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The swallow is said to be one of the fleetest of the avine tribe it is known to have covered 120 miles an hour. The Eiffel Tower was constructed without the sacrifice of a single life, but nearly thirty per- sons have committed suicide from it. 'Tis not the pain from hook alone That causes fish to sigh, But knowing how the anglers all About their weight will lie. C: rcumstances oft reminds us We our lives should well insure, So the widows left behind us Can some other men secure. Rescuer Hurry Quick Throw her a life preserver Drowning girl: 'Haven't you a white one? That dirty drab doesn't match my blue suit!' —o— The renewed attempt of Russia to coerce the Chinese Government to the detriment of British interests, has apparently been abandon- ed, and there is no doubt that this withdrawal has averted a serious crisis in the Far East. The trouble, which threatened to reach an acute stage, arose over the question of the con- trol of the Newchwang Railway Russia really objecting to the intrusion of British enterprise into her sphere in Northern China. For a time at least, Russia appears to have retired, but unless an understanding is possible between Great Britain and Russia in the Far East, it is certain that trouble will constantly be break- ing out between the two Governments. It of course takes two to come to an arrangement, but such an understanding is an indispensable preliminary to the success of the Peace Confer- ence, which is shortly to meet at the Hague. It may be gathered from Mr. Goschen's state- ment in the House of Commons on the increase of the Navy Estimates that our Government proposes to meet the conference in a practical manner. His remarks really amount to a declaration that a large part of the work on the Navy is conditional, and that it will not be proceeded with if an agreement can be come to with other Powers at the Czar's Conference to modify their programmes. Here at least, is a definite proposal. There may be great difficulties in practically carrying it out, but these could probably be overcome if Russia, and France are really desirous of coming to such an greement. j


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