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CORWEN. ,y>J'I_,r- EDEYRNION AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. The annual meeting of the Edeyrmon Agricultural Society was held in the Assembly Rooms, on Friday last-the at- I tendance of members being the largest ever seen. The Hon. R. Henley Eden, Tyddyn Llan, Llandrillo was unanimously voted to the chair. Letters of apology for inability to attend this meeting, and wishing the society every success were read from Messrs. R. S. Wayne, Brynllwyn, and E. O. V. Lloyd, Rhagatt. The secretary (Mr. R. H. Morris), read the balance sheet for the year, showing a balance in treasurer's hands of S102 17s. 2d. Proposed by Mr. E. Jarrett, seconded by Mr. W. Foulkes Jones, and carried that a show be held again this year at Corwen— the date to be fixed upon at a future meeting. Proposed by Mr. Henry Davies, Garthiaen seconded by Mr. E. Jarrett, and carried that a vote of thanks be passed to last year's president and vice president. Proposed by Mr. R. E. Jones, Hafod, seconded by the Hon. C. H. Wynn, Rug, and carried that a vote of thanks be passed to the Treasurer, Hon. Veterinary Surgeon, and the Auditors. Proposed by Mr. W. E. Williams, Gwer- clas, seconded by Mr. Henry Davies, Garthiaen, and carried that Col. Bnrton, Eryl Aran, Bala, be asked to accept the office of president of the society for the 4insuing year. Proposed by Mr. Humphrey Rees, second- ed by Mr. W. Foulkes Jones, and carried that Mr. J. Edmunds, Ucheldre, Corwen, be asked to act as vice president. Proposed by Mr. R. E. Jones, Hafod, sec- onded by the Rev. L. E. Davies, Llangar Rectory, and carried that Mr. J. O. Pugh, North and South Wales Bank, be re-elected treasurer. Proposed by Dr. Walker, seconded by the Hon. C. H. Wynn, and carried that Messrs. W. E. Williams, and R. R. Roberts be re- elected auditors. Proposed by Mr. J. Jones, Caenog, sec- onded by Dr. Walker, and carried that Mr. H. O. Richard be re elected Hon. Veterinary Surgeon. proposed by the Hon. C. H. Wynn, secon- ded by Mr. R. E. Jones, and carried that Mr. R. H. Morris, Caxton House, be re elec- ted secretary and that he be paid a bonus of £5 in addition to his salary for the ensuing year. Proposed by Mr. E Jarrett, seconded by Mr, R. E. Jones, and carried that the -neral committee (with the exception of Mr. Phillips Ruabon), be re elected. Proposed by Mr. W. E. Williams, secon- ded by Dr. White, and carried that the name of Mr. Edward Jones, Eryl Aran, Bala, be added to the General Committee. Also to the committee were added the names of Mr. Thomas, Bryn Howel, Llangollen Mr. A. Swainson, Plas Isa, Corwen, and Mr- J. G. Aikin, Tyfos, Llandrillo. The Hon. C. H. Wynn, gave notice that at a future meeting he will move that the names of those of the General Committee who do not attend one meeting in twelve months be struck off, and that six members retire in rotation every year. The following members were elected a special committee with full powers to act on the show day :—the president, the vice pre- sident, the Hon. C. H. Wynn, Hon. R. Hen- ley Eden, Mr. W. E. Williams, and Dr. Walker. It was decided that if an objection be made against any a ward and the same be upheld by the committee, any member who refuses to return his card, will be proceeded against under rule 20. It was decided that the sale of tickets to the leaping field be commenced with half an hour before the trials commence. The Hon. C. H. Wynn raised the question whether the members could be asked to forego their free tickets, and pay one shill ing. The majority believed that course would be detrimental to the interest of the society, and so the matter was allowed to drop. The secretary was instructed to get all the printing done by the Corwen Printing Co., provided they will do it at the same price as last year. An application for a contribution from the funds of the society towards the section of the proposed bridge over the Dee by Cor- wen was discussed at some length, and ultimately it was decided to refuse it on the ground that if any of the funds were so applied, one of the rules would have to be rescinded. A vote of thanks was passed to the chair- man, and the meeting terminated.



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