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IIUTHI ..r-r- DENBIGHSHIRE INTERMEDIATE EDUCATION SCHEME. MEETING OF THE COUNTY GOVERNING BODY. A meeting of the County Governing Body finder the provisions of the above scheme was Grand Jury Room, County Hall, Ruthin, on Friday. Mr. J. E. Powell presided, the other members present being the Hon. George T. Kenyon, Col. Mainwaring, Messrs. J- Watkin Lumley, Edward Jones (Llanbedr Farm), Peter Edwards (Brymbo), Charles Dodd (Wrexham), Ezra Roberts (Ruthin), J. Harri. son Jones (Denbigh), Mrs. Parker Davies (Abergele), Mrs. R. J. Powell (Wrexham), Miss Gee (Denbigh), with the clerk (Mr. John Ro oerta). Apologies for absence were read from Pro- fessor Lloyd, Captain Griffith Boscawen, Mr. J. Roberts, Sir Robert Egerton, Mr. W. G. Dodd, Mr. Simon Jones, and Mr. E. Hooson, the latter three gentlemen explaining in their letters that they were attending, on the same day, an important conference at Chester with refer- enceto the pollution of the river Dee. FINANCIAL. The Finance Committef submitted their report, which recommended the payments of the following amounts :-The annual grant for 1899—1900 first instalment to be paid after Slat March next, Llangollen school, f200 Ruthin, £ 283 6s. 8d.; Denbigh, £ 126 13s. 4d.; Llanrwst, £ 206 13s. 9d.; Ruabon, £ 193 6s. 8d.; Wrexham, £ 52613s. 4d.; Abergele, £ 116 13s. 4d., a total of £1,653 6s. 8d. Technical Instruction 'Grants 1898-99, Llangollen, £90 4s. lld.; Ruthin, £ 95 8s. Id.; Denbigh, £ 109 12s. Id.; Llanrwst, £ 61 5s. 6d.; Ruabon, £ 100 4s. lid.; Wrexham, £ 318 4s. Id.; Abergele, £ 24116s. Id.; total £ 1,016 15s. 6d. The report also stated that a loan of 96,555 had been completed on the 1st, and that the committee recommended the apportionment of the above sum as follows for building purposes :-Abergele, £ 1,019 *0B. 2d.; Ruabon, 9994 12s. 10d.; Llanrwst, £1,840 Is. 9d.; Llangollen, £2,665 12s. 9d. The report went on to state that Mr. Ezra Roberts had drawn attention to the district accounts of the County Governing Body for the past year, and to their financial position. The following Committee was recommended to be appointed: The Hon. G. T. Kenyon (chairman), Messrs. Hooson, Simon Jones, W. G. Dodd, and Roberts, to investigate the matter, and to report to the next meeting of the Body. The consideration of the application of the Ruthin County School Governors for a loan ^aa further adjourned. Mr. Ezra Roberts moved the adoption of the Report, stating that there were several ques tions discussed at the committee which would Undoubtedly be placed before the County Gov- erning Body hereafter. Mr. Lumley seconded. Col. Mainwaring called attention to an item °f 96 7s. 7d. due to various newspapers for advertising the Ceryg-y druidion and Llansilin scholarships. He considered this a very heavy *tem and suggested that the same be not adver- tised in newspapers in future. Mr. Lumley proposed that the matter be not advertised in future, but that slips be distribu- ted in the Elementary Schools of the dis- trict. This proposal was carried, and the report of the Finance Committee was then adopted. THE TENANCY OF A GARDEN PLOT AT THE GREEN. .The Clerk said that the report of the Den- h School Governors on the subject of the tenancy of a garden plot at Green, Denbigh, recommended that the present tenancy be con- tinued. Application had been made by Messrs. Parry Jones and Francis to transfer the ten- ancy to a client of their's, who resided in the immediate neighbourhood. The County Gov- erning Body had referred the matter to the Local Governors, and they now recommend that the present arrangement be adhered to. Mr. Harrison Jones moved, and Mr. Kenyon iseeonded the adoption of the recommenda- tion, and it was carried. THE RUTHIN SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME. The Local Governing Body submitted a scheme of scholarships which they recently agreed upon viz :-Ascholarship in the County School of £ 30 for girls under 13, 15, and 17 years of age, Scholarship for Elementary schools (open) jE18, for girls under 13. Sub District Scholarships (4 in number) for girls Under 14 years of age, 924; bursaries amount- !ng to £ 14, making a total of £ 86 to be given In scholarships for the ctlrrent year. Mr. Edward Roberts speaking upon this Matter, said that the Local Governors had already advertised these scholarships, and