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BALA. ,I PENLLYN NURSING ASSOCIATION. We are glad to learn that the Committee have made arrangements for the delivery of lectures by Nurse Jones, explanatory cf the proper treatment of the Hick. AT HOME. On Tuesday last, the Rev. and Mrs. Hugh Williams, Theological College, invited the pro- fessors and students of the College and Pre- paratory School, as well as a large number of friends, to an at home.' A very enjoyable evening was spent. BALA SHOW. At a meeting of the Committee, held on Mon- day last, it was decided to hold Horticultural, Dog and Poultry Shews, Athletic Sports and Trotting Competitions, this year. Mr. J. C. Evans, County School, was reappointed Presi- dent of the Committee; Dr. Williams, Vice- president Mr. J. Hurlbutt, N.P. Bank, Trea- surer and Mr. T. R. Dakin, Secretary. URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. The ordinary meeting was held on Friday evening last. There were present:—Mr. R. Ll. Jones (Chairman), Mr. R. W. Roberts (Vice-chairman), Messrs. D. Jones (Birming- ham House), J. W. Roberts, Evan Jones, H. Ll. Davies, H. Evans, W. T. Jones, M. J. Jones, D. W- Jones, and T. R. Dakin (Deputy Clerk). The debit balance was reported to be £ 482 19s. 2d., this added to £ 131 15s. 7d., the cheques signed that evening, increased the Council's liabilities to JE614 14s. 9d. MEDICAL OFFICER OF HEALTH'S ANNUAL REPORT. GREAT DECREASE IN MORTALITY. Dr. Williams, the Medical Officer of Health for the district, submitted his report for the year 1898, of which the following is a resumS:— 'The population of the district, according to the last census, is 1,622. During the year, the number of. births and deaths were :—Births, 38 (21 boys, 17 girls),; deaths, 26 (16 males, 10 females); 1897, births, 27 (12 boys, 15 girls), deaths, 41. So that, in 1898, there was a de- crease of 16 in the number of deaths, and an increase of It in the number of births. There occurred seven deaths in the district of people ¡ who did nob belong to it, so the number of births is estimated at 19, making a death-rate of 11-71 per 1,000, nearly half that of 1897. Of the above seven, three belonged to the parish of Llanuwchllyo, one came from Ireland, one from Fsstiniog, one from Lonaoa, and Ð e a stranger of no fixed address. Of th, 26 deaths four wer« ^ue to phthisis, fOI:r to other chest diseases, i, n to heart Li- sease. There was one ¡ jrQpi ,.i?:cif»e. During the year, there have Bestl ep. licsof scarlet fever and meas* lee, Althoug, "here were a great number of cases, none prov fatal. The ordinary pre- cautions were taken to check them. The day schools were close for several weeks. The dwelling-houses, with the exception of a few cases which had had the consideration of the Council, are in a fairly satisfactory condition. At the same time, it is advisable to be careful not no allow over-crowdiug. Building seems to be going on steadily in different parts of the town. Slaughter-houses are regularly white- washed and kept clean, and no refuse are allowed to remain long enough to decompose. The sanitary condition of the town is steadily improving. Great care has been taken during the year to keep the privies clean, and to evade any oftensive smells. Dung heaps are carted away to a suitable place. Ashes and other re- fuse are remove twice a week to a field distant from the town. The drains are in good work- ing order, and are kept asdeain as practicable. The streets are kept clean, and nothing in- jurious to health or offensive to the eye has been allowed to accumulate. The water supply is satisfactory in every respect, the quality is excellent and the quantity is ample.' It was resolved, upon the motion of Mr. D. Jones t,(Birmingham House), seconded bv Mr. D. W. Jones, that the report be received, and that the Council express, to the Medical Officer their satisfaction at receiving such a favourable report. The Chairmlati, alliiiting to the number of deaths deducted as not belonging to the dis- trict, said that last year the compiler of the county statistics did hot deduct this class from •the number of deaths, although our Medical I Officer had done so. This, of course, increased I the death-rate of the district. Mr. W. T. Jones enquired whether his atten- tion should not be called to the mistake. Mr. Evan Jones thought it was too late to do so now. The Chairman The matter has been under the notice of this Council before, but nothing was done. Mr. J. W. Roberts enquired whether it was the rule to send in a report once a year. The Chairman said this was a matter to be arranged by them. Mr. J. W. Roberts said that, personally, he should like to have one at least once a quarter. AREA IN FRONT OF TREMYNFA. The Street Committee reported that they had visited this place. To put this in proper re- pair the Council would have to incur consider- able expense. A supply of gravel there would not do away with the complaint, and what they suggested was to elevate the parapet. It was resolved that the report be adopted, and that an estimate of the expense be sub- mitted to the next meeting, as well as for ex- tending the parapets alongside Tegid House and Tremynfa. LIBRARY. The number of books given out during last month was reported by the Librarian to be 328. SURVEYOR'S STONES. Mr. W. T. Jones reported that the Commit- tee had, as requested, examined the stones kept by the late Surveyor, and found everything satisfactory. VARIOUS. A letter was read from the Churchwardens of Christ Church requesting the Council to supply the necessary service pipes for convey- ing water there as soon as possible. It was resolved to ascertain whether the Council could do so in face of the resolution passed to do away with the supply of service pipes, &c., so as to have the work done. The Chairman brought under notice that in connection with the recent conference of the two authorities, a breach of privilege had been committed, in reporting the figures of such meeting to the Herald,' when it was desirous that these should not appear. It put the Coun. cil into such a position that under like cir- cumstances in future they could not rely on the discretion of reporters. The interests of the ratepayers had been disregarded. The reporters present denied having sent the report.


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