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MOU). FOOTBALL. The return match with the local team and Rhos Eagle Wanderers took place on the re- creation ground on Saturday before a good gate. A capital game ensued, the visitors win- ning by two goals to one. ILLNESS OF MR. LOXSDALE. This gentleman, who is wellkn o,, n and highly respected in the town, lies at the i "ftage Hos- pital in a somewhat critical COUlL: <->n. His many friends wish him, however, a tfe re- covery. HONOURS FOR A TOWNSMAN. At the County Council meeting, held Thursday, Mr. Thomas Parry succeeded Loi Kenyon in the chairmanship of that body. Mr. Parry is a most consistent member of the Council, and the recognition of his services is fully appreciated by his townspeople. DEATH OF AN OLD TRADESMAN. Mr. Absalom Adams, who carried on business as a baker for many years in Wrexham Street, died on Sunday last, at the age of 66 years. He was a prominent member of the Baptist church, and also a wellkftown supporter of the Liberal cause. The funeral, which took place on Thursday at Penyfron, Gwernaffield, was largely attended. URBAN COUNCIL ELECTION. At present, but little, interest appears to be taken in the forthcoming election of members. The following retire this year :Messrs. J. T. Morgans, H. J. Roberts, W. Wright, and J. E. Davies. The date for receiving nominations was Thursday, and the following were no- minated Messrs. J. T. Morgans (N.), H. J. Roberts (N.), W. Wright (C.), T. S. Adams (C.), Robert Morris, Pentre Mills (N,), W. P. Edwards (N.), J. Watkin (N.), Richard Wil- liams, stonemason (N.). It is rumoured that in order to. ve a contest, it was arranged amongst.a portion of the new would-be mem- bers, to retire in favour of another, as there | are five vacancies. The arrangement, however, did not come oft, and as there are six nomina- tions for five seats, a poll is necessary, and the election has been fixed for Monday, the 27th instant. Mr. G. H. Bradley, Town Clerk, will be the Returning Officer. It may be said that the fifth seat is vacant by the retirement of Mr. William Rouw, which took place some time ago, and the vacancy has not been filled. FOR A GOOD CAUSE. The band from the Home of Little Boys at Farningham gave two excellent concerts at the Town Hall on Wednesday. There were fairly good audiences, and it is to be hoped the re- ceipts will slightly increase the finances re- quired for the home. The objects and work of the homes, both at Farningham and Swanley, were explained by Mr. George H. Barker. ACCIDENT. An unfortunate accident befel Mr. David Williams, the Bazaar, High Street, on Friday last. It appears that Mr. Williams was on his bicycle and was proceeding through Bagillt, when a little child came across his path. See- ing it impossible to steer clear of the infant, Mr. Williams, in order to prevent an accident to the child, deliberately fell, from his cycle. In doing so, he sustained severe injuries about the head and face, so much so that he has since been confined to his room. We understand he is making satisfactory progress. THE CONSERVATIVE CLUB. According to the proceedings held at the Conservative Club, on Monday, they are pro. gressing, both financially and in number. Mr. W. P. Jones presided over a somewhat sparse attendance. The accounts, as submitted, showed receipts 9108 19s. 5d., and after meeting ex- penditure there is a balance to the good of close on 910. Mr. H. St. John Raikes was re-elected president, and Mr. P. Tatton Davies-Cooke vice-president, Mr. Job Edwards secretary, and Mr. A. Evans treasurer. A number of names were submitted for membership, and they have now a total role of about 80. SCHOOL BOARD. The monthly meeting of this Board was held on Wednesday, wlign there were present:—The Chairman (the Rev. W. Morgan), Messrs. R. Prince,W. Catherall, J. Lamb, the Revs. Bithel and Humphreys, and Mr. J. T. Morgans. The Board considered the amount of remuneration to be paid to the Clerk for his services in con- nection with the evening continuation classes. Mr. Prince said it entailed very heavy duties upon Mr. Roberts who had not only to look after four schools, but also two ambulance classes, and he moved that he should for these services receive a salary of E20 per annum. The motion was unanimously agreed to. For a pupil teacher in her second year, required at Buckley Schools, Miss Hetty Davies, the only applicant, was appointed to the post. The Board empowered a Committee to advertise for a teacher, under article 68, for the Leeswood Infant School in the place of Mrs. Jones, who has resigned, they were to offer 930 and quar- ter grant; and, failing suitable candidates, to re-advertise, and offer a salary not exceeding £50. The offer by the members of the English Presbyterian chapel to allow the use 'of their large schoolroom for central classes, at 10s. per week, subject to three months notice on either side, was accepted. The schools, which have been closed for six weeks, will re-open on Monday next.





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