pro- posed that the County Governing Body should -confirm the same. The Chairman questioned whether the fin- a-uces of the Local Governing Body justified "hem, in giving so large an amonnt in one year. Mr. Ezra Roberts said their great object was *° get as much benefit as possible out of the Scheme at the commencement, in order to give the school a start. There was an accumulation of three years now, and they could well afford to give that amount. The Chairman said he sympathized with the objects of the Local Governing Body. He was simply pointing out the diffiaultiea that might arise. The only thing he was afraid of was, that in three years time, they would have no scholarships to award. Mr. Ezra Roberts replying, said the Local Governing Body had gone carefully into the Matter, and were satisfied that they could meet "the proposal. The Chairman asked whether they were go. to award scholarships to the girls of the school before the examination. Mr. Ezra Roberts: No. that will not take Pitice until after the examination. We are "Ift only going to award scholarships for Scholars in the Elementary Schools. Mr. Lumley seconded the proposal that the scheme be approved of, and it was agreed to. THE SALE OF THE DENBIGH SCHOOL PREMISES. A letter having been read from the Denbigh County School Governors, as to the reserve Price for the Denbigh County School Building, which are to be sold on the 25th instant, The Chairman said that the question now was, whether the County Governing Body accept the reserve price placed upon the "Gildings by the Charity Commissioners. Mr. Lumley What is the price? The Chairman We don't know. .^Mr. Lumley: Then how can we accept Mr. Harrison Jones replying to the question said that they in Denbigh knew nothing as to what the reserve price was. T The Chairman: Will this body entrust the *joca_l Governors to communicate with the Charity Commissioners as to this reserve price ? I Mr. Harrison Jones explained that Mr. plough had given the reserve price to the Charity Commissioners. He was authorized to value on behalf of that body, and send his valuation to the Commissioners. ♦v. •' Lumley= If Mr. Clough has been au- thorized by this committee to value, he should mi have communicated the price to the Body who «ad engaged him. Surely they as a committee r'§ht to know what the valuation wa3. Mr. Harrison Jones remarked that if this price was made known at any meeting, he was "HUite sure that it eould not be kept a secret, untll the day of the sale. Lumley objected to give a carte blanche 0 the commissioners in this matter. Mr. Harrison Jones contended that before ue premises could be sold, the School Govern- rs would have to consult and have the permis- t.°nn°f the County Governing Body as well as it et, arity Commissioners. Therefore he took Tti'nv.- fclie pharity Commissioners would com-; mcate with the County Governing Body. vi^rl Siid he did not agree with the <miv!lJ'^ceri by Harrison Jones. Hes pre- ed that on the day of the sale, there would be in the hands of the auctioneer a sealed envelope containing the reserve price. Once that were opened, and an offer made which came up to it, the property would be sold with out further reference to anybody. The com- mittee should certainly know what the reserve price was. The Clerk explained that the Charity Com- missioners asked the County Governing Body to nominate a valuer. They referred it to the Local Governors, and they nominated Mr. Clough. The nomination was communicated to the Charity Commissioners, and they approved of Mr. Clough. He was to make a valuation, and report direct to the commissioners. Mr. Harrison Jones contended that the Den. bigh Local Governors could not finally com- plete the sale without the consent of the County Governing Body and the Charity Com- missioners. Ultimately, the matter was referred to a committee contesting of Col. Mainwaring, Mr. Lumley, and Mr. Harrison Jones, with full power to act. A letter was read from the Executive Com mittee of the Central Welsh Board with refer- ence to the Examination for County Exhibi- tions, and the same was after a brief discus- sion, referred to the Scholarships Com- mittee. RUTHIN SCHOOL. The Chairman said he had been on a visit to the Ruthin School, at Brynhyfryd, and was much satisfied with the premises. They would undoubtedly make an excellent school. This concluded the business.