annie M. Jones and J. Lloyd—equal, Reciting Hymn 299; 1st, J. D. Hughes; 2nd, T. J. Roberts; 3rd, M. Constance Williams and A. Jane Hughes—equal; 4th, Harriet James Williams. A very interesting competition took place between the afterncon and evening meet- ings. A prize was oSered for making a rope for thatching. Eight competitors came for- ward, and after a very keen competition, the first prize was awarded to Roderick Roberts, Nantymynydd Thomas Hughes, Dregoch, coming in a good second. The evening meeting commenced at six o'clock, under the presidency of Mr. D. E. Hughes, Caerwys. The meeting commenced with a spelling bee, Lizzie Jones, Bryn- tirion, taking the prize. T. E. Hughes, Dregoeh, took the prize for an essay on John the Baptist in relation to Christ. An essay on the Gospel of St. Mark 1st, Daniel P. Hughes; 2nd, Louisa Jones and T. E. Hughes-equal. The prize for a quartett was divided be- tween T. S. Bartley and E. Jones and parties. Recitation, Wesul tipyn;' 1st, S. M. Parry 2nd, S. Bartley. Best walking stick; 1st, T. E. Hughes. Soprano solo 1st, A. M. Bartley; 2nd, E. E. Parry. Lizzie. Jones took the first prize for trans- lating English words into Welsh. For knitting a pair of stockings; 1st, Mary Jane Foulkes; 2nd, Mrs. D. Hughes, Forge. Three parties competed in the duett, 1 Larboard Watch,' and the nrize was awar-1 ded to Messrs. W. E. Williams, and J. W. Foulkes. For the best stanza in memory of Mr. Gee; 1st, John Jones, Bryntirion, Llan- gynhafal. Recitation, Pawb at y peth y bo 1st, R. Parry 2nd, L. Williams. Marking on canvass 1st, A. M. Bartley. Singing the tune 'Joseph' to a party of eight; 1st, E. T. Jones and party. Mrs. Jones, Penyffrith, Tremeirchion, took the first prize for an antimaccassar. Thomas S. Bartley was awarded first prize for rendering Bwthyn yr Amddifad.' Examination in Mark i—ix.—any age; 1st, T. Hughes, Blue Hand 2nd, Maggie Hughes, Post Office; 3rd, E. Jones, Tyddyn Llan. Fer the best poem, Cwyn y ffyst,' J. W. Foulkes was awarded half the prize. R. Parry took first prize for reading three verses from Mattheiv vii.; 2nd, E. E. Parry. D. B. Jones was awarded the first prize in an ear-test. Examination for those under 21 years; 1st, T. Hughes; 2nd, Lizzie Jones; 3rd, Maggie Hughes, D. P. Hughes, and Louisa Jones—equal. A party from Bodfary, conducted by Mr. E. T. Jones, took the first prize for render- ing 'Y Gadlef Ddirwestol.' A choir under the leadership of Mr. Peter Roberts sang two anthems during the meeting. The successful competitors were invested with rossettes, which had been very neatly done, and freely given by several ladies. The meeting terminated with the usual votes of thanks.

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