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BOARD OF GUARDIANS. Friday, February 3rd, present Dr. Jones (chairman), Messrs John Lloyd, R. E. Jones, R. R. Roberts and Miss Hughes, Corwen; Messrs. R. Wynne, Gwyddelwern; W. E. Williams and Thomas Owen, Llangar John Hughes, Owen Evans, and Rev. Ivan T. Davies, Llandrillo; Messrs. D. Jones, Cerygydruidion John Evans, Glyntraian William Ellis, John Williams, John Roberts and David Jones, Llangollen (Rural); Mrs. Richards, Llangollen (Urban); Messrs. John D. Jones, Llanfihangel, G.M.; Henry Herbert, and Simon Jones, Llangwm; D. W. Roberts, and the Rev. J. S. Jones, Llan- tysilio; Dr. Horatio E. Walker, Messrs. Thomas Hughes (clerk); E. Derbyshire and E. Foulkes (relieving officers); R. Williams, (master). A letter of apology for non-at- tendance at this meeting was read from Mr. E. O. V. Lloyd. STATISTICS. Out-relief administered during the past fortnight-Corwen district per Mr. E. Der- byshire, £51 14s. Od. to 209 paupers corre sponding fortnight last year 260 7s. 2d. to 270 paupers. Llangollen district per Mr. E Foulkes. i £ 4 8s. Od to 231 paupers; corre sponding fortnight last year £59 lis. Od. to 258 paupers. Number in the house 51; cor responding week last year, 52. Number of vagrants relieved during the past fortnight 12, against 38 for the corresponding fort night of last year. CONDOLENCE. A vote of condolence was passed with Miss Edith Barker, one of the members for Llangollen Urban who has lately lost her mother. PUBLIC VACCINATORS' FEES. The committee appointed to consider the letter sent by the Local Government Board objecting to the arrangement which the Guardians had made for paying their public vaccinators reported that they had met on the previous Friday, and given the matter careful consideration. They did not consider that it would be lpracticable to adopt the suggestions made by the Local Government Board, and they had instructed the clerk to r8^he Guardians approved of the steps taken by the committee. CONTROL OF PAUPER CHILDREN A communication was read from Keighley Union soliciting the Board's support to a Bill introduced into Parliament last session by Mr. Ernest Flower, and others, having for its object the extension of the powers of guardians in dealing with orphan and other children. At present their only powers of importance are under the Poor Law Act of 1889 which enables them to retain control of a child whose parent has deserted it or is in prison for an offence against that particular child. The bill introduced into Parliament last session by Mr. Flower, but was with- drawn, proposed to extend this power so as to include orphans, and the children of per- sons in prison for an offence against any of their children, or who are abroad or under sentence of penal servitude, or whose men- tal condition or mode of life renders them unfit to have control of their children, or who are in workhouse and permanently bed- ridden or disabled, and consent. The bill provides that where a child is maintained by the guardians of a poor law union, the guardians may at any time resolve that until the child reaches the age of eighteen years all the rights and powers of the parent, or if both parents are dead, of the parents, in respect of the child shall as in this act mentioned vest in the Guardians, and thereupon those rights and powers shall so vest accordingly. Also when a boy or girl in respect of which a resolution was passed under section one of the Poor Law Act 1889, or under this act, has reached the age of eighteen years, the boy or girl may consent in writing that the provisions of those acts shall continue to apply to the boy or girl under the age of twenty one, and thereupon those provisions shall continue to apply accordingly. The Rev. Ivan T. Davies proposed that the resolution be adopted. Mr. John Roberts thought th .t by adopt- ing it a great of responsibility would be placed on the guardians, as there are many people who are so unprincipled that once they knew they could send their child- ren to the workhouse they would not hesit- ate to do so, and claim them back when they thought they would be useful for them. The Clerk having explained that once the guardians resolved to take the care of a child the parents could not interfere with such child until he or she would be of age to take care of him or herself, Mr. Roberts withdrew his objection, and ths motion was [ carried. SALE OF INTOXICATING LIQUORS TO CHILDREN. A resolution passed by the the Guardians of Bodmin Union in favour of petitioning Parliament to promote such legislation as shall render it illegal to sell or supply any intoxicating liquors to children under the age of 13 years for consumption off the premises, was upon the motion of Mr. John Roberts, seconded by Mr. Thomas Owen unanimously adopted. GIFTS TO THE INMATES. The Master reported that Mr. E O. V. Lloyd, Rhagatt, had kindly treated the women with a quarter pound of tea and a pound of sugar each, thA men with tobacco, and the children with oranges, sweets, and cakes. Upon the motion of the chairman, a vote of thanks was passed to Mr. Lloyd for his kindness. RE-INSURING THE WORKHOUSE PREMISES. On account of the various alterations and additions that have recently been made at the workhouse, it was proposed by Mr. R. R. Roberts seconded by the Rev. Ivan T. Davies and carried, that the clerk be directed to write to the Alliance Assurance Company for their terms for insuring the premises for double the former amount including all risks in connection with the boilers recently put up. CLAIM FOR NURSING. Dr. Walker applied on behalf of the Cor- wen Nursing Association for the payment of £2 2s. Od. for the extra nursing of a patient who had discharged herself from the house on the previous Monday. The woman paid 16s. 6d. per week fur her maintenance, and it was understood at the time that was fixed upon, that 3s. 6d. per week would go for the nursing. Nurse Jones had called regularly twice every day for the past 12 weeks, and it was on account of the very skilful manner in which she was nursed that the woman was able to discharge herself. It was proposed by the Rev. Ivan T. Davies, seconded by the Rev. J. S. Jones, and carried unanimously, that the money be paid,


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