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ELECTION OF PARISH COUNCILS. CWM. PARISH MEETING. A Parish Meeting for the election of Parish Councillors, and for other business, was held at I the schoolroom, on the 6th of this month. The following gentlemen were nominated.for election and declared duly elected :-Messrs. William Davies, Marian Bach John Denman, Tai Marian; Henry Denson, Plasau; Robert J. Jones, Ty'nycoed; William Morgan, T Newydd; Samuel Jones, Hebron Cottage, and Thomas Williams, Terfyn. The new Council will be composed of three old members and four new members, viz.:— Davies, Denson, S. Jones, and Morgan. The meeting was very thinly attended, and much difficulty was evinced to get the required num- ber of nominations. Never was less interest shown in the election of Parish Councillors in this parish before. MOLD. PARISH COUNCIL. The meeting of the parishioners for the rural parish of Mold was held on Monday, when all the old members were re-elected as follows:- Argoed East.-Mesus. William Davies,[Owen Jones. Argoed West.—Messrs. P. B. Davies-Cooke, C. P. Morgan, and William Hopwood. Broncoed.—Major Edward Lloyd and Mr. Henry Parry. Gwernaffield. -Messrs. John Rich, Edward Davies, and John Goodwin. Leeswo od. -The Rev. Ebenezer Bithel, Messrs. Charles Lewis, Thomas Jones, Edward Anwyl Prydderch, and Robert Davies. CAERWYS. PARISH MEETING. The annual Parish Meeting for the election of Parish Councillors took place on Monday night at the National Schoolroom, Mr.William Matthews (D.C.) presiding. There was but a small attendance. The new Board is composed of the same gen- tlemen as the old Board, with the exception of Mr. Richard Edwards, whose place is filled by Mr. Edward Angel, Bodhyfryd. — LLANSANNAN. PARISH COUNCIL. The election of Parish Councillors took place at a Parish Meeting, held in the National Schoolroom, on Monday evening last, when, by the show of hands, the following 13 persons were returned:—Messrs. Evan Evans, Allt Ddu; John Evans, Penhwylfa T. C. Mortimer; Owen Owens, Allt Ddu David Roberts, Shop the Rev. R. Williams, Tanyfron Messrs. James Davies, Nantmerddyn R. M. Roberts, Hwlffordd; the Rev. R. Ellis, Ll. D. Messrs. Morris Jones, Arllwyd; E. P. Davies, Efail Ucha Samuel Evans, Fforest; and Thomas Lloyd, Pendre. The chair was filed by Mr. Morris, Lletty. Chairman of the Parish Coun- cil. He was assisted in the counting of the votes by Mr. Evan Roberts, Plas Isaf, Clerk to the Parish Council. No poll was demanded and the above were declared elected. LLANDDULAS. PARISH MEETING. The annual Parish Meeting was held at the Boys' Schoolroom last Monday, the 6th inst. Mr. W. F. Jones, the Chairman of the Parish Council, said that the business of the meeting was to elect Parish Councillors, and as he was a candidate, he would, therefore, call upon the meeting to elect a Chairman, and Mr. B. H. Jones, schoolmaster, was unanimously elected. The nomination papers were handed to him which he scrutinized and found to be valid, but as there was a deficiency of two to make the total number of Councillors required he gave an opportunity for two more nomination papers to be handed in. Also a further opportunity for candidates to withdraw was given, but as there were no withdrawals the Chairman read the names of the candidates to the meeting, which were as follows William Francis Jones, Caersalem House; Peter Jones, Quarry View John Jones, Craig- dulas; Arthur Bowes Elliott, Tanyrallt Hall; Thomas Benjamin Williams, Taidulas David Davies, Ty'nyffordd; Isaac Williams, Yaes-y- don, and they were declared duly elected. A vote of thanks to the Chairman brought the meeting to a close. TREFNANT. PARISH MEETING. Canon Lewis presided at the Parish Meeting on