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a societv hunded solvent basis, their motto WHS not <v>.eapness but security, a: 1 had a central relief fund to faIi upon, should it happen that any of i bes from some cause or other become I to discharge their liabilities, so that there was every encour agement for young men to join the society, as their interests were most stringently safe-guarded (applause) Bro. R. T. Price proposed, and Bro. J. Williams seconded, a hearty vote of thanks to the speakers and to the caterer (Mrs. Thomas, Bank house), and it was carried unanimously. SCRIPTURE UNION. The annua! tea party in connection with i the above was held at St. David's School, Pentre, on Monday last and after tea was over, the Rev. Mr. Gill, of Southport^gfive an interesting address on the work carried on at Dr. Barn-ado's Home which was illus- trated by magic lantern slides. Miss Porter catered, and the expenses were defrayed by Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Smith, who are the founders of this branch, and have always taken a deep interest in the work. PROSELYTISING. j The annual confirmation services in the Parish Church being near at hand, we find that a most barefaced and determined at- tempt is being made to win over some of the young persons attending Nonconformist places of worship. We think it is high time this sort of work should be exposed and after collecting further materials, we shall have something more to say on the subject. We are glad that the Noncon- formist Union are taking the matter up. We may say that one result of these prac- tices is a determination on the part of some Nonconformist parents to take advantage of the conscience clause in the Education Act of 1870. This clause has been a dead letter in Flint as far as Nonconformists are concerned but a start has already been made, and no doubt others will follow. NONCONFORMIST UNION. The annual meeting of this union was held on Monday evening, at the Welsh Con- gregational church. The Rev. David Ed- wards, president of the union, was in the chair. The fourth annual statement of accounts was submitted, showing the receipts to be XII 13s. lid and the disbursements X12 13s. lkd., leaving a balance in hand of £1. The Free Churchman accounts showed re- ceipts of £24 6s. 4d., and payments, £23 8s. 2d., leaving a balance of 18s. 2d. in hand. This was considered a very satisfactory state of affairs, and as affording very much encouragement. The president then delivered an interest- ing address. He wished the union every success in the future, and moved the adop- tion of the secretary's report. Dr. J. H. Williams, C.C., seconded the resolution, and said he endorsed the senti- ments of the president. The motion was carried unanimously. A hearty vote of thanks was accorded to the secretaries on the proposition of Mr. Richards, seconded by Dr. Williams. Addresses were also delivered by the Rev. J. D. Williams, Messrs. B. Roberts, and R. W. Knighton.