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URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. The ordinary meeting: Friday evening.— Present:—Mr. R. Ll. Jones (Chairman), Mr. R. W. Roberts (Vice chairman), Messrs. Evan Jones, D. W. Jones, Edward Jones, D. Jones (joiner), H. Evans, H. Ll. Davies, J. W. Ro- berts, W. T. Jones, and T. R. Dakin (Deputy Clerk). FISHING. A letter was read from Mrs. Passingham, in which she stated that she would again issue fishing tickets, but for the good of the river was obliged to raise the price. Last year, one man alone had caught 2501bs. of trout. APPOINTMENT OF OVERSEERS. It was resolved that Mr. H. Evans and Mr. J. W, Roberts be appointed overseers for the Parish of Bala for the ensuing year. PLANS. Plans weresubmitted of a shed proposed to be built by Mr. William Edwards in Plasey, and of a stable proposed to be built at the back of Glantegid. It was resolved that both plans be approved of. 1. BAY-WINDOWS. An application was nnde by Mr. Edward Morris, High Street, for permission to convert the present front window on the ground and second floor into bay-windows. Mr. D. W. Jones proposed that the applica- tion be granted. Mr. W. T. Jones asked where this matter was to end. It was a great mistake to grant these applications. Mr. D. W. Jones said this place was wider than the parapet near Mr. Rees Morgan's pre. mises, and bay-windows had been allowed in that case. The Chairman said bay-windows would be the means of increasing the rateable value, as in case of re-valuation this would add materially to the valuation. Mr. D. Jones (joiner) wanted the Sub-com- mittee to fix the width of the encroachment. Mr. D. W. Jones could not see why any dis- tinction should be made between this and other places. Mr. Edward Jones seconded the motion, and the resolution was passed. GENERAL DISTRICT RATE. Mr. Edward Jones gave notice that a rate of Is. 7d. in the 9 (General District Rate Is. 6d., Library, Id.), would be made at the next meet ing. BALA GREEN. It was resolved, upon the motion of Mr Evan Jones, seconded by Mr. Edward Jcnes, that the Bala Green be Jet to Mr. Jacob Thomas for one year on the same terms as last year, viz. £ 16, less 8s. for payment in advance. TREASURER. It was resolved, upon the motion of Mr. H. Evans, seconded by Mr. Evan Jones, that Mr. John Parry Evans, the ,new manager of the N.P. Bank, Bala, be appointed Treasurer, to ucceed Mr. Hugh Owen. WATER COMMITTEE'S REPORT. The Committee recommended:— I.-That the charge usually made for water for building purposes be re-inforced. It was resolved that the matter be referred back to the Committee to consider details. 2.—The following recommendations were adoptedThattheSurveyorcall upon all consumers of water to inform them, that all waste is to be stopped. 3.-That notice boards with the clauses of1 Waterworks Clauses Act, 1847, anenG damage to property, be put up. The Council decided not to consider the ques. tion of the main pipes for the present, and the Committee's recommendation to purchase B water cart at a cost not exceeding 930 was de- ferred, the Committee in the meantime tolcon- sider the advisability of keeping a horse as well. VARIOUS. A resolution in favour of peace among the nations was passed. A letter was read from Mr. David Rowlands, tinman, complaining that he was without a supply of water, and instructions were given to the Surveyor to see to the matter. The number of books issued from the Library during the month was reported to be 314. The Surveyor submitted estimate of the cosfc of the proposed improvement near Tremynfa, laying new brick kerbs, channelling, altering: present parapet, and ashphalting, amounting in all to £10 10s. It was resolved that the estimates be referred o Street Committee with power to act.




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