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N-ANTGLYN THE SCHOOL DIFFICULTY. THE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT SANCTIONS THE ERECTION OF A NEW SCHOOL. EXTRAORDINARY LETTER FROM THE RECTOR. The monthly meeting of the Nantglyn School Board was held at the Schoolroom on Monday evening. The Rev. D. D. Richards presided, and there were present :-Messrs. Cadwaladr Hughes, Ebenezer Evans, John Roberts, and the Rev. T. E. Williams (Clerk). The minutes of the last meeting having been read and confirmed, The Clerk said that, in accordance with the resolution passed at the previous Board, he had communicated with the Education Department on the subject of the proposed transfer of the school premises, and explained upon what terms the Board proposed to agree to the trans- fer. In reply to that communication, he had received a letter from the Department, dated January 6th, requesting the name and address of the new Rector of Nantglyn in order that they might communicate with him on the matter. He (the Clerk) replied to this letter enclosing the Rector's name and address, and then received the following copy of a letter which the Department had sent to the Rector:— > Whitehall, London, January 16th, 1899. Rev. sir, With reference to the correspondence which has already passed between your predecessor, the Rev. D. Williams, and the School Board for Nantglyn, regarding the question of a fresh transfer of the premises of the Nantglyn Board (with the tenor of which my Lords presume that you are fully acquainted), I am directed to state that my Lords regard the contention of the Board, that a lease for not less than 10 years certain is desirable in order to give sufficient permanence to the arrangement, as not unreasonable. My Lords hope that on fur- ther consideration, the managers will see their way to conceding this point which they under- stand is the only one still remaining at issue. I am to add t,hat should the manager decline to affect a transfer on these terms, my Lords would not withhold their sanction from the Board's alternative proposal of building a new Board Sohool; and in that case the existing school could not be continued on their Lord- ships' Grant List as Voluntary School.' (Signed), W. M. TUCKER. The reading of the above letter caused a great deal of satisfaction amongst the members of the Board, it being remarked that the Education Department had at last evidently perceived the reasonableness of the Board's request with reference to the control of the school build- ings. The Clerk said that soon after receiving the letter, he forwarded to the Rector a letter of which the following was a copy :— Peniel, Denbigh, Jan. 24th, 1899. Rev. sir, I have been furnished by the Education De- partment with a copy of a letter they sent to you, and I again wish to ask you if you will grant a lease on the school buildings at Nant- glyn on the following terms (1) For a period of ten years; (2) all money expended on the buildings to be refunded to the Board at the end of the ten years, or before the trustee can take possession of them again (3) the Board to have exclusive right over the buildings for three evenings a week and the trustee for the other three evenings and on Sundays, but should the buildings be used on these three evenings the trustee to be responsible to repair any damage done, and to replace the furniture, &c., so that the school will be ready for use by the follow- ing morning. In this last point, we are making a concession from our first proposal. I shall be very thankful to you for an answer to this by next Saturday morning, and if you will be willing to grant the above terms of transfer, I shall get an agreement ready as soon as possi- ble-if possible by Monday, when I could call with you in going to the Board's meeting. Yours very truly,. T. E. WILLIAMS. To the above the Rector replied as follows :— 'Nantglyn Rectory, 27th January, 1899. Dear sir, I am in receipt of your letter of the 24t1" Your Board having appealed to the Education Department must now await the issue of my correspondence with that Department. Yours very truly, OWEN JONES, The members of the Board expressed con- siderable surprise at the nature of the Rector's reply. Mr. Ebenezer Evans: It appears to me that the Rector's letter is a very extraordinary document. He seems to begrudge to us the privilege of communicating with the Education Department, but what were we to do ? The Rector himself was not here to enable us to confer with him, and so far he has done no- thing to meet us in this matter. The Chairman: I consider the Rector's letter a very insulting one. We have given him and his predecessor every consideration in this matter, and have done all we possibly could to bring this controversy to a satisfactory ter- mination. And now, notwithstanding this, the Rector has thought proper to address to the Board this ungentlemanly letter. Had I re- ceived such an epistle on a personal matter, I would have known what action to take, but I question whether we, as a public Board, should take any notice of it Mr. Ebenezer Evans: I am perfectly as- tounded at the cool audacity of the reverend gentleman. He is well aware that the Board have done everything possible to arrive at some understanding, and we have gone so far as to invite him to our meeting rto discuss the ques- tion. And now he seems to find reason for taunting us on account of our correspondence with the Education Department, and endea- vours to delay the whole matter. The Chairman We now know what sort of a man the new Rector is, and the extent of his sympathy with the educational requirements of the parish. The Clerk: He does not seem to care much about the wishes of a Board which represents the educational interests of the two parishes. He deals with the whole question in a most unworthy spirit. We can, however, congratu- late ourselves, and the parishioners, upon the result of our 80rrespondence with the Educa- tion Department. The Rector can never hope again to retain t he control of the school in his own hand. Mr. E. Evans Yes, that is evident, and the Rector should not have placed any further obstacle in our way- It is possible that the In- spector, owing to the state of the school pre. mises, may this year again withhold the grant, and it is important for us to be able to prove that the fault does not rest with us. The Chairman: That is a very important point, and I think that we should appeal to the Government in the matter, and to point out the difficulties that have and are at present placed in our way. Mr. John Roberts, who now entered the room and entered into the deliberation, expressed his strong disapproval of the Rector's conduct. The Clerk suggested that a letter be sent to the Rector protesting against the spirit of his reply to the Board's last communication. Mr. E. Evans said he would second such a proposal if the Clerk moved it. The Chairman His letter is an undoubted slight upon the Board, and I propose that a letter of protest be sent. The Clerk said he had communicated with the Rector as early as he could after the receipt of the Education Department's letter, in order to give the reverend gentleman sufficierit time to go to 'St. Asaph' and consult the Bishop on the subject had he thought proper (laughter). For the information of the other members of the Board, he might say that in all the dealings which he had with the Rector, it appeared to him that the reverend gentleman had been in. stituted to the Rectory of the parish to act just like a I machine' to act as directed from St. Asaph (laughter). Mr. John Roberts pointed out that 'prior to the receipt of the latest communication from the Education Department, the Rector had some reason for standing to his guns, or to stand on his dignity. Now, however, the case had considerably altered, and the Education Department itself had provided for him a loop hole through which he could gracefully retire from his untenable position. The Clerk: That is so, but I don't believe that the Rector of Nantglyn, were he placed on a hornet's nest, could fly, without first of all receiving orders to that effect from St. Asaph's episcopal palace (laughter). The motion was then agreed to. Mr. E. Evans was elected Vice-chairman of the Board. This concluded the business.

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