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thA^r' ^n P^mer suggested that, in future, members own fund, the sick fund, and the fund, should be kept separately the annual statement of accounts, showing what had been pair! out of each fund. .1 James Hughes proposed that this matter oould be left to the General Committee of jj^agement for discussion. Mr. Palmer agreed to this, and the motion was carried. was carried. It Mr. Edward Jones, Henllan, asked whether here had been an increase or a decrease in the 4uniber of members last year. The Secretary There is an increase of six, "otwithatanding the members who died during be year,and others who removed from the dis- t £ ? ^ear> hear). Mr. Edward Jones then urged the members J the society to endeavour to increase their nnm ber. The Chairman said they were, no doubt, all allxiotis to make known the state of-the society, krid the only way they had of doing that was to rely on the courtesy and kindness of the Press to report those proceedings, and so adver- se the result of the meeting. He could also Personally tell their friends what a good thing Was, and what benefits they derived from members of the society. Mr. T. J. Williams suggested that an adver- Jsenaent be put in the papers, and allowed to there for a few weeks. Chairman said this was an excellent James Hughes questioned whether the tis a^owe<^ ^ie spanding of money on adver- The Chairman said he thought it could be in a case of this kind, as the General ^ttittee could authorise the spending of mTall8um3 of money. Ultimately, it was decided to refer the matter 0 Committee of Management. Mr. James Hughes then moved the adoption statement of accounts. Mr. Thornton seconded, and the motion was a8*eed to. Mr. T. J. Williams then moved the following isolation:— 'That this meeting desires to record the loss the society has sustained through the death of Mr. Gee, who, in the year 1859, when it was established, advocated its claims, and continued to be one of its faithful supporters, and who, also, acted as trustee for several years, and to ex- press their sympathy with Mrs. Gee and the family in their bereavement. This meeting also instructs the Secretary to record the foregoing resolution on the minutes and to send a copy of the same to Mrs. Gee.' i. Mr. "Williams saidIn proposing this resolu- J?D» I feel it very difficult to add anything to *hat has already been said in many quarters, 'to the different phases of Mr. Gee's long and ,sefnijjfe We all know what he was, as a J?v*ng husband and father, a prominent towns- j a leading politician, a public man, and a ,eader of religious thought and work in Wales; his long connection with this society re- ?l5dsusof him as a good neighbour, and one » ays ready to help on every good movement k'cularted to benefit his fellow-townspeople, specially as one who took deep interest in J?e social and moral welfare of the humbler anxious at all times to help in the miti- of suffering and sickness amongst them, Jja to assist toem by habits of thrift to better position in life. It was this desire for to improve their condition and provide totll. rainy day, that led him, forty years ago, j>. the claims of this society, and to ^ain a faithful supporter of it all those pars, and the fact that a far seeing man of business abilities, was so ardent a sup POrter of this society, should be a proof to all Ho knew and respected him, of the value of the society and the soundness of the principles Upon which it is worked. As members and Supporters of the society, I am sure we are deeply grateful for the support Mr. Gee gave it, and his name will ever live in our memory Ari one who did all he could to better the con- dition of his humbler and sick brethren, and We can assure Mrs Gee and the family how highly we esteemed his long connection with, Sfld work for, the society, and trust that, in their great loss, they will be comforted and Sustained by the Divine Master he served, and by the thoughts of the great good he accom- plished in so many ways. Alr. Robert Bassett seconded, and the motion then carried. Dr. R. James Hughes proposed, That this meeting deplores the loss the soc- iety has sustained through the death of Mr.E.T. Jones, a faithful supporter of this society since its establishment in the year 1859. and one of its managers for many years, and, begs to express its deepest sympathy and condolence with Mrs. E T. Jones and the family in their bereavement. This meeting, also, instructs the secretary to record the foregoing resolution on the minutes, and to send a copy of the same to Mrs. E. T. Jones. Mr. Anwyl seconded, and the resolution was unanimously agreed to. Mr. James Hughes proposed a hearty vote of "•Banks to the honorary memberB for their sub- reptions, the honorary auditors, Mr. Ellis illiams, and Mr. W. James, for their services pd Canon Lewis, and the Rev. H. Humphreys °r the interest shown by them in the branches at Henllan and Trefnant. Mr. Hughes sup- Ported the resolution in a short speech, refer in complimentary terms to the services of egentlemen above named. Mr. Thornton seconded, and the motion was 4greed to. On the motion of Mr. T. J. Williams, ponded by Dr. James Hughes, Mr. R. E. ^IgheB, J.P., was appointed a trustee in the Pja-Ce of Mr. Gee, and Mr. J. P. Lewis was Placed on the trusteeship of the savings bank Account with Mr. T, Gold Edwards. .Mr. John Davies, solicitor, and Mr. W. Meliard were, on the motion of the Mayor, bonded by Mr. Palmer, elected managers in 811ccession to the late Mr. E. T. Jones, and Mr. P. Hughes. « v,Mr. William Roberts, Castle, proposed, and ik Mr. Humphrey Williams, Ysguborwen, jf bonded, the re-election of the honorary Editors, and it was carried. .The meeting then dealt with the proposal of committee of management, to increase the fund, and the secretary read the resolu- tion passed by the committee to the effect that special rate for the year 1899 be made as *°Uow8 Those receiving 10s weekly to pay s. 9d. at the end of the year from their own tnoney, those receiving 8s. weekly Is. 3d., those 6s. a Is., and those receiving 4s. 6d. proceeding the secretary gave the following Interesting figures. During the year 1896 the total amount paid into the sick fund was f9 10b. 5d., 1897, £ 9 10s. 5d 1898, jE14 8s. 9d., taking a total of ;E39 9s. 7. The members had received out of the fund as follows, 1896, *U 2s. 0d., 1897, £ 24 18s. 2d., 1898, £ 25 3s. 2d. ^he above amounts, together with extras to the Medical Officer came to £ 64 3s. 4d., which ^a8 JE31 Os. Od. more than the members had sUbscribed towards the fund. Proceeding, the secretary said that during the last three years, the sum of £ 58 15s. 9d: interest had been paid t° the members, and added to the members OWn fund. Had this £ 58 odd been in hand to carry on the affairs of the society, it would not bave been necessary to impose a special rate. Mr. John Palmer proposed, and Mr. Robert •oassetfc seconded, that the recommendation of the committee be adopted, and it was car- ried. On the motion of Dr. James Hughes, secon- ded by Mr. T. J. Williams, a hearty vote of thanks was passed to the Mayor for presiding, Which his worship gratefully acknowledged. L This brought the meeting to a conclusion.