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THE UNIVERSITY OF WALES. The Standing Executive Committee of the University of Wales met on Saturday evening at the Westminster Palace Hotel, London, under the presidency of Dr. Isambard Owen, Senior Deputy Chancellor. After the transac tfrm of routine business, a unanimous resolu- tion was passed in the following terms:— The Standing Executive Committee of the University of Wales desires to express its pro- found regret at the untimely death of the late Lord Herschell. The Committee gratefully remembers the ready and powerful support which in his place in Parliament Lord Herschell invariably extended to measures for the im- provement of education in Wales, and in par- ticular to the charter instituting this Univer- sity. The Committee deeply honours the unwearied etforta which in his high position as Chancellor of the University of London Lord Herschell made to promote, the prosperity of that University and to establish it upon a broader basis. In reviewing Lord Herschell's many titles to fame as a scholar, as a lawyer, as a statesman, and as a man of affairs, the Committee recalls with pride that so illustrious a name has been borne upon the roll of honor- ary graduates of the University of Wales.' In reference to the decision of the Judicial Com- mittee on the question of the double headship of departments, the text of the award, signed by Lord Justice Vaughan Williams, Mr. Brynmor Jones, and Mr. Cadwaladr Davies, was now made known to the Committee. It certi- fied, in answer to the question put in the case submitted for opinion, that under the provi- sions of article 8 of the charter, as acted upon by the University Court, both Mr. Raymont and Miss Hughes (of Cardiff College, the co- ordinate heads of department referred to) are not entitled to vote in the Senate of the Univer- sity. The circumstances, however, which have given rise to this question seemed to the Judi- cial Committee to constitute a real practical difficulty in the working of the University, and they bee no reason why the Court should not exercise the power it possesses under article 8 of considering and approving of the depart- ments of study seriatim and concretely as pre- sented by each college. That course would only be possible by revoking (under the power conferred upon the Court by article 6, section 4) the present statute 17 and enacting a new statute reconstituting the senate.

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