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CATTLE MARKETS, AND FAIRS. BIRVENHEAD.-A_qric,ultural P)-oduee. -March 14th. -Hay, old, E2 10s to zE3 per ton old clover, 23 to S3 1 wheat straw, kl 78 dd to 61 12s 6d; ditto, oat, £1 t » JE1 7s 6d; trrnips, Yl 5; mangel wurzal, Cl and manure, from 2s to 4s per ton. LONDON. — Agricultural Produce. lrIarch 14th.— Fair supplies, and trade very quiet at the following p' prices: Good to prime hay, from 60s to 82s Od; Inferior to fair hay, 40s to 55s; good to prime clover, 70s to 98s; inferior to fair ditto, 50s to 68s; mixture and sainfoin, 50s to 80s; straw, 243 to 36s per load. LIVERPOOL. — Wholesale Vegetable. March 15th.— PotatoesGiants, 2s 2d to 2s 4d main crops, 28 9d to 3s 3d brace. 2s 4d to 2s 9d champions, 2s 4d to 2s 6d per cwt. Turnips, 8d to It per dozen buncties; ditto swedes, Is 4d to Is 6d per cwt; carrots, 2s 9d to 3s 6d per cwt. Onions, English, 63 3d to 7s; ditto, foreign, 4s to 58 per cwt. LIVEBPOOL. St. John's Market. illarch 15th.— Beef, 6d to 9d per lb; nfutton, fid to 9d veal, 7d to 9d; lamb, fes qnarter, 178 to 20s; ditto, hind quar ter, 13s to 17s; fresh pork, 6d to 8d per lb tresh butter, Is 2d to Is 4d per pound; ditto, salt. Is Od to Is 2d per Th; eggs, per 120, 6s Si. DENBIGH. March 14th.—A fairly 100d supply of cattle, wh ist the number cf aheep offered was only small; and the sale of almost all kinds of stock was slow. The prizes were as follow :_Store cattle—18 months old steers and heifers, from £ 5 to 28 two- year old, S8 to £ 10; three-year old bullocks, from P,10 to £13 10s Milch cows were lower than at the kwlt fair, and sold at from £10 to £16, Sheep-Welsh wethers, about 23s each; yearling hogs, 17s. There were no couples shown. WREXHAM, March 13th.—There was a fairly large supply of stock, and trade ruled brisk. Beef made from 5d to rAl per Th; mutton, 6d to 7jd; and veal, 5id to 7|1. Dairy cows ranged from £L4108 to 219 10s each, while stirks and barrens made from 29 to Sll each. There was a good supply of calves, and rearing calves made up to 53s apiece. Pigs were plen- tiful, and changed hands at from 8a to 8s 6:1 per score pounds. Bulls made up to B14 each. SALFORD, March 14th.—There was a decrease of 222 In the number of beasts, and 257 in the supply of sheep, compared with last week, The stock numbered:— beasts, 2,380: sheep, 8,847: calves, 305; and pigs, 99. Quotations: -Beef, from 5d to 6-|rl; sheep, 5id to 8id; and calves, Hd tr, 8ii per lb. Pigs. 7s lOd to 8s 4d per 20 lbs. Tt^ue quiet generally, though here aod there slightly more active than last week. BIRMINGHAM, March 16th -Fair supplies, and quiet trade. Beef, 6<1 to 6 1 for be.t Herefordshire; 41d to 6d for other qnallt'es mutton, 5d to Sid; lamb, 10d to lid por lb BMia pigs, 7s Iljd to II per 2) lbs; porkets, 93 to 9; 6 i; «aws, 6s 3i to 6s 6d per 20 lbs. Los DON, March 16th, -Only a few beast on offer, consisting chiefly of fat bulls and rough cattle, which met a moderate d?maud, at late rates. Sheep were In moderate supply, but the demand f<w wethers was slow at late rates; ewes in quiet demand, and prices weak 7 £ st to 8st Down wethers quoted at 5s 8d to 5s lOd; 9st ditto, 5s 6d to 5s 8d; 10st half-breds, 5s 2d to 5s 4d; lOst Down ewes, 4s to 4s 2d and list half-bred ditto, 3s 8d to 3s lOd per 8 Iba, Lambs met a slow demand 5st Downs, 7s to 7s 2d Calf trade ruled firm, the best on offer making 6s to 63 2d per 8Ibs., sinking the offal. DUBLIN, March 16th.-Prime heifer'and ox beef, 541 to 56s: tip top quality, 57a to 60s; secondary, 48s Od to 52s 6d per cwt. Prime wether mutton, Bid to 7d; ewe. 5icl to 6J1: vsal, choice, 7 d to 8d; inferior, d to 6d per Th, Hoggets, 36s to 45s; lambs, 14s to 36a each.




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