Monday, and the show of hands resulted in ,the return-of the following members :-Majer Birch, Messrs. John Roberts, J. B Pritchard, Robert Roberts, John Humphrey Jones, Thomas Williams, and Fred Rees. The latter is a new member, he having succeeded to the seat pre- viously held by Mr. William Roberts. il A' meeting of the Council was subsequently held, at which there were present Messrs. John Roberts (in the chair), J. B. Pritchard, and Thomas Williams. The lighting accounts were pas^J, and alighting rate for the ensuing year agreed to. It was also decided to instruct the Clerk to communicate with the Rural Dis- trict Council requesting them to place a finger- post by the railway bridge on the Bodfary and Tremeirehion roads. LLANDYRNOG. PARISH COUNCIL. The election on Monday night resulted as follows:—Robert Owen, farmer (Conservative), 17 votes; Henry Davies, labourer (C.), 16; T. Henry Roberts, farmer (C.), 16; Daniel J. Evans, licensed victualler (L.), 13; Robert Jones, labourer (L.), 13; Owen Jones, labourer (C.), 12; John Jones, carpenter (C.), 12. TREMEIRCHION. PARISH COUNCIL. At the Parish Meeting, held on Monday even- ing, in the National School, the following were elected Parish Councillors for the ensuing year :—Messrs. James Leech, William Roberts, David Jones, P. P. Pennant, Robert Roberts, John Williams Foulkes, John Jones, John Ro- berts, and Thomas Jones The vicar presided, and after the election read out a statement showing the disbursement of the local charities. A vote of thanks was heartily accorded him for his services in the chair. The old Council was composed of nine Conservatives, but the pre- sent is composed of five Liberals and four Con- servatives. ST. ASAPH. PARISH MEETING. This meeting was held on Monday evening, at 8 p.m. On the proposition of Mr. T. Howes Roberts, Bodhaulog, seconded by Dr. Easterby, the chairmanship of the meeting was voted to Mr. Myles R. Partington, junior. Although there were other meetings in the city held the same time, the attendance here proved to be larger than was anticipated. Several of the nomination papers tendered by the Liberal party were invalid, and had it not been for the good graces of the'Conserva- tive nominators, they would haves been left without a seat on the Parish Council. Twenty-three nominees were named for the eleven seats, but through the amalgamating votes of both parties the old Council was re-- elected with the exception that Dr. Davies was substituted instead of Mr. E. B. Luxmore. The voting was as follows :— 1.—Jones, Robert, Probate Officer 45 2.—Jones, John Peter 43 3.-Cleaver, H. A. 42 4.-Lloyd, Dr. 42 5.-Easterby, Dr. 39 6.-Mausbridge, Charles 39 7.-Roberts, T. Howes 38 S.-Davies. Dr. A. E. 37 9.—Jones, John Charles 37 10.—Jones, John 36 U.—Simon, John 8§ Above eleced. 12.—Jones, Henry, butcher ia 13.—Jones, John, butcher 7 14.—Jones, John Morris, Cornel 5 15.-Smallwood, John 5 16.-Joues, John Emryii 4 17.—Jones, Arthur Howell, baker 1 18.—Jones, Hugh, coal dealer 1 19.-Parry, Samuel 1 0 29.-Williams, T. J., High Street 0 The following withdrew their nomination paper in the rooms: Williams, William Morris, butcher; Tomkinson, John Arthur, Chester Street; Owen, Robert, Red Lion. During the ten minutes interval allowed for demanding a poll, Mr.. J. P. Jones proposed a hearty vote of thanks to the Chairman for his able conduct, Dr. Easterby seconded, and it was unanimously carried. The meeting terminated upon the Chairman calling attention to the schedule con- taining the names of persons who were benefited during the year from the I Waen Charity,' and informed that anyone wishing to peruse the same may do so upon application to the Clerk.




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