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SLINGS AND AR-ROWS. : ""_/.,/,--...._/---,-/,--.-/,,,/,,-r\../-.,-"__F"_/-''''/\./''-'''

------------DENBIGH. -""/'--/_r,-/--,,,,,-.\.../"'--,.....----......,.......-'-.../...............'-./--....."







THE WORKINGMEN'S FREE READI^I AND RECREATION ROOMS. 1 ANNUAL MEETING. .!| The annual meeting of the above instituti01*! was beld in the Reading Room on evening. In the absence of the President (^r* T, Gold Eiwarrts) the Mayor presided, a"' there were present :—Miss Gold Edwards. Jli"' Griffith (Pins Pigot), Miss Townsend, W. Parry, T. C. Jones, C. Cofcfcom, E. J- g berts, Jauies Hughes, W. Keepfer, and Rev. Dan Davies, with the Hon. Secretary H A. Rowbotham).. r Letters of apology were received from M. T. Gold Edwardsand Colonel Lloyd Willialp" The Ch lirman read the annual report, Nvbilh was as follows :— The Committee have pleasure in presents j the Subscription List and Statement of t counts for the year ending December 3 s 1898, from which it will be seen that the Su scriptions and Donations amount to £25 í This is the largest sum received from source for many years past, and it is *v gratifying to find that the number of scribers has correspondingly increased.. of i During the year a concert was held in 301 01 the funds, and through the kind assistant several ladies and gentlemen who took par^ ( the programme the sum of £ 10 10s. lOd. placed to the credit of the institution. Committee desire to thank all who so kin contributed to this result. 1 It is with great satisfaction that the COI mittee announce that this year they have able to fully maintain the work of the inS«l8( Pv tion in all its departments, and yet for the W, time for several years meet the expenditure 8°, ij close the year with a small amount in boll J' ( notwithstanding that there was a balance £ 10 .103. 5d. against the institution at the & ginning of the year. ír I Shonld funds permit in the ensuing y:¡r Qf would be desirable to renovate the exterior the building generally, and carry out ot necessary improvements. j, During the past year the Drill Hall aut^ ties covered in a passage between the Hall and the garden belonging to the xnstJ tion. The work entailed building upon a Parj, wall between the two properties, in which > windows were formed overlooking the Rea r& Room property. The attention of the o^1 of the Drill Hall having been called to fringement of the rights of the instituFCI<L they expressed regret for haying put the t j, dows in without permission, and an f is about to be entered into with the Pr"-L> I authorities to protect the rights of this in3'' I tion. ge. I. The attendance in both the Reading and fe creating Rooms has shown a marked increa„seB and a pleasing feature has been the greafcer made ot the Recreation Rooms by meD'e9l(R whom the rooms are evidently a source °f df B pleasure and comfort. The excellent supp'J.JJgH papers and periodicals provided for the Re^o B Room has fully maintained its popul&jj,, 4 especially with the working men. The^^ef « mittee decided to meet the wishes of a k of young men by opening the Reading K0 j I during dinner time, viz., from 12 noon 9 p.m., which has been much appreciated. ,08 It is with great sorrow that the Comm^L record the death of one of their number, A E. T. Jones, who was connected with the 1 stitution from its formation, and took a U interest in its welfare. A vote of condoleo I has been passed by the Committee with »' I family in their sad bereavement.. oj The Committee recommend the re-election I Mr. and Mrs. Pierce, the caretaker and hotisc I keeper. ■ T. C. TONES, Chairman. r H. A. ROWBOTHAM, Hon. Secretary The Mayor, in his opening address, st»' ( that the subscriptions and donations of 1 year amounted only to about £ 25, bub ^nl year he hoped that the ladies and gentle ,f who subscribed would be able to double t subscriptions. There was a concert last S # and ben guineas were made,out of it, that s was raised by the kind ladies and gentlemoo who had assisted. He should like to see all »' bookcases filled, and he was sure that people had over-filled libraries, and they coiL supply the institution with one book "withoj damaging their own libraries, and if the cases were filled, it would be a greatly advance9 institution. He had to refer, with deep regreJ? to the death of their late friend, Mr. E- Jones, who was a very able hsaded gentle*11.9' He wag yery glad to say that the Work* J Committee had passed a vote of condole11 with the family. He had great pleasure proposing the adaption of the report. r, Mr. James Hughes seconded, and it was c ried. io Mr. W. Parry said he had great pleasu, fd. proposing there-election of Mr. T. Gold wards as president of that institution for j, ensuing year. He was very well known, had a very long connection with that insH.at tion, and there was nobody who could fiR office as well as he could. J it Miss Griffith, Plas Pigot, seconded, and was carried. Mr. Cottom proposed the re-election of J* Vice president (Mr. E. A. Tumour). course of his remarks, he said that the Turn our and Gold Edwards had been 00 list since the foundation of the institution'$ Miss Gold Edwards seconded, and the na^1 was carried. b The Mayor, in returning thanks, said thst ø1' should like to add another name to Turno t, and Gold Edwards, and that was Mostyn (ba9 hear). j Mr.E. J. Roberts proposed the re-election Mr. E. Hughes, of the National Province Bank, as Hon. Treasurer.. 1 Mr. T. C. Jones seconded, and it was carri0 On the proposition of Mr. James Hngbe' seconded by the Mayor, Mr. W. James, of North and South Wales Bank, as Ho,orarf Auditor, was elected. The Mayor proposed that Mr. H. A. bofcham be re-elected as Hon. Secretary. Mr. T. C. Jones seconded, and the mo^ was carried, t- Mr. E. J. Roberts said that the amount 9.25 5s. wae due to the energy of the Secretary who had collected illl the subscriptious 8,11 donations. f Mr E. J. Roberts proppsed the re-electioo. the General Committee. Mr. Cottom seconded, and it was carried. The Kev. Daniel Davies proposed, the election of the Working Committee, Vl$., j I Messrs. T. C. Jones, J. H. Palmer, W. Keopfe", James Hughes, W. H. Evans, William Prie-e" JoF3eph Roberts, C. Cottom, E. J. Roberts. Ashford, James Green, and H. A. RowbothM* Miss Townsend seconded, and it was carried' Mr. E. J. Roberts proposed the re-electi0": of Mr. and Mrs. Pierce as caretaker and hOllSe keeper. Mr. Keepfer seconded, and it was agreed t"' Mr. Keepfer proposed, aad the Chairm8,1; seconded, a vote of t hanks to the ladies tlemen who supplied the institution. periodicals and papers, and it was carried. A vote of thanks to the Chairman terminat the meeting.

FLINT. ' _

------------DENBIGH. -""/'--/_r,-/--,,,,,-.\.../"'--,.....----......,.......-'-.../...............'-./--....."