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LLAJS RHAIADR. -.............-.-r--.......",-..........-.-----


LLAJS RHAIADR. -r- PARISH MEETING AND PARISH COUNCIL. NEW COUNCILLORS. On Monday evening, at Pantpastynog Schoolroom, a parish meeting was held for the purpose of electing Parish Councillors for the ensuing year. Rev. T. E. Williams, B.D., Peniel, presided. Twenty gentlemen were proposed, but the following receiving the largest number of votes, were declared elected:— Mr. David J. Davies, College, Peniel. „ David Evans, Ty Coch. „ Hugh Hughes, Brynmulan. „ John Edward Jones, Foel. „ R. M. Jones, Groesgwtta. „ S. Jones, Prion ucha. „ W. Jones, Nant. James McLellan, Penycaeau. „ Edward Morris, Brynbag. „ Edward Roberts, Penygroes. „ David Roberts, Fforddlas. „ John Roberts, Porth. „ John Roberts, Pentrecader. „ Isaac Williams, Penycae. Rev. Lewis Williams, Tanywaen. A correspondent sends us the following: —The education question seems to be gain- ing more sympathy with the majority of people these days, than it has done before. In the above parish there are two Church schools, one in Llanrhaiadr, and the other in Pantpastynog. It is a known and acknowledged fact, that there are several children from this parish, and even from within reach of these schools, who go daily to Ruthin and Denbigh in order to obtain the education that ought to be given in these elementary schools. Reference was made to this at a parish meeting that was held in Pantpastynog school last Monday evening, March 6th, and the only answer the Rector of Pantpastynog could give as to this school was, that he would inform the managers of the school of every word that was spoken there. Like a little boy ready to run home to tell his mother, instead of defending himself, the Rector is going to convey to the managers of the school all the remarks that were made, and it is to be hoped after the much-trumpeted meeting of the managers, the rector himself will be able to answer something more definite than 'I know nothing myself until I shall see the managers.' Some time ago a letter was addressed to the Rector of Pantpastynog, asking him for certain information respecting the school. One question that was asked was, what is the average number of children who attend the school ? But this letter also is to be laid before the managers at their next meet- ing. The Rector admitted that he is the clerk of the managers, and that all the managers remain in office as long as they live, and when death takes one away, the other managers appoint whomsoever they wish to fill up the vacancy. Also, that Mr. J. Parry Jones is the chairman of the mana- gers. That was all the information that the Rector was willing to give the meeting. Now, is the Rector afraid of the parishio- ners getting to know how the school is carried on, and how far it is appreciated by the parents who live in the neighbourhood ? This can be ascertained when the number of children who attend the school is made known. It seems to me that there must be mysteries, which, as a rule, are weak points, and which the Rector hopes the ratepayers will not get to know of. To many questions asked, he would give no answer, but simply referred his questioners to the managing body. There is great dissatisfaction in the parish, because of this school in Pantpas tynog, and indeed of the Llanrhaiadr school. Three or four parents complained in the parish meeting of the quality of the education given, and the methods adopted on the day of the examination,in the Church schools, and after the Rector had condemned the unfairness practised in other schools, one or two parents stated that the very things which the Rector condemned, have been done in his own school. The question arises, what objection can there be to a fair representation of the ratepayers on the governing body of the school ? There is a great deal said about volun- tary subscriptions, but the parishoners of Llanrhaiadr are not so greedy and good-for- nothing as to expect other people to defray all the expenses of their children's educa- tion. Much is being made of there being no rates levied towards a National School, but it is high time that this story should be exploded, because it is well known that the extra grant of five shillings per head which is not given to Board Schools,is drawn from taxation. Churchmen and clergy may set up as many scarecrows as possible, but they cannot frighten true Protestants and Nonconformists. I have been told that for valuable service rendered in the interest of education in Pantpastynog, the ratepayers were allowed to elect three men as their representatives on the managing body of the school. The Rector said on Monday evening, that he is the managers' clerk, and therefore it falls to his lot to convene the managers' meetings, but he ignores and has ignored the ratepay- ers' representatives. Another important subject is the sewing tuition of the school. A little child who attends the school told me that sometimes several days and even weeks pass without any sewing classes. Whether there is a catechism taught in Pantpastynog school or not, I don't know but I should be extremely thankful to any one who could send me a copy of the catechism that is taught in Trefnant or Llanrhaiadr National Schools. The question of the unsatisfactory con- dition of education in this parish, has been raised, and it is to be hoped that parents v\ ho suffer, and all the friends of freedom and justice will do their utmost for the sake of their principles, in favour of re- dressing the many grievances connected with these schools, by strong and many (if such be needed) efforts to have a fair repre- sentation in their